Spring Events Lure Pilots Nationwide

Spring Events Lure Pilots Nationwide »

Nature-loving pilots in search of an excuse to go flying have a new option thanks to the Recreational Aviation Foundation, which is offering a new fly-in to a wilderness site in Havana, Illinois, to view the spring bird migration. “Canada geese, snow geese, trumpeter swans, pelicans, and ducks numbering in the hundreds to hundreds of thousands” are expected to be passing through the site, RAF says. “This is an unforgettable North American animal migration that must be seen to be believed.”


AOPA Opens Up To Drone Pilots

AOPA Opens Up To Drone Pilots »

Consumer drones have attracted millions of users, and created a conundrum for general aviation — are they friend or foe? On the one hand, many pilots have embraced the technology and enjoy it, on the other hand, the small flying machines can pose a threat to aircraft if operated irresponsibly. AOPA on Tuesday took a step to embrace the drone-flying community, announcing a new line of membership options for drone pilots.


“Hoverbike” Completes Demo Flight

“Hoverbike” Completes Demo Flight »

A team of Russian engineers working in San Francisco as Hoversurf have posted a video online showing an indoor flight test with their “hoverbike” design. The vehicle is powered by electric motors that drive four rotors, arrayed vertically at each corner. The pilot sits in a sort of saddle with his legs on either side, and his arms leaning on a control panel. The video shows the vehicle taking off vertically, flying forward and landing under control.


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