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Bearhawk Announces The Bravo Model »

Having been around for two decades, the four-place Bearhawk EAB is prized for its large payload and STOL capability, and at AirVenture 2016, the company is unveiling the new Bearhawk Bravo. The B gets a Riblett 30-413.5 airfoil which delivers better speed, similar stall speeds and greater stall stability over the NACA 4412 used in the original model. The speed increase, according to Bearhawk, is 5 to 8 MPH faster than the original design. More

Aspen Announces New Micro-i GPS Source »

Aspen is venturing into the experimental market with a micro GPS receiver that’s a suitable position source for ADS-B installations. At AirVenture 2016, the company announced the new NexNav Mico-I GPS. The device is part of the product line Aspen acquired when it bought Accord Technology last year. More

Malaysia Airlines Orders 50 737 MAXs »

Despite its much publicized loss of two Boeing 777s, Malaysia Airlines says it's forging ahead with a path for growth by ordering 50 new Boeing 737 MAX airliners. Twenty five of the 737s are firm and the rest are options, the airline said this week. More

Airbus E-Fan Makes Oshkosh Debut »

The latest version of the Airbus Group’s E-Fan “Plus” twin-engine demonstrator aircraft is on display this week at EAA AirVenture, providing insight into how the company’s vision has evolved as they experiment with the new technology. The E-Fan on display is a hybrid version, with longer flight range and more endurance than the original all-electric model. The aircraft now incorporates a thermal engine from German manufacturer Solo, which runs on avgas. The hybrid completed initial test flights in France shortly before it was shipped here for the show. More

AVwebFlash Duplication »

You most likely received a second copy of Tuesday's AirVenture show coverage early Wednesday and we apologize for cluttering your inbox. The second mailing was the result of a major technical glitch with the server that runs the administrative side of AVweb. We're up and running again and ready to get you up-to-date coverage of the big show, one day at a time. Thanks for your patience. More