NASA's Antarctic "Balloons On Ice" Begin Launches »

NASA's Antarctic

NASA had two successful launches of its largest scientific balloons this week in Antarctica as part of a three-flight series on behalf of university researchers studying components of outer space. The project, NASAís Antarctica Long Duration Balloon Flight Campaign, uses unmanned balloons with 40 million cubic feet of volume, as big as a football stadium.


EAA Provides Update On New Medical Rules »

EAA Provides Update On New Medical Rules

The FAA is working to comply with new legislation, passed in July, that will make it possible sometime next year for private pilots to fly without a medical ó but right now, until new rules are in place, the current rules remain in force, and that has created some confusion. One examiner advised some pilots who had special issuances that they should surrender their medicals, rather than wait for them to lapse, but thatís never a good idea, according to Sean Elliott, EAAís vice president for advocacy and safety.


Australian ADS-B Mandates Stir Up GA Objections »

Australian ADS-B Mandates Stir Up GA Objections

Australiaís Civil Aviation Safety Authority has announced itís extending its deadline for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast installations in private aircraft, but GA advocates say the move wonít do much to offer regulatory relief for aircraft owners. CASA recently announced the deadline, a requirement for satellite-based separation of IFR flights, will be delayed from Feb. 2, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2020.


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AVweb's search of aviation news worldwide found announcements from Tecnam, the Hayward Air Rally, the National Business Aviation Association and Able Flight. Tecnam has introduced a substantially... More

Buzz Aldrin Evacuated From South Pole »

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is in a New Zealand hospital after he fell ill on a trip to Antarctica. Aldrin, 86, was evacuated from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station early Thursday on an LC-130... More

Investigators Probe Fuel Exhaustion In Jet Crash »

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Stratos Jet Completes First Test Flight »

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Canadian Pilot Dies In F-18 Crash »

A ten-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force died Monday when the CF-18 Hornet fighter he was flying crashed while on a low-level attack training mission in northern Saskatchewan. More

Trump Selects New Transportation Secretary »

The federal Transportation Department, which oversees the FAA and air traffic control, will be headed by Elaine Chao when the Trump administration takes office, CNN reported on Tuesday. Chao is a... More

Solar Team Aims For Record Flight »

As the SolarImpulse team retires their successful earth-rounding solar-powered electric airplane, another team has stepped up to take the technology to the stratosphere, with a project to fly a... More

Colombia Charter Crash Kills 76 (Updated) »

A charter aircraft carrying 81 people, including members of a Brazilian soccer team, crashed in Cerro Gordo, Columbia, late Monday. Early news reports indicate that 76 people were killed and five... More



Buying a Used Homebuilt

Buying a Used Homebuilt »

For someone considering aircraft ownership, used Experimentals deserve serious consideration. More


Flying for Charity: You Provide the Airplane

Flying for Charity: You Provide the Airplane »

Public benefit flying is tremendously rewarding, emotionally, for a volunteer pilot. It just can't be fiscally rewarding—with very few exceptions, the pilot has to pay for the full cost of the flight. Under the FARs the charity to which the... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

On a busy day at my home airport LXT I was flying in the pattern with several other airplanes ahead of me . .. Pilot on rollout ... "Traffic landing at Lee's Summit be advised - there is a turkey on the runway." ... Pilot taking off ... " Impossible, I'm already at 200 feet!" ... Gus Schlegel More


Press Releases

Tecnam Introduces Upgraded P2002 Sierra

Tecnam has today introduced a substantially updated and improved Mark 2 version of the company's popular P2002 Sierra.

Able Flight, OSU Announce Training Partnership

Able Flight and The Ohio State University will partner on a new flight training program for people with physical disabilities beginning in May, 2017. The program will begin with two Able Flight Scholarship recipients who will take part in an intensive six week program at the Ohio State University Airport.

Hayward Air Rally Offers 2017 EAA Air Academy Scholarships

The Hayward Air Rally, the longest continually-held proficiency flying event in North America, is funding scholarships for students ages 16-18 for the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) Air Academy's summer 2017 program.