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Levil Technology Introduces Improved ADS-B In »

Although the portable ADS-B In market has cooled of late, at Sun 'n Fun, Levil Technology is introducing two versions of its ADS-B portables with improved performance and capability. The iLevil 2 SW is a portable intended for glareshield mount and the new version has a larger solar cell area for better battery life, and the improved version now had dual band, so it can can see both UAT and 1090ES traffic operating at any altitudes. The receiver also improved range. More

Fly-For-Hire Ops Eyed For Light Sport »

The FAA is investigating the possibility of allowing some fly-for-hire operations using light sport and ultralight aircraft. In a podcast interview at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, on Wednesday, Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, said an FAA representative approached his organization and the U.S. Ultralight Aircraft Association to explore the idea of using little airplanes for commercial uses where appropriate. More

Flight Design C4 To Be Assembled In U.S. (CORRECTED) »

Flight Design's certified four-place aircraft, the C4, will be assembled in the U.S. In an interview after a news conference at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, Flight Design's Tom Peghiny said it makes economic sense to build the aircraft in the U.S. "More than 60 percent of the economic value in the plane comes from the U.S.," said Peghiny, whose company is the U.S. dealer for the planemaker's line of light sport aircraft. More

NTSB Releases Preflight-Check Video »

Pilots should be extra-vigilant when doing preflight inspections prior to a first flight after maintenance work, the NTSB says, and this week the board released a 14-minute video on the topic. The video also addresses the crucial role of mechanics in ensuring that an aircraft's flight-control system is rigged correctly after maintenance is done. More

Recycled Chute Proves Dangerous »

A ballistic parachute from an ultralight that had been collected as part of a spring clean-up exploded as a public-works employee was sorting materials, causing injuries to his hand, a Pennsylvania newspaper reported this week. The 25-year-old worker, in New Garden Township, suffered a "serious but non-life-threatening injury to his left hand" on Monday, according to the Daily Local. Officials said they would review surveillance tapes to try to determine who dropped off the device. More