Big Birthday Celebration For Baby Boeing

Big Birthday Celebration For Baby Boeing »

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is hosting a 50th birthday party for the littlest Boeing commercial airplane, the 737, on April 9. Brien Wygle, pilot-in-command for the maiden flight, is expected to attend, along with 737 engineers Bob Bogash and Peter Morton and Boeing historian Mike Lombardi. Bob Bogash was also Crew Chief for the restoration of the original aircraft, registered as N73700, which is a permanent exhibit at the Museum of Flight. Boeing will be providing a new 737 MAX for viewing during the celebration, which is scheduled to take off at 1:15 p.m., 50 years to the minute from N73700ís maiden flight.


FAA 20-Year Forecast Predicts Gradual Decline In Light GA

FAA 20-Year Forecast Predicts Gradual Decline In Light GA »

Piston-single fleet size and hours flown are expected to decrease roughly 0.8% annually over the next 20 years, says the FAA in its annual Aerospace Forecast. The Aerospace Forecast predicts that general aviation hours flown for all aircraft types will grow slowly, possibly eclipsing 2007 levels by the end of the next decade, with the overwhelming majority of that growth in the fixed-wing turbine sector. Rotorcraft, LSA and experimental usage are forecast to grow modestly over that time period.


NTSB Finds Elevator Malfunction In Michigan Overrun

NTSB Finds Elevator Malfunction In Michigan Overrun »

NTSB investigators have found that the right elevator was jammed on the chartered Ameristar Boeing MD-83 that ran off the runway on March 8 at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with the Michigan menís basketball team, the Wolverines, on board. In an update released on Tuesday, the safety board said their post-accident examination revealed that movement of the control column in the cockpit appeared normal ó the control columns were free to move, and the elevator control tabs moved as commanded.


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