Trump Claims $1 Billion Saving On Air Force One

Trump Claims $1 Billion Saving On Air Force One »

President Donald Trump said Saturday hed personally negotiated a $1 billion reduction in the $4.2 billion cost of the replacement aircraft for Air Force One and accomplished it in less than an hour. He also told a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida, that the 25 percent discount is not good enough. Were still not going to do it. The price is still too high.


Sonic Booms Announce TFR Intercept

Sonic Booms Announce TFR Intercept »

Sonic booms rattled the southeast coast of Florida Friday evening as two F-15s were scrambled to intercept an aircraft that violated presidential restricted airspace over West Palm Beach.


Suit Follows Power Line Collision

Suit Follows Power Line Collision »

An Aspen, Colorado, man is suing the pilot and passenger in an L-39 that hit power lines over a highway in 2015, saying he gripped the steering wheel of his car so tightly hes had chronic pain in his hands ever since.


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