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DHL To Start Commercial Drone Deliveries »

The global parcel-delivery company DHL has received authorization to start regular drone delivery flights to an island in the North Sea about 7.5 miles off the coast of Germany. "This research project represents the first and only time in Europe that a flight by an unmanned aircraft will be operated outside of the pilot's field of vision in a real-life mission," said DHL in a news release. The DHL "parcelcopter" will primarily be used to transport medications at times when ferries and flights are not available. More

FAA Will Review ATC Security Plans »

Following a fire that knocked out ATC equipment at a facility in Aurora, Illinois, on Friday, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said on Monday the agency will conduct a 30-day review of its contingency plans and security protocols to be sure they address system efficiency as well as safety. "I do understand the traveling public's frustrations," Huerta said. More than 2,500 flights were cancelled over the weekend at Chicago's busy O'Hare and Midway hubs. More

Short Final »

I was arriving in the Washington, D.C., area with a destination of Manassas Regional in Virginia. There was a mid-morning thunderstorm that was causing aircraft, including Air Force One, to request deviations when I heard the following. ... After being denied a 20-degree deviation to the right to avoid weather and given an alternative of 30 degrees left, a GA pilot sounded irritated and was particularly demanding with a second request for a 20-degree deviation to the right. ... Sounding ever the professional, Approach responded: "I can give you 20 right, but if I can't give you any more if you need it because that will put you in the Washington restricted airspace and you'll have an F-15 escort within a couple of minutes." ... The response? After a short pause, a more humble: "I'd like the 30-degree left deviation, please." ... I would have also. -- Joe Shelton More

Air France Pilots End Strike »

Air France pilots ended a two-week strike Sunday but did so without resolving its fight with the company. The SNPL, Air France's main pilots union, simply gave up and flights are expected to resume in a couple of days. The pilots walked out to pressure the airline into covering pilots of its new budget carrier Transavia with the same contract as those on the main line. More

Canadian Lancaster Back Home »

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Lancaster bomber is back at its home base in Hamilton, Ontario (about 40 miles west of Toronto) after a triumphant and, at times, dramatic six-week tour of the U.K. More

FAA, Controllers Coping With Chicago Outage »

Capacity is steadily increasing at airports affected by the sabotage of critical communications equipment at Chicago Center on Friday. As of late Sunday, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association said 72 flights per hour were getting into O'Hare International Airport and departure delays of 15 minutes in the afternoon were expected to increase to about 30 minutes later in the day. More

Two Killed, Two Hurt In Young Eagles Midair (Updated) »

A pilot and a boy are dead while another pilot and a young woman suffered minor injuries after a midair collision involving two aircraft taking part in a Young Eagles event in western New York. Time Warner Cable News is reporting a Cessna 172 and a Searey homebuilt amphibian collided near Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport. More

Arson Fire At Chicago Center Diverts Flights (Updated) »

An early-morning fire at the FAA Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center (Chicago Center) facility in Aurora, Illinois, has halted flights in the Chicago area and caused a massive reroute of IFR traffic. More

FAA Allows Limited Commercial UAS Operation »

The FAA has taken the first steps to allow commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in what it referred to as the National Airspace System by granting limited exemptions from the Federal Aviation Regulations to six aerial photo and video production companies to use UAS below 400 feet AGL on closed sets. More