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ExpressJet Leads In Lost Bags And Bumped Passengers »

ExpressJet Airlines led major U.S. carriers for 2016 in highest percentage of bags lost. According to Department of Transportation statistics, ExpressJet received reports of mishandled baggage from 0.43% of all passengers—91,383 bags—which was down from their 2015, also industry-leading, loss rate of 0.51% of passengers reporting bags mishandled. More

Stratos 714 Flight Testing Continues »

The Stratos 714 VLJ prototype, designed as a 400 knot, 4-6 place jet, made its second test flight late last month from its home base of Redmond, Oregon, in anticipation of a public debut later this year. Carsten Sundin, Engineering Manager at Stratos told AVweb of the flight test performance, “We are continuing with expected minor aerodynamic adjustments to dial in the stick control forces. The Stratos 714 is controlled by a side stick and it has a relatively large flight envelope in terms." More

FAA Doesn’t Do Most Aircraft Certification Work »

More than 90% percent of certification work on new aircraft and aircraft parts is outsourced by the FAA to the manufacturers themselves, according to a GAO report. Similar to the FAA delegation of airman certification authority to Designated Pilot Examiners, the FAA has been authorizing most certification work to be performed by employees of the manufacturers themselves through the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) program. More

Regional Jet Strikes Deer During Takeoff »

A CRJ-700 operated by PSA Airlines struck a deer during takeoff from Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport on Wednesday morning. In an air traffic control recording (full audio from LiveATC.net below), the pilot and the tower controller discuss an unidentified “loud bang” heard by the pilots, which the pilot of another aircraft reported as a deer strike. PSA 5320 (call sign, Blue Streak 5320), operating as American Eagle, circled once for a low approach to confirm the extent of any damage to the landing gear, then returned for landing. More

Next Air Force One Shouldn’t Be A 747, Report Proposes »

The next Air Force One should be anything other than a Boeing 747; even Northrop Grumman’s next-generation stealth bomber would be a better choice, says a report by Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK). The report by WWK, a cost-reduction consultancy based in Northern California, focused on the Boeing 737 and the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider, winner of the Air Force Long-Range Strike Bomber development contract, as possible alternatives to the heavy Boeing jet. More