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Short Final »

Doing my run-up and getting ready to depart for my first cross-country as a student, the tower instructed me to hold short. Over the radio, in a frantic voice, I heard: "Help me. Help me. I'm a student pilot on my first cross-country, and I'm lost. I've been flying around and around, and I don't know where I am." I sat and listened as the controller failed to establish the student's location. Finally, the tower told the student to please hold — then told me I was clear for take-off. I flew away listening as the controller and student continued on and on trying to establish a ground reference. -- Michael Woodard More

Global Flight Following In The Works »

Aireon LLC, a private company based in McLean, Va., announced a plan over the weekend to offer global emergency tracking as a public service to the aviation community, free-of-charge, by 2017. The Aireon Alert service will allow rescue agencies to request the location and last flight track of any 1090 MHz ADS-B equipped aircraft flying in airspace currently without surveillance, the company said in a news release. "A comprehensive, global aircraft tracking solution is essential in emergency situations, as evidenced by MH370 earlier this year and Air France 447 in 2009," said Aireon CEO Don Thoma. More

Congressmen Want Controller Hiring Scheme Scrapped »

Two Illinois congressmen have introduced legislation that would force the FAA to abandon a controversial new recruitment process to fill an anticipated 10,000 air traffic controller openings over the next 10 years. Republican Rep. Randy Hultgren and Democrat Dan Lipinski introduced the Safe Towers Act on Friday. More

FAA Changes Certification Process »

While there is currently no backlog of certification applications at the FAA, the agency says it's changing the way it processes those applications. The new process replaces "project sequencing" with a system the FAA says "offers applicants increased predictability and a commitment to a response time for the review of the applicant's compliance data." More

FAA Calls ADS-B 'Summit' »

The FAA says it's done its part and now it's up to the aviation industry to meet the 2020 deadline for mandatory ADS-B equipage. To that end the agency will hold a "call to action summit" to discuss how to bring tens of thousands of aircraft into compliance in a little more than six years. More

AOPA Says Homebuilding An Aeronautical Use »

AOPA says pretty much anything to do with aircraft storage and active maintenance and construction should be considered an "aeronautical use" and be permitted in hangars on federally funded airports. In comments to the FAA on its proposed policy on the definition of aeronautical uses, AOPA says it wants the FAA's policy to use "common sense" and reflect "the practical realities of general aviation flying and ownership." In a news release the organization was to the point. More

Nation's First Aerospace Engineering Program Celebrated »

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration for its first-in-the-nation Aeronautical (now Aerospace) Engineering Department, the University of Michigan is staging a flyover of a fleet of historic aircraft before Saturday's football game at the Big House. More

Baseball Cap A Factor In Midair »

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board yesterday released its finding on a 2013 multiple-fatality midair collision between a Cessna 150 and a motor glider with an analysis that said the 150 pilot was probably wearing a baseball cap that affected his ability to see the glider. More

JetBlue Engine Failure Prompts Evacuation »

An engine failure and a proliferation of cellphones resulted in the dramatic and well-covered return of a JetBlue flight to Long Beach Thursday morning. Flight 1416 was reportedly 25 minutes into the flight to Austin when alarms went off in the cockpit and smoke filled the cabin. More

New This Week »

It hasn't been a quiet week in aviation news—our survey uncovered certification testing of the Falcon 7X at the world's highest airport, SAFE Teacher Grant Awards, a big sale of Embraer E175 jets and a company that's developing a way to surf behind an airplane. More