AOPA Says NTSB Too “Speculative” In GA Reports

AOPA Says NTSB Too “Speculative” In GA Reports »

The NTSB should conduct an internal review to determine why several recent reports regarding general aviation accidents included “speculative” conclusions that aren’t supported by factual data, AOPA said on Tuesday. In a letter to the safety board’s acting chairman, Bella Dinh-Zarr, AOPA’s government affairs vice-president Jim Coon objected to reports that cited medical incapacitation of the pilot “contrary to other compelling evidence.”


Startup Envisions Transoceanic Cargo Drones

Startup Envisions Transoceanic Cargo Drones »

Natilus, a small company with just three employees, based in Richmond, California, is working to launch a transoceanic cargo business with airliner-size drones. They are currently building a 30-foot-long prototype that they plan to test this summer, according to their press kit. They then plan to produce a full-scale, 200-foot-long turboprop drone, built of carbon-fiber composite, by 2020.


NTSB Finds Procedures, Systems At Fault In Fatal Helicopter Crash

NTSB Finds Procedures, Systems At Fault In Fatal Helicopter Crash »

The pilot of an Airbus AS350 helicopter that crashed in July 2015 failed to perform a preflight hover check, the NTSB said in a synopsis of its probable-cause report on Monday. If he had performed the hover check, as required by operational procedures, he could have found that he hadn’t returned the yaw servo hydraulic switch to its “On” position after completing preflight checks on the ground.


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