John King Hits FAA Medical Inflexibility »

John King Hits FAA Medical Inflexibility

The FAA is shooting itself in the foot with its inflexible attitude on medical disqualifications according to veteran instructor and aviation industry leader John King. King, who owns King Schools with his wife Martha, told AVweb in a podcast interview that he’ll be appealing the loss of his medical to an NTSB administrative law judge at a hearing that will likely be held this coming summer.


AOPA Presses For TFR Relief »

AOPA Presses For TFR Relief

AOPA has suggested a way to ease the impact of President Donald Trump’s frequent visits to his Palm Beach resort. AOPA President Mark Baker has written Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly asking that “security screening capabilities and gateway operations” be established at Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport to allow relatively normal GA operations to carry on when Trump is at Mar-a-Lago.


Tucker Wins Hoover Trophy »

Tucker Wins Hoover Trophy

Veteran airshow pilot Sean Tucker will receive AOPA’s R.A. “Bob” Hoover Trophy on March 8 at a ceremony at Terminal A at Reagan National Airport. The award was inaugurated last year and given to Hoover, who died last year.


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Van’s Aircraft Lawsuit Dismissed »

A $35 million lawsuit filed against Van’s Aircraft, characterized by Van’s as an attack on the kitplane industry as a whole, was settled by the parties late last year. In a press release... More


Short Final:

Short Final »

While flying from the northeast to south Florida last week it was bumpy at all altitudes and everyone was trying to find a better ride. I overheard this conversation with ATC ... United XYZ: Jax Center, were getting a rough ride here at 360. Do you have anything smoother? ... Jax Center: Yes, I-95 ... United XYZ (after much laughter): "Can we have that?" ... Jax Center: Sure, let me know when you see asphalt ... Frank McKee More


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The Whirly-Girls Announce their 2017 Scholarship Winners

27th Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 30, 2017

Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show Returns Sunday, April 30, 2017, Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport Fantastic Flying Machines, World-Class Tricked-Out Cars and Trucks, Custom Motorcycles, Quirky Contraptions Headline "The Coolest Show on Earth"

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