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Hydrogen Power For UAVs In The Works »

Horizon Unmanned Systems, a drone company based in Singapore, says it has developed micro fuel cells powered by hydrogen that will enable small multi-rotor drones to fly for up to four hours, instead of the 20 to 30 minutes that's typical with lithium batteries. The prototype Hycopter stores compressed hydrogen fuel inside its tubular structure, saving on weight, and the company says the energy generated by a quarter pound of hydrogen is equal to about 6.6 pounds of lithium batteries. More

ATO Independence Gains Momentum »

The move to separate the air traffic control function from the FAA is gaining momentum and it now appears that Congress is seriously considering a stand-alone air traffic organization that, by definition, would be independently funded. More

CarterCopter Moves Into Production Phase »

Carter Aviation Technologies, which has been working for years to develop the technology in its rotorcraft, announced this week the company is now moving out of the flight-test phase and will focus on moving the CarterCopter into production. "The time has come, and some would say overdue, to shift gears and focus on getting the technology into the marketplace," said CEO Jay Carter, in a news release. The company said it will continue to fly its technology demonstrator at public airshows. More

At EBACE: Aerion Opens Order Book »

You can now place your order for an Aerion supersonic business jet at a price of $120 million, the company announced this week at the European Business Aviation Convention & Expo in Geneva. "This is another step forward for Aerion," said chairman Robert Bass. The company hopes to sign up 50 launch customers who will get special pricing and other benefits. More

EBACE Launches With Cessna, Honda Updates »

The HondaJet is making its European debut this week, at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, in Geneva. The stop is part of a "world tour" for the twin-engine jet, which is getting close to certification and first deliveries in North Carolina. The tour began in Japan, where more than 10,000 people had a chance to see the jet up close, and after EBACE, the jet will continue on a two-week demo tour with stops in the U.K., Poland and Germany. More