Report: Constellation Restoration Nearing Completion

Report: Constellation Restoration Nearing Completion »

A Lockheed Super Constellation, one of only 44 ever built, is expected to roll out of a hangar in Auburn, Maine, sometime this year, after a seven-year restoration effort, the Boston Globe reported this week. The airplane, built in 1957, was bought at auction in December 2007 by a nonprofit arm of the Lufthansa airline, and reportedly up to $60 million so far has been spent on the project. More

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U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

Video from the Affordable Aircraft Expo in Sebring, Florida.

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The FAA's revised policy on sleep-apnea screening in pilot medical exams is much better than the original proposal, aviation advocates said on Monday. The new policy, set to take effect on March 2,... More

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The Art of Crashing

The Art of Crashing »

When considering how to crash, my first bit of advice is don't do it. Since the reality of any flight is that things can go wrong, that isn't particularly helpful, I know. What can go wrong? Your crankshaft can break, your fuel lines can clog or,... More


Build It Better

Build It Better »

In aviation, one pin out of place can result in disaster. Details matter. More


A Test Pilot Spins

A Test Pilot Spins »

Experimental flight testing involves taking new or modified aircraft designs to, and sometimes beyond, the edges of their performance envelopes. Most of the time the steps into the unknown go smoothly. It's the times that they don't that when test... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Back in the early 1960s, I was a USAF F-101B Voodoo interceptor pilot flying out of the San Francisco Bay area. Every couple of months, we would have an exercise where friendly T-33 target aircraft with the callsigns "Brainbird Alpha," "Brainbird Bravo," "Brainbird Charlie," etc. would sneak up on the base. I got to fly the target one time, entering from Oregon over the Baker Beacon (an early ADF radio range). Passing over the beacon, I got to call the FAA and announce: "Brainbird Bravo is... More


Press Releases

Air Orlando Maintenance Offers Kelly AC System for Cessna 206/T206

Air Orlando Maintenance located at Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) is pleased to announce it is now installing Kelly Thermacool air conditioning systems in Cessna's 206/T206 series aircraft, including float-equipped 206's.

artzell, Red Bull Air Race Partner for 2015

Hartzell Propeller Inc. will become the propeller technical partner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship series for the second consecutive year in 2015.

Vortex Generator Kits Approved For Diamond Twin

Micro AeroDynamics has received FAA and EASA STC approval for the VG kit it has designed for the Diamond DA42, DA42NG and the DA42M-NG twin engine models. In flight tests, the addition of VGs to the leading edge of the wings and both sides of the vertical stabilizer reduced Vmc, provided a dramatic improvement in slow speed stability and handling, lowered stall speeds, reduced accelerate/stop distance and improved safety.