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The Weekender: Labor Day Getaways »

The Weekender is looking forward to long Labor Day getaways, plus breakfast destinations found on SocialFlight.com. The Arizona Pilots Association invites all for a long backcountry weekend in Young, starting with dinner Friday, followed by breakfast Saturday, an evening Corn-Fest and chili cookoff. Camping and other accommodations are available for the weekend. More

Bonanza Crashes Into Hangar, Pilot Killed »

The pilot of a Beech A36 Bonanza was killed at the Bentonville, Arkansas airport Wednesday when his aircraft crashed on takeoff. The Bonanza smashed into a hangar about 9:30 a.m., KFSM reported. The 70-year-old Bentonville resident was the only one on board. The FAA is investigating and the airport was closed. More

Seminar To Address Stick-And-Rudder Skills »

A new nonprofit group based in southern New England aims to address the deterioration of basic stick-and-rudder skills among pilots, and is starting out with a focus on CFIs, says Bob Berlyn, the group’s executive director. Berlyn, a former airline pilot and CFI, is an FAA safety inspector in Norwood, Massachusetts. “Everywhere I go, I hear the same story,” he told AVweb this week. “From airline captains, CFIs, instructors in airline training departments — everyone agrees that among the new recruits, the stick-and-rudder skills are lacking.” More

JetBlue Flies To Cuba »

When JetBlue’s Flight 387 took off this morning from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, headed for Cuba, it was the first commercial airline to fly that route since 1961. For First Officer Frank Barreras, the trip held an extra level of poignancy — his father, Frank Sr., fled Cuba 55 years ago, aboard one of the last commercial flights to the U.S. “I never thought this day would come in my lifetime,” Barreras told CBS News. “It’s an amazing, amazing time.” More

Report: Small Jets Are Selling »

The private-jet market overall has been slumping so far this year, as reported in the latest GAMA tally, but a closer look at the data shows that small private jets are in growth mode, according to a recent analysis by the Wichita Eagle. The Eagle found that shipments of small and midsize jets grew by nearly 11 percent in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year. Included in that category are jets built by Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, Honda Aircraft and One Aviation. More

Drone Pilots Expected To Outnumber Aviators »

With new FAA rules now in place, as of Monday, for operators to secure a commercial drone certificate, it’s been projected that their numbers will quickly outnumber manned-aircraft pilots. The FAA has estimated the number of certified commercial drone operators could exceed 600,000 within a year, equal to the total number of pilots from student to ATP. More than 3,300 people signed up to take the FAA drone knowledge test on Monday, the first day it was available, according to Bloomberg News. More

Charter Pilot Charged With Drunkenness »

Police said a first officer’s blood alcohol content was 0.3, or seven times the legal limit, when he was tested at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, last Thursday and removed from the cockpit of a Talon Air Challenger 604 charter flight. The captain of the flight, Manny Ramirez, reportedly noticed that the first officer “smelled of alcohol and slurred his speech,” according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Ramirez called the dispatch office, and police were called to the cockpit. More

Veterans Group Targets Airshow »

A veterans group in San Diego is asking the public to boycott the Miramar Air Show, saying the show is dangerous and “glorifies war.” The annual show, which is held during Fleet Week, Sept. 23 to 25, is a popular free event hosted by the Marine Corps. The show draws up to 500,000 visitors. The airshow includes demos by the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the Harrier and Osprey aircraft, and more. The San Diego Veterans for Peace say they are embarking on a five-year effort to “change public understanding of what the Miramar Air Show is actually all about.” More

Short Final »

Tri City Departure: Cessna 12345, squawk 4305 ... Cessna 12345: Tri City, um, we just noticed we are missing the knob for the last dial on the transponder ... Tri City Departure: What number is it on? ... Cessna 12345: Zero ... Tri City Departure: Standby, let me see if I can get you a code that ends in zero. More