Redbird Students Complete

Redbird Students Complete "One Week Ready To Solo" »

All three students taking part in Redbird Flight Simulations’ One Week Ready To Solo campaign at Sun ’n Fun are slated to fly their supervised solo flights Saturday morning. Nik Osterman, Chris Graves and Sherry Rosenkranz, all zero-time beginners, started daily training just before the show. More

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Video from Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida

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The National Transportation Safety Board opened the accident docket Friday for the Nov. 29, 2013 crash of a Cessna 208B near St. Mary’s, Alaska. Of the 10 people on board, the pilot and three... More

Aspen's AOA Software To Sell For $1,995 »

Aspen Avionics' software-based angle of attack indicator will go on the market in July for $1,995, the company announced Thursday. Introduced earlier this month, the AoA indicator is a software... More

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The X-47B unmanned aircraft successfully demonstrated the first-ever fully autonomous aerial re-fueling on Wednesday, Northrop Grumman has announced. The X-47B launched from the Naval Air Station... More

Drone Demos At Sun 'n Fun »

It was probably inevitable that drone demos would be a part of a major show and this year they're appearing at Sun 'n Fun in the exhibit area for the first time. In a booth sponsored by Yuneec and... More



Turbo Troubles

Turbo Troubles »

The turbocharger is a useful part of a pilot's toolbag. When flying an airplane with one installed, it can increase our rate of climb, boost our groundspeed and lift us above a lot of the weather. It also can be used to pressurize the airplane's... More


Public Benefit Flying: Get Involved

Public Benefit Flying: Get Involved »

For more than 70 years, public benefit flying (PBF) has harnessed the passion of pilots to help others. What began out of abject frustration evolved into what is now thousands of volunteer pilots donating their time, skills and airplanes (owned or... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

While monitoring traffic at KAPA, we overheard a Skyhawk pilot having a difficult day. Having gone around on his first attempt, he ended up safely on the ground on his second -- if a bit long and far from gracefully. ... Tower: "Skyhawk 123, you O.K. there?" ... Skyhawk 123: "Yeah. We took a bounce there. [pause] I hope it didn't look as bad as it felt." ... Tower: "It did." -- Tom McDaniel More


Press Releases

Green Tech Aircraft Announces Ypselon GT Electric Aircraft

Aviation start-up company Green Tech Aircraft is excited to announce the launch of its progressive electric aircraft project, Ypselon GT. The concept of the electric aircraft was officially presented at Aero Expo 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 15th - 18th April.

Sunrise Flight Academy Names Director of Student Affairs

Sunrise Flight Academy, located at Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, recently named Mark Barker as Director of Student Affairs. In his new role Director Barker will coordinate services for international and domestic students enrolled in Sunrise Flight Academy's comprehensive Professional Pilot Program.

LeTourneau University Opens At McKinney National Airport

LeTourneau University's School of Aviation and Aeronautical Science has begun offering a new, fully online Aviation Management bachelor's degree program from its new location at the McKinney National Airport in McKinney, Texas.