FO Dies After In-Flight Incapacitation »

FO Dies After In-Flight Incapacitation

CNN reported late Wednesday that a first officer aboard an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 became “incapacitated” while the aircraft was on a two-mile final and later died after the captain landed the aircraft in Albuquerque.


Inhofe Introduces ‘Fairness for Pilots Act’ »

Inhofe Introduces ‘Fairness for Pilots Act’

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced S.755 (the Fairness for Pilots Act) on Wednesday, which, if signed into law, would offer an additional level of appeals for pilots facing enforcement actions. Under existing law, pilots facing loss or suspension of their certificates due to “significantly unsafe” violations of FAA regulations may appeal to an NTSB administrative law judge and, if unsatisfied, appeal again to the NTSB’s full board. Further appeal to a federal judge is limited to legal error on the part of the NTSB—there is no new finding of fact.


Garmin G5 Certified as Replacement for Directional Gyro »

Garmin G5 Certified as Replacement for Directional Gyro

Garmin has received Supplemental Type Certificate approval for use of the G5 flight instrument in the heading indicator position for over 600 aircraft types when installed with a Garmin magnetometer. “Furthering our commitment to bring affordable, safety-enhancing and certified solutions to general aviation, the G5 electronic flight instrument that was initially developed for experimental aircraft, may now be used to replace a DG or HSI in certificated aircraft and represents another industry-first by Garmin,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.


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Mooney's New Models Now Certified »

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uAvionix Rolls Out New ADS-B Products »

As expected, uAvionix, a manufacturer of avionics for the UAV segment, announced this week four new ADS-B-related products that it hopes will ignite what have been lackluster sales of this... More

Garmin Announces New G3X Touch, GTN Upgrades »

Owners of the Garmin GTN series of navigators will be getting free upgrades in May. The touchscreen navcom systems will now offer visual approach guidance, which provides lateral and vertical... More

Startup Envisions Transoceanic Cargo Drones »

Natilus, a small company with just three employees, based in Richmond, California, is working to launch a transoceanic cargo business with airliner-size drones. They are currently building a... More

AOPA Says NTSB Too “Speculative” In GA Reports »

The NTSB should conduct an internal review to determine why several recent reports regarding general aviation accidents included “speculative” conclusions that aren’t supported by... More

Jets Return To Lantana After 44 Years »

The FAA banned jets from Florida’s Lantana/Palm Beach County Airport in 1973, but that ban is now lifted, the Palm Beach Post reported on Tuesday. Errol Forman, a retired Eastern Air Lines... More

AVIC Invests In New Continental Plant »

Continental Motors will build a new plant in Mobile, Alabama, the company announced on Monday. The huge new facility, with 225,000 square feet of space, will house both corporate offices and... More



Your Attitude on Instruments

Your Attitude on Instruments »

Get reacquainted with the basics of attitude flying. Review the cross-check information available from those flight displays. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

During a VFR approach in a busy airport in mostly Catholic Colombia, a student pilot was given landing clearance. It seemed she didn't understand the controller ... Student: "Could you please confirm?” ... Tower: ”Sure: I confirm you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son..." ... Of course the controller gave her the right instructions afterwards! Of course the controller gave her the right instructions afterwards! Juan Velasquez More


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AutoGyro USA hosts the world debut of new Gyro

AutoGyro USA is extremely proud and honored to announce that this year's Sun n Fun event taking place in Lakeland, Florida (March 4th thru 9th) has been chosen as the launch location for this eagerly anticipated and much talked about exciting new model.

Aviation Program Expands at Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University is advancing its aviation program with the purchase of ten new planes from Cirrus Aircraft expected to begin arriving in June. The fleet of Thunderbird-red, fixed-wing planes features the Cirrus SR20 - a technologically advanced, easy-to-fly modern training platform that will prepare both flight instructors and students to fly tomorrow's commercial airliners, military and general aviation aircraft.

Flamingo Air Partners with U.S. Forestry Service To Help Combat Need for Avionics Electronics Technicians

Flamingo Air's Airline Ground Schools has announced it is now working with the United States Forestry Service to aid them in recruiting Avionics Electronics Technicians to work for the organization.