Park Service Seeks Tour Guides For B-29 Wreckage

Park Service Seeks Tour Guides For B-29 Wreckage »

The B-29 Superfortress crash site in Lake Mead, Nevada, will once again be open to guided tours pending the selection of businesses to operate the dives, the National Park Service announced on its website. The agency is taking applications for two business opportunities operating guided scuba diving at the wreckage. More

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Drone Safety Campaigns on the Rise in UK »

Much like the FAA's Christmas-week safety campaign for those who received unmanned aerial vehicles as gifts, The UK's aviation regulators sent the message to consumers that disruptive or unsafe use... More

New This Week »

AVweb's search of news in aviation worldwide turned up new appointments at Thales and CybAero, FAA approval for one-G's new training simulator, and a Boeing delivery for aircraft interior company... More

Four Named To National Aviation Hall Of Fame »

Four individuals have been chosen to be added to the National Aviation Hall of Fame, the organization has announced. The four will be formally enshrined in a ceremony to be held in October in... More

The Weekender: Final Fly-Ins for 2014 »

The final fly-ins and airport gatherings will take place this weekend, as seen on SocialFlight. On Saturday, the Civil Air Patrol will have an all-you-can-eat breakfast at Dayton, Tennessee. Also... More

Colorado Airport Named Emily Warner Field »

Emily Howell Warner, the first U.S. female airline captain, now has a Colorado airport named after her. The Grand County Board of Commissioners this month approved the name change of Granby-Grand... More

Atol Starts Water-Taxi Tests »

The team at Atol, in Finland, has started water-taxi testing on the production prototype of their LSA seaplane. The aircraft "worked as planned and proved to be even better than expected,"... More

Third Conforming Cirrus Jet Flies »

Cirrus Aircraft now has its full fleet of three test aircraft flying to complete the certification regime for the Vision SF50 personal jet, the company announced this week. The initial flight of... More

Mooney To Start China Deliveries »

Mooney, which was bought by Chinese interests last year, has now been approved to export its airplanes to China, the company said recently. The company, based in Kerrville, Texas, has completed all... More



Akro for Under $100K: Wide Variety; Use Caution

Akro for Under $100K: Wide Variety; Use Caution »

There has long been a subset of pilots with a certain sense of adventure and the burning desire to own an aerobatic airplane. While most lust after an aerial hotrod such as one of the Extra 300 series or a Sukhoi Su-29, economic reality means... More


Used Aircraft Guide: Beech Baron

Used Aircraft Guide: Beech Baron »

Anyone who has flown a Beechcraft will have come away impressed with the line's quality and, especially, the handling qualities. All the way down to the lowly Musketeer, Beech just took pains to get the airplane's handling qualities a cut above... More


Flying The Nosewheel

Flying The Nosewheel »

Just because the vast majority of the airplanes most of us fly have their little wheel mounted on the nose instead of the tail doesn't mean the nosewheel is immune to abuse. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Several years ago, I was flying from John Wayne (KSNA) to Big Bear (L35) on a route that crossed that of arriving traffic into Ontario (KONT). It was the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight, well into the holiday gift-buying season. ... East of Ontario, SoCal instructed me to alter course 20 degrees to the right to avoid traffic at my 10 o'clock, a southwest-bound 757 descending out of 8,000 feet. My traffic was a UPS cargo flight headed into Ontario, no doubt laden with gifts... More


Press Releases

Gulf Coast Avionics Completes Panamanian Bell 412EP Upgrade

Gulf Coast Avionics' ttotal digital panel transformation included dual Garmin G500H EFDs, Garmin touchscreen GTN 650Hs and Electronics International electronic engine display systems.

CybAero Appoints Vice President, Deputy Chair

The board of directors of CybAero AB has appointed COO Rolf Schytt to serve as the company's vice president and board member Professor Anna Ohrwall Ronnback as the deputy chair. The Board of Directors has also set a date for the company's annual general meeting: Thursday, April 9, 2015. The board of directors has appointed Claes Drougge, Mikael Hult and Anna Ohrwall Ronnback to serve on the election committee for the 2015 annual general meeting.

Thales Names Chairman and CEO

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 23 December 2014, Patrice Caine and Henri Proglio were co-opted as directors, following the resignations of Philippe Logak, who had served as Acting Chairman & Chief Executive Officer since the departure of Jean- Bernard Levy, and Steve Gentili as independent director.