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Super Pumas Grounded After Fatal Crash »

Aviation authorities have grounded Airbus EC225 Super Puma helicopters after the crash of a Canadian aircraft off the coast of Norway Friday. The helicopter, operated by CHC Helicopter, went down a few hundred yards from shore near Bergen. All 11 passengers and two crew died. More

U.S. Complains About Stunting Russians »

The U.S. Air Force is complaining about showboating Russian fighter pilots who have done barrel rolls over its pricey reconnaissance planes twice in the last couple of weeks. More

Gyroplane Pilot Claims New Distance Record »

Gyroplane pilot Paul Salmon’s flight this week from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to Longview, Texas, and back will win a new distance record for his aircraft class. Salmon completed the closed-circuit flight Thursday in his Magni M22 Voyager, making 770 nautical miles in 10 hours and 37 minutes nonstop. More

AEA: Companies Look For Diversity In Avionics Market »

Avionics sales might have had a slow start to the year with a drop in first-quarter numbers reported, but companies attending this week’s Aircraft Electronics Association show in Orlando have been optimistic about diversifying their offerings of cockpit systems and improvements on existing products. While last year’s wave of new ADS-B products seems to have tapered off, a walk through AEA’s exhibit hall shows that manufacturers have been ramping up the competition. More

AEA: Alpha Systems Upgrades AoA Displays »

Alpha Systems has a new heads-up display adaptable for its Eagle and Falcon angle-of-attack systems. The company also has added new features to its product line and more are on the way, Alpha Systems' Mark Korin told AVweb at this week's Aircraft Electronics Association show in Orlando. More

Delta Inks Deal For Bombardier CSeries »

Delta Air Lines decreed there is a viable competitor to the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in the single-aisle airliner market with a major deal with Canada's Bombardier. The airline ordered 75 of Bombardier's 110-seat CS100 airliners and took options on 50 more with a further option to upgrade those orders to 737-esque CS300s with 160 seats. More

AEA: Aspen Offers STC For Evolution Backup Display »

Aspen Avionics' Evolution Backup Display now has an STC for installation in certified aircraft, the company announced at this week's Aircraft Electronics Association show. The system is an independent primary flight display designed to replace traditional vacuum-driven backup instruments. The unit can provide two hours of continuous operation as an emergency backup. More

AEA: L-3 Avionics' New Features In Transponder, Standby Unit »

At this week's Aircraft Electronics Association show in Orlando, L-3 Avionics showcased its recent advancements in certified products that pack multiple functions into lighter, smaller boxes. The ESI-500 standby instrument, designed for piston and turboprop aircraft along with rotorcraft, offers what amounts to a primary flight display backup with primary instrument data as well as navigation and synthetic vision. More

Hot-Air Balloon Damaged By Drone »

Last week, a drone reportedly hit an Airbus A320 on approach to London's Heathrow Airport, but so far, there have been no officially confirmed drone strikes involving U.S. aircraft. However, witnesses have told AVweb that a drone did hit a hot-air balloon in flight, during a festival in Vermont in July 2014, causing damage to the fabric envelope. The pilot had just launched, and was about 150 feet off the ground. He landed immediately, and nobody was hurt. More

AEA: Avionics Sales Drop In First Quarter »

Avionics sales worldwide had a slower start to 2016, the Aircraft Electronics Association reported Wednesday during the opening of its 59th annual convention in Orlando. In the first three months of the year, total avionics sales for business and general aviation totaled just over $566 million, a 3.6 percent drop from the first quarter of 2015. More