Pakistani Airliner Crashes Into Mountain, 48 Dead

Pakistani Airliner Crashes Into Mountain, 48 Dead »

A Pakistan International Airlines turboprop crashed Wednesday in the countryís northern region, killing all 48 people on board. News reports say there was a fiery explosion as the ATR-42 crashed following a possible engine-related emergency. The airliner was carrying 42 passengers, five crew members and a ground engineer when it crashed in mountainous terrain north of the flightís destination to Islamabad.


United to Charge for Overhead Space

United to Charge for Overhead Space »

As airlines continue to unbundle what's covered by a basic fare, United Airlines announced this week that it will begin charging for the use of overhead space in its cabins. While discount airlines such as Spirit have charged for the overhead for several years, United is the first major airline to do so.


FAA Revokes Maintenance School Certification

FAA Revokes Maintenance School Certification »

The Atlanta Technical College, in Atlanta, Georgia, is no longer certified to offer aviation maintenance technician training, the FAA said this week. The FAA issued an emergency order alleging that the college failed to keep proper records for students. Some grade records were incomplete or lacked instructor signatures, the FAA said, and several students who hadnít made up absences were allowed to advance in the program. ATC surrendered its certificate.


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