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FAA Plans To Take Over Monitoring Low-Orbit Traffic »

The rapid growth of the commercial satellite-launch industry has the FAA moving ahead to take over some safety oversight duties from the Department of Defense. Someone has to be responsible for overseeing collision avoidance for objects in orbit, and traditionally that has been the military’s role. But the FAA and the Pentagon appear to be ready to discuss moving that oversight to civilians, according to a Wall Street Journal report this week. More

New This Week »

AVweb’s search of news in aviation found announcements from Boeing, King Schools, Future and Active Pilot Advisors and Pacific Propeller International. Boeing has selected Rockwell Collins to provide its industry-leading touchscreen flight displays for all five flight deck displays on the new Boeing 777X. The advanced touchscreen capability will make the flight deck more intuitive for pilots and more efficient for flight operations. More

NTSB: GA Fatalities Drop In 2015 »

General aviation accident rates dropped in 2015 amid a rise in flight hours, according to figuresreported by the National Transportation Safety Board Thursday. The preliminary data reported for GA operations added up to 1,209 accidents last year, 229 of those involving 376 fatalities, including three people on the ground. More

Close Call At Reno Caught On Video »

Reno racer Thom Richard is glad to be alive after another airplane hit his disabled race plane, narrowly missing the top of his head. “The impact was violent and loud,” Richard wrote on YouTube, a fact made clear by the cockpit video clearly showing the incident. Richard had stopped on the runway to check on an engine issue, and had signaled the starters to halt the launch process. More