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Better GA Wi-Fi On The Horizon »

GA pilots will have affordable Wi-Fi in their airplanes within about three years and much greater access to space-based services thanks to a $3 billion investment by a Virginia company. Starting in April, Iridium will launch the first of 72 new communications satellites that will, among other things, increase the speed of its Internet signals fiftyfold. More

Passenger Jet Lands With Hole In Fuselage »

A gaping hole opened in the side of an Airbus A321 jet operated by Daallo Airlines, shortly after it departed from the Mogadishu airport in Somalia this morning, headed for Djibouti. Early reports said there was a loud noise, just minutes after takeoff, and at least two passengers were injured. A third passenger appears to have fallen from the plane. More

Sebring Plans Changes For 2017 »

The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, held in Sebring, Florida, every January since 2004, may be changing to a new date next year, organizers said on Monday. "Weather challenges in recent years have given us the opportunity to review and assess the best possible time to produce a successful 2017 event," airport director Mike Willingham said in a news release. This year's event started off strong on Jan. 20 and 21, with robust attendance, but over the next two days, winds gusting to 35 miles an hour kept most airplanes on the ground, and some exhibits were closed. More

EasyJet To Develop Fuel-Cell-Powered Taxi Motors »

EasyJet is developing a hybrid hydrogen fuel-cell system that could power taxi operations with zero emissions, the company said in a news release today. "Each aircraft would have motors in their main wheels, and electronics and system controllers would give pilots total control of the aircraft's speed, direction, and braking during taxi operations," the company said. "The system would therefore reduce, if not remove altogether, the need for tugs to maneuver aircraft in and out of stands, delivering more efficient turnaround times and increased on-time performance." More

NTSB: Citation Jet Broke Up In Flight »

A Cessna Citation 525 twin-engine jet broke up in flight while maneuvering near Cedar Fork, Utah, the NTSB says in a preliminary report now posted online. The pilot and passenger both were killed. The CJ3 took off from Salt Lake City International Airport about 9:50 in the morning on Jan. 18, headed for Tucson International Airport. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot called ATC to report a failure in the flight management system, and said he needed to fly straight ahead and climb while he tried to program the backup FMS. More