Solar Impulse 2 Completes Atlantic Crossing »

Solar Impulse 2 Completes Atlantic Crossing

Solar Impulse 2 landed in Seville, Spain, early Thursday, completing a 3160-NM trip across the Atlantic from New York in 71 hours. While the Solar Impulse team had initially hoped the trans-Atlantic crossing would land in Paris in honor of Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 flight, a stormy weather forecast resulted in choosing Spain as an alternate.


Terrafugia Approved For Higher Weight, Stall Speed »

Terrafugia Approved For Higher Weight, Stall Speed

Terrafugia has received approval to certify its Transition roadable airplane as an LSA with a maximum takeoff weight of 1,800 pounds. The Massachusetts-based company announced this week the FAA approved its 2014 petition for exemption from LSA rules, which require a maximum weight of 1,320 pounds and maximum stall speed of 45 knots.


Kenn Borek Completes Antarctic Resue »

Two polar station workers in need of medical care were successfully evacuated from the Amundsen-Scott station as the South Pole on Wednesday, according to the National Science Foundation. CBC reported that the Calgary-based Kenn Borek Air flew the two workers from Amundsen-Scott to Rothera, on the Antarctic Peninsula, a distance of some 1500 miles. The patients will be further transported to Punta Arenas, Chile, where they will receive additional medical care, according to NSF.


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New This Week »

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Advocacy Groups React To Drone Rule »

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Icon Revises Purchase Agreement »

In response to a flood of opinions about Icon’s proposed purchase agreement for buyers of its A5 light sport aircraft — which included an airplane life limit and liability limits —... More

FAA Releases Commercial Drone Rule »

The FAA today published its final rule for the commercial use of small drones under 55 pounds. The rule requires commercial drone operators to be at least 16 years old, pass a security background... More

Viking Air Acquires Bombardier Water Bombers »

Bombardier will sell its amphibious aircraft program to Viking Air Ltd., the two Canadian companies announced today. The agreement covers the type certificates for all variants of the CL-215,... More

Three Off-Airport Crashes, One Pilot Killed »

Three small general aviation airplanes have crashed at off-airport sites in the last two days, killing one pilot and injuring another. In Houston, Texas, a Piper PA-24 crashed onto the flat roof of... More

Solar Impulse Atlantic Leg Starts Monday »

Solar Impulse 2 is expected to launch from New York to Seville, Spain, Monday on the longest leg of its circumnavigation using solar power only. More



ATC Watches - You Fly

ATC Watches - You Fly »

Major problems often start with minor issues. ATC minds the details of the big picture and steps up when pilots find themselves in tricky situations. More


Public Benefit Flying: Safety Efforts Recognized

Public Benefit Flying: Safety Efforts Recognized »

The NTSB contacts the Air Care Alliance (ACA) and demands that it take action to increase the level of safety of Public Benefit Flying and Volunteer Pilot Organizations—the ACA does so and the NTSB says, “Well Done.” More


Out-of-Control Departures

Out-of-Control Departures »

How to execute an IFR clearance that transitions you from Class G to Class E airspace—safely. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

We were inbound to Auckland after a long 12-hour Pacific sector through the night. It was around 5:00am, and there were four other wide-body inbounds (787s, 767s, and 777s) arriving about the same time. Auckland Control was doing a no-nonsense job, without any chit-chat, when the terminal information changed due to a pressure difference (hectopascals down here, not inches). ... She read it out as: "All stations inbound Auckland, new information: Charlie, QNH niner, niner, niner. And nobody... More


Press Releases

AOPA Receives Top Award For Workplace Wellness

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) received the Gold Level Wellness at Work Award from Van Mitchell, secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, at a ceremony held at the BWI Marriott in Linthicum Heights on June 10.

LeTourneau University To Host Free Aviation Day

LeTourneau University is hosting a day of exploring careers in the aviation industry for high school students from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 9, at its educational center at the McKinney National Airport, 1500 Industrial Blvd. in McKinney.

AEA Educational Foundation Awards 2016-17 Scholarships

The Aircraft Electronics Association's Educational Foundation announced the names of the individuals who were awarded scholarships worth more than $125,000 for the 2016-17 academic year.