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Airbly's Cockpit Canairy Monitor »

Big data is a big thing for airlines, which monitor flights in real time to track maintenance and anomalies. Now the same capability is available for light aircraft, albeit on a reduced scale, in the form of the Canairy Cockpit Monitor sold by Airbly Inc. The company’s Chris VanHorn was showing the gadget at AirVenture 2016. More

Loss-Of-Control Prevention Concept Wins Founder’s Innovation Prize »

A digital flight-condition indicator called Airball won the top award this week in EAA’s new Founder’s Innovation Prize contest. Airball’s creator, Ihab Awad of San Jose, California, goes home from AirVenture with $25,000 after pitching his concept to a panel of celebrity judges, EAA announced. More

Stemme 12 Debuts At Oshkosh »

Stemme’s latest motorglider design, the Twin Voyager S12, was first introduced last year at Aero in Germany, but this week the company’s top-of-the-line aircraft makes its U.S. debut at EAA AirVenture. The side-by-side two-seat cockpit offers the pilot lots of options — in power mode, a turbo-charged Rotax 914 F2/S1 engine drives a propeller. When switching to glide mode, the prop folds into its dome and disappears within 5 seconds. More

CAF Announces New Educational Program On WASP History »

The Commemorative Air Force announced its newest educational outreach program this week at AirVenture 2016 in Oshkosh. The CAF Rise Above: WASP, about Women Airforce Service Pilots in World War II, arose from the Rise Above Red Tail Traveling Exhibit, which has brought the story of the Tuskegee Airmen to 200,000 visitors. More

Cessna TTx Now EASA-Certified »

Cessna’s TTx four-seat single-engine airplane is now certified by EASA, the company announced this week at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. “We are excited to offer the precision and speed of the TTx to the European market and beyond,” said Doug May, Cessna’s vice president for piston aircraft. The airplane also is now certified in Argentina and the Philippines, May said, for a total of more than 40 countries. The all-composite TTx is Cessna’s fastest single-engine airplane, with a top cruise speed of 235 knots. More

OpenAirplane Rolls Out FlyOtto »

OpenAirplane, which comes as close to a nationwide aircraft rental service as we’ve seen, continues to expand and at AirVenture 2016 this week, it announced a new service called FlyOtto. According to OpenAirplane’s Rod Rakic, FlyOtto essentially makes a network of Part 135 on-demand charter operators accessible for anyone who wants a trip from A to B. More

Embraer Intros Phenom 100 EV »

Embraer’s entry-level Phenom 100 business jet has “evolved,” the company said today at EAA AirVenture, and the new model is now known as the Phenom 100 EV. The EV features a new flight deck based on Garmin’s G3000 touchscreen avionics suite, and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW617F1-E engines, offering more speed and enhanced performance for hot days and high altitudes. Deliveries of the EV are expected to start in the first half of next year. More

Bearhawk Announces The Bravo Model »

Having been around for two decades, the four-place Bearhawk EAB is prized for its large payload and STOL capability, and at AirVenture 2016, the company is unveiling the new Bearhawk Bravo. The B gets a Riblett 30-413.5 airfoil which delivers better speed, similar stall speeds and greater stall stability over the NACA 4412 used in the original model. The speed increase, according to Bearhawk, is 5 to 8 MPH faster than the original design. More

Malaysia Airlines Orders 50 737 MAXs »

Despite its much publicized loss of two Boeing 777s, Malaysia Airlines says it's forging ahead with a path for growth by ordering 50 new Boeing 737 MAX airliners. Twenty five of the 737s are firm and the rest are options, the airline said this week. More

Airbus E-Fan Makes Oshkosh Debut »

The latest version of the Airbus Group’s E-Fan “Plus” twin-engine demonstrator aircraft is on display this week at EAA AirVenture, providing insight into how the company’s vision has evolved as they experiment with the new technology. The E-Fan on display is a hybrid version, with longer flight range and more endurance than the original all-electric model. The aircraft now incorporates a thermal engine from German manufacturer Solo, which runs on avgas. The hybrid completed initial test flights in France shortly before it was shipped here for the show. More