FAA Sued Over Model Aircraft Operations

FAA Sued Over Model Aircraft Operations »

A nonprofit organization that claims to have coordinated more than 1,400 aerial searches and finding more than 300 missing persons using model aircraft equipped with a camera is suing the FAA over the FAA’s definition of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). More

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Landmark Aviation Buying Ross Aviation »

Landmark Aviation announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Ross Aviation, a network of fixed based operations located throughout the United States. The acquisition, which is subject to... More

Textron Announces Beech, Cessna Layoffs »

Not unexpectedly, just over a month after buying Beech Aircraft, Textron announced 750 job cuts at that company and at its Cessna division according to the Washington Post. More

Weekender: Airport Options For Everyone »

A trip to the airport doesn't have to just be for pilots -- SocialFlight's listings include lots of opportunities to bring in new people and kids for an introduction to the diverse world of... More

NBAA Releases New Crew Rest Guidelines »

NBAA has updated its guidelines for crew rest in business aviation and the new suggested limits reflect recent advances in scientific knowledge about how human beings react to and recover from... More

Cobham Sells Chelton, S-TEC »

The original owners of synthetic vision pioneer Chelton Flight Systems are now part of a group that has assumed control of the company and autopilot maker S-TEC Corporation. More

ERAU Expands Electric Flight Research »

Powering Imagination, a new project developed by Erik Lindbergh, announced this week it is partnering up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to expand research into the development of... More

Former Blue Angels Commander Accused Of Misconduct »

Capt. Gregory McWherter, who served as Blue Angels commanding officer for two tours from 2008-10 and 2011-12, has been relieved of his duties due to "initial findings of an ongoing investigation... More

Eight Killed In Finnish Skydiving Crash »

A Comp Air 8 aircraft carrying skydivers crashed in Finland on Sunday afternoon, killing eight people. The pilot and two skydivers were able to parachute to safety. The airplane was at about 10,000... More



Legal Issues for Pilots

Legal Issues for Pilots »

By the time a person finishes training for a pilot certificate, he or she has gotten a good introduction to a small corner of the FARs, has probably learned nothing about what’s involved in buying or owning an airplane and had an immersion in... More


Used Aircraft Guide: Cessna 206

Used Aircraft Guide: Cessna 206 »

Known for its ability to carry heavy loads in and out of tight spots, Cessna's 206/Stationair is also a rock-solid instrument platform. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Over the North Pacific in the middle of the night, we were catching up to a slower aircraft below us as we were coming up to a position-report waypoint. We listened out on the HF, and it was a MAC flight. He was obviously listening out as we gave our position report, and, shortly after, he came up on the air-to-air frequency. ... He asked: "Hey, what kind of an aircraft do you have with such a small amount of fuel?" ... We replied: "It's an A340 metric airplane, and the fuel is in kilograms."... More


Press Releases

The CLSE yoke the new star among today's existing active Control Loading Systems

With the announcement of the new CLSE product series the swiss based development- and manufacturing company of professional and certifiable simulation solutions Brunner Elektronik AG, is defining new standards in cost effective, high performance flight simulation devices

California Pilot Safety Tour Free FAA Wings Class

PilotSafety.org is touring California providing free FAA Wings Safety Classes and safety information from Camarillo to Eureka.

Desser Unveils New Backcountry Tire

Desser Tire & Rubber Company has just introduced its new line of ultimate backcountry Tundra tires. The first iteration in a series of new tire releases is the Aero Classic LSA/Experimental 8.50-6 4 ply rating smooth tire.