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Investigators: AirAsia First Officer at Controls Before Crash »

The first officer of the AirAsia jet that crashed into Java Sea in December was at the controls as the aircraft stalled into the ocean, investigators said Thursday. The Airbus A320 disappeared from radar en route to Singapore, killing all 162 people on board. Recovery efforts continue for bodies and pieces of the aircraft as the flight and data recorders, retrieved earlier this month, are analyzed. So far the data revealed the jet went into a steep climb and then stalled before the crash. More

Malaysian Government Declares MH370 Disappearance an Accident »

The missing Malaysian Airline flight MH370 was an accident, and all 239 people on board are presumed dead, the Malaysian government announced Thursday in a BBC report. Meanwhile, the search for the Boeing 777 continues in the southern Indian Ocean. Four vessels are using sonar technology to search the ocean floor. More

AOPA Offers Aircraft Financing for Flying Clubs »

Flying clubs purchasing aircraft can now obtain special financing from AOPA, the association announced Wednesday. AOPA Aviation Finance Co. offers four options for start-up clubs and existing clubs shopping for additional aircraft. “Flying clubs offer pilots of all skill levels the benefit of shared aircraft ownership and a ready-made community of like-minded aviators,” said Adam Meredith, president of AOPA Aviation Finance Co. More

FAA Issues No-Drone Reminder for Super Bowl »

The FAA reminded drone operators on Wednesday that the perennial Super Bowl Sunday TFR applies to them too, not just pilots of manned aircraft. The Super Bowl NOTAM, published earlier this month, includes the standard restrictions of GA operations such as flight training and sightseeing as well as "model aircraft operations, model rocketry… and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)." More

The Weekender: Chili, Chowder and Pancakes »

The Weekender's SocialFlight calendar has everything from ski flying up north to summer-like fun in the southwest, whatever your preference. EAA Chapter 745 will host a Ski Fly-in/Drive-in Pancake Breakfast Saturday at Benson Airport in Minnesota. The private turf runway is not plowed, so it's tailored for skiplanes if there's snow on the ground. More

Piper Unveils Meridian's Upgraded G1000 »

Piper Aircraft introduced the latest version of its Meridian M500 turboprop on Wednesday, announcing an enhanced Garmin G1000 avionics package and new features. "As part of our on-going product improvement initiatives, we saw an opportunity to give our customers the latest improvements in proven avionics technology with electronic stability protection, under speed protection and automatic level mode among other improvements," Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott said. More

Balloonists Reach Pacific Midpoint »

Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev have crossed the International Dateline as they continue their quest to cross the Pacific Ocean in a balloon, the team reported on Monday, and have reached the halfway mark toward their distance goal. The flight so far is going smoothly, the pilots reported to their ground crew on Tuesday. Bradley said they are "having a wonderful time" and the balloon is "flying beautifully." More

Report: Constellation Restoration Nearing Completion (corrected) »

A Lockheed Super Star Constellation, one of only 44 ever built, is expected to roll out of a hangar in Auburn, Maine, sometime this year, after a seven-year restoration effort, the Boston Globe reported this week. The airplane, built in 1957, was bought at auction in December 2007 by a nonprofit arm of the Lufthansa airline, and reportedly up to $60 million so far has been spent on the project. More

Industry Welcomes Sleep Apnea Rule Change »

The FAA's revised policy on sleep-apnea screening in pilot medical exams is much better than the original proposal, aviation advocates said on Monday. The new policy, set to take effect on March 2, will not disqualify pilots from receiving a medical certificate based solely on body mass index (BMI), AOPA said. "The new policy combines a focus on safety with a common-sense approach that lets pilots who haven't been diagnosed with an illness keep flying," said AOPA President Mark Baker. EAA also said in a statement the new proposal "has significant improvements" over the initial policy announced in November 2013. More

11 Killed In NATO Fighter Crash »

Two Greek servicemen and nine others were killed when a Greek Air Force F-16 crashed on takeoff at an air base in Spain that was hosting a NATO exercise Monday. Another 13 people, mostly French and Italian, were injured when the fighter went down in a parking area filled with other jets. More