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New Aviation Show Set For West Africa »

A new aviation trade show has been announced for Oct. 24-26, 2017, in Ghana, which organizers say will be the first-ever event of its kind in the West Africa region. “It’s an important announcement for the African continent, especially for Ghana, one of the most dynamic countries in Africa, which is experiencing strong economic growth and an increase in aviation activity,” said Didier Mary, the show organizer. More

Clay Lacy And Key Air Join Forces »

Clay Lacy Aviation, which operates FBOs in Los Angeles and Seattle, has joined with Key Air, based in Oxford, Connecticut, the two companies announced last week. “Our clients asked us for a larger presence in New York, and this is the first of several strategic steps to expand our East Coast services,” said Brian Kirkdoffer, Clay Lacy CEO. Chris Hand, vice president of operations for Key Air, said joining the “Clay Lacy family” will bring immediate benefits to the company’s clients and employees. More

Short Final »

The pre-private, 16-year-old, 12-hour total time solo glider student called the TFR-fire base temporary tower staff ...Glider Student: "Santa Ynez Tower, Glider 28 Tango, 45 entry to right traffic, Runway 26, Santa Ynez." ... This was followed by a deep baritone, "Santa Ynez, Skycrane 2C, inbound three miles from the southeast.” ... Tower: "Glider 28 Tango , please hold for the inbound helicopter traffic." ... Huh? Even though we love the fire suppressors, this defies all logic. Rotary at distance gets right-of-way? What will my student do? ... Glider Student: "Santa Ynez Tower, 28 Tango, I'll do the best that I can." ... He made normal traffic landing an easy two minutes before the inbound helo, doing nothing out of the norm. Judgment and savvy, no promises he can't keep. He passed his check ride three days later. More

Empty Jump Plane Takes Out House, Pilot Injured »

A remarkable set of circumstances and some plain good luck led to only one person being injured in the fiery crash of a Cessna 182 that took off with five people on board and ended up in the living room of a house in Gilbert, Arizona, Saturday evening. More

New Aviation Accident Feature On AVweb »

Beginning this week, AVweb is introducing a new feature for readers called General Aviation Accident Bulletin. These reports, which will appear twice monthly, comprise the latest preliminary reports on general aviation accidents taken from the NTSB's initial reporting. They offer enough detail to gain a general idea on what happened in the accident, but do not offer causal summaries. More