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Bodies From TBM 900 Crash Recovered »

The bodies of pilot Larry Glazer and his wife, Jane, whose TBM 900 crashed into the Caribbean in September, have been recovered, according to a report in USA Today. The New York couple were flying to their second home in Naples, Florida, when they became unresponsive from an apparent loss of cabin pressure. More

NTSB Recommends Cockpit Cameras on Airlines »

Cockpit cameras and improved aircraft locators are among the recommendations the NTSB placed in the lap of the FAA Thursday in the wake of crash investigations including Air France 447 and the yet-to-be found Malaysian Airlines flight 370. More

Avgas Prices Falling - Slowly »

Avgas prices have dropped enough to garner attention, prompting aircraft owners to ask FBOs if they'll keep going down like prices at their local car-gas stations. Hoping for $2 avgas is unrealistic, but FBOs around the country told AVweb their posted prices have ticked down in recent months. More

The Weekender: Just For Passengers; Flying for a Cause »

Weekender found some fun and informative outings to check out on the SocialFlight calendar. On Saturday, free cotton candy awaits those who fly in to the Community Open House/Fly-In at Palatka Municipal in Florida. There will be food, displays and activities including rides in a helicopter, a Waco biplane or EAA's Ford Tri-Motor. More

Diamond's Turboprop Makes Maiden Flight »

Diamond Aircraft's single-engine turbine prototype made its maiden flight this week in Austria. The DA50-JP7, first announced in 2013, is designed for seven passengers and touts higher fuel efficiency with a Ukrainian-built 465-horsepower, AI-450S engine. Diamond CEO Christian Dries flew as test pilot, accompanied by Ingmar Mayerbuch, head of flight testing. More