FAA Updates Model Aircraft Guidance

FAA Updates Model Aircraft Guidance »

The FAA on Wednesday updated its 34-year-old Advisory Circular on personal model aircraft, issuing safety and airspace rules similar to the ones it has issued on consumer drones. The new version, which triples the length of the original 1981 AC (PDF) to three pages from one, limits model aircraft to 55 pounds unless certified by a recognized aeromodeling organization. More

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Twin Takeoffs

Twin Takeoffs »

Departing from a 4200-foot runway, the twin engine Beech B60 Duke lifted off after a 1500-foot takeoff roll. The landing gear was immediately retracted but at approximately 100 feet agl, a large puff of black smoke erupted from the left engine.... More


Gettin' Older

Gettin' Older »

Concerns about pilot aging are just as important for the younger pilot as for the more silver-haired among us. The US population is getting grayer, and it's plain to see when looking around any airport, so too is the average pilot. This aging... More


Your Refurb: Aging Gracefully

Your Refurb: Aging Gracefully »

In our series on refurbishing airplanes we've covered what's involved with updating all aspects of your airplane. As a wrap up, we'll look at the situation where you like your airplane as it is, and you want to keep it in good shape so you can... More


Used Aircraft Guide: Mooney Ovation

Used Aircraft Guide: Mooney Ovation »

Mooney aficionados tend to be clustered in the end of the gene pool that has "I want a fast airplane" in the DNA. For years, they flocked to the marque that promised and delivered speed while sipping fuel. Starting with the single-seat Mite, they... More

Short Final:

Short Final

Short Final »

Back when I was a student pilot in Navy Flight School, I was flying solo along the beach, conducting precision aerobatics practice. As I finished a barrel roll and set up for a loop, I heard a student-and-instructor aircraft check in to the area,... More


Press Releases

AviationCV.com Launches Mobile Version Of Job Platform

AviationCV.com, a comprehensive HR services provider engaged in the business of aviation personnel selection, training and post-delivery support, is delighted to announce the launch of the mobile version of its aviation job search platform.

Historic Flight Foundation Hosts Vintage Aircraft Weekend

Historic Flight Foundation is pleased to host the Eighth Annual Vintage Aircraft Weekend, September 4th-6th, 2015. Together with our Paine Field Partners and the Snohomish County Tourism Promotion Area, "VAW" has become a signature event for families. Join us for food, fun, flying, music, history, inspiration and excitement.

NTBAA's Safety Show-Down CAM Approved

The North Texas Business Aviation Association (NTBAA), announced that its 3rd annual Safety Show-Down event on September 23rd has been certified by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) to be a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) accredited program, allowing attendees to receive CAM credit for participating in the event.