New Film Explores Aviation’s Gender Gap

New Film Explores Aviation’s Gender Gap »

Women make up half the college-educated workforce in the U.S., yet only 6 percent of pilots are women — a fact that independent filmmaker Katie McEntire Wiatt explores in her ongoing project, Fly Like a Girl. “Our goal with the film is to explore the questions, why aren’t more women and girls involved in aviation, and how can we change that?” Wiatt told AVweb this week. “We feel that with the current concerns over a pilot shortage, women could really step up and save the day.”


Museum of Flight to Celebrate April Fool’s Day with Apollo 14 Golf Ball

Museum of Flight to Celebrate April Fool’s Day with Apollo 14 Golf Ball »

A press release from The Museum of Flight in Seattle invites members of the public to come see the golf ball Alan Shepard hit from the surface of the moon on February 6, 1971. “He shanked the ball so hard that it left lunar orbit and entered a Trans-Earth trajectory. It's likely that ball simply kept orbiting the Earth in an unstable orbit until it finally collided with the atmosphere. Scientists are still a bit unclear about its exact time of re-entry.” The space travelling golf ball is purported to have been discovered by an oyster farmer in Grays Harbor, Washington.


ForeFlight 9 Introduces Checklists, Glide Advisor

ForeFlight 9 Introduces Checklists, Glide Advisor »

The newest version of ForeFlight includes checklist integration to reduce cockpit clutter and improve ease of checklist use. Pilots may elect to use included template checklists derived from aircraft pilot operating handbooks or create their own. Custom checklists can be shared between ForeFlight users over email or AirDrop. Checklist items can be touched to mark them as complete or flagged as skipped to prompt the pilot to return later.


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