‘Finding Carla’ Explores Tragedy Behind Regulations

‘Finding Carla’ Explores Tragedy Behind Regulations »

When a family survived a wilderness crash in California in 1957 in their Cessna 185, only to die while waiting for rescue that never came, their story brought home the need for general-aviation aircraft to carry ELTs, says Alaska author Ross Nixon. In his book, “Finding Carla,” now in bookstores, Nixon details what went wrong, how the survivors coped with being lost and alone, and the impact of their fate. The story reveals “the blood behind the regulations for ELTs,” says Nixon.


First Four-Seat, Hydrogen-Cell Airplane Flies

First Four-Seat, Hydrogen-Cell Airplane Flies »

A four-seat airplane powered by hydrogen fuel cells completed a first test flight this week in Germany, reaching milestones in both size and emissions-free technology. Researchers at the German aerospace center, the DLR, have been developing the HY4 model with a mission to prove that hydrogen can be a viable aviation fuel.


SpaceX Details Mars Plans

SpaceX Details Mars Plans »

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said on Tuesday his company is working on a plan for manned flights to Mars, with the aim of establishing a permanent colony there. Speaking before a crowd at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, he set out a number of parameters and goals for the project, noting that each trip should cost no more than $200,000 — about the average cost of a house in the U.S. “We want to make Mars seem possible,” he said.


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