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Solar Impulse Next Stop: New York »

As soon as the weather window looks favorable, Solar Impulse pilot Andre Borschberg plans to depart from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and fly about 100 miles to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, according to the support team. The flight path will provide several opportunities along the way for New Yorkers to catch a glimpse of the unique solar-powered aircraft. The plan is for Solar Impulse to cross over the Verrazano Bridge at an altitude of 1,500 feet, at about 5:10 a.m. on the day of the flight. More

Japan Joins Flying-Car Race »

In case there aren’t enough flying cars in the works, a team of 20 young engineers from Japan’s auto industry now say they plan to have a true flying car ready to launch at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The design, called Skydrive, will be a small single-seat VTOL about the size of a compact car, with three wheels for driving on the ground and four rotors for flying. It’s operated like a car, with a steering wheel and a gas pedal. More

WWII Airplane Found In Pacific »

A U.S. Navy TBM-1C Avenger airplane, which had been missing since July 1944, was found last week about 85 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean, near the island nation of Palau, by Project Recover. The project is a collaborative effort between the Office of Naval Research, several universities, and private funders, and is working to locate all aircraft and associated Americans missing in action since World War II. More

Short Final »

I was tuned to Indy Center yesterday and heard this exchange with a plane on flight following. ... Indy Center: "Cessna 12345, contact Indy Center on 124.62." ... Cessna 12345: "Can I have something that doesn't end in a '2' or a '7'?" ... Indy Center: "What was that request?" ... Cessna 12345: "Can I have a frequency doesn't end in a '2' or a '7'? My radio can only tune to frequencies that end in a '5' or a '0.'" ... [After a pause.] ... Indy Center: "Cessna 12345, we've got nothing for you. Radar Services terminated. Squawk VFR. Frequency change approved." ... Remember: You have to "pull" out the small knob on some older radios to tune in ".25" or ".75." -- Evan Jones More

Pilot Shortage Threatens Online Shopping »

The president of the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association says the escalating pilot shortage could soon be hitting mainstream America where it hurts most. “Millions of Americans are not going to get their online purchases delivered to their front door if the situation does not improve,” RACCA President Stan Bernstein told Global Trader magazine. More

ATC Privatization Back In Play »

As he promised in February, Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster appears intent on trying again to convince his fellow lawmakers to privatize air traffic control in the U.S. More

Pilot Lost In Thunderbolt Crash »

A 56-year-old Florida man been identified as the pilot who died when the P-47 Thunderbolt he was flying went into the Hudson River off Manhattan late Friday. William Gordon was flying the aircraft on a photo flight with two other aircraft promoting the American Airpower Museum’s celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Thunderbolt, which was used extensively by the U.S. Army Air Force in the Second World War. More

Korean Air 777 Engine Fire Sparked On Takeoff »

A Korean Air jet aborted takeoff after its left engine caught fire at Tokyo’s main airport around midday on Friday. The Boeing 777, bound for Seoul, was carrying 319 passengers and crew members, according to a Reuters report. More

Two Navy Jets Crash Off North Carolina Coast »

Two Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets crashed off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Thursday. The four crew members escaped with minor injuries. A Coast Guard helicopter pulled two of the crew from the water while the two others were rescued by a commercial fishing boat, according to an Associated Press report. More

New This Week »

AVweb’s review of aviation news around the world found announcements from ACSS, Leonardo-Finmeccanica, Mecaer Aviation Group and Scotland’s Glasgow Prestwick Airport. ACSS, an L-3 and Thales Company, has developed an ADS-B transponder solution for legacy corporate aircraft, the NXT-700. More