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First Flight For New Goodyear Airship »

Goodyear officially launched its newest blimp over the weekend, with a christening ceremony and a ceremonial flight from its base in Akron, Ohio. The airship, built from aluminum and carbon fiber, is the first of a new generation of blimps built for Goodyear by the Zeppelin factory in Germany. More

NTSB Bars UPS And Pilots Union From Investigation »

The NTSB said on Monday it has revoked the party status of both the Independent Pilots Association and UPS Airlines relative to its ongoing investigation of UPS Flight 1354, an A300-600 air cargo flight that crashed on approach to Birmingham, Alabama, last August, killing both crew members on board. More

Short Final »

Last week, my wife and I heard this radio exchange while flying across Texas: ... San Angelo Approach: "Cardinal XXX, you got time for a quick question?" ... Cardinal XXX: "Sure." ... SJT Approach (in a deep Texas drawl): "Is there somethin' special about your flight today? Special cargo or something?" ... Cardinal XXX: "Nope." ... San Angelo Approach: "They just have you on a beacon code that's usually reserved for unusual stuff." ... Cardinal XXX: "Well, that's the only code my transponder'll squawk, so they let me have it." ... Anonymous Aircraft: "Nice." ... Cardinal XXX: "Well, I tried hittin' it with a hammer but " ... SJT: [Amused laughter while trying to think of something else to say.] ... We laughed all the way to San Antonio. More

Flight Training Picks Up »

Just as attendance at AirVenture earlier this month showed a brisk uptick, the flight training industry is also enjoying a modest growth spurt through the first part of 2014. According to an informal survey of more than a dozen flight schools across the country conducted by AVweb this month, virtually all report increased training activity beyond the usual seasonal upturn. More

Pipistrel Flies WATTsUP Electric Trainer »

Slovenian planemaker Pipistrel says its new electric-powered training aircraft will slash training costs while pleasing the neighbors of the small airports it's designed for. The WATTsUP two-seat trainer flew for the first time on Aug. 22 and will be unveiled publicly at the Salon de Blois airshow in France Aug. 30-31. More