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NASA Confirms Biofuels Cut Jet Pollution »

Using a biofuel mix to power jet engines reduces particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 percent compared to conventional fuels, according to a recent NASA study. The new research results, which were published in the scientific journal Nature last week, were derived from a test series using a DC-8 flying at altitudes up to 40,000 feet while its four engines burned a 50-50 blend of aviation fuel and a renewable fuel produced from camelina plant oil. More

NTSB: FAA Shares Blame In Fatal Crash »

The FAA’s decision to issue a Part 135 certificate to a charter operator in Alaska, despite the pilot’s history of accidents, incidents, re-examinations and checkride failures, was a factor that contributed to a 2014 accident that seriously injured all four on board, according the NTSB’s final report, which was released this month. One passenger died from his injuries about five weeks after the crash. Despite concerns voiced by numerous FAA personnel during the certification process, the NTSB said, the FAA issued the certificate to the pilot in 2012. More

Textron Starts Longitude Production »

Cessna has started assembly-line production of its Cessna Citation Longitude, in Wichita, Textron said on Monday in a news release. Also, the third jet in the flight-test program has completed its first flight. It will be used mainly to develop avionics and systems, as well as to collect flight-simulator data. The first aircraft flew in October, and the second in November, and two more will join the test program soon. So far the two aircraft have completed 125 flights, logging more than 250 hours. More

'Balloonatic' Assessed $26,500 »

A man who rode a lawn chair suspended by 100 large helium balloons into the approaches of Calgary International Airport in a 2015 publicity stunt was described as “unconscionably stupid” by a judge who assessed $26,500 CAD in financial penalties but no jail time. Daniel Boria, 27, of Calgary, pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of an aircraft last December and was before Judge Bruce Fraser for sentencing and a tongue lashing on Friday. More

Ann Arbor Ghost 172 Crashes In Ontario »

Authorities on both sides of the border are investigating the apparent ghost plane crash of a Michigan-based Cessna 172 in a remote area of Northern Ontario. According to the Wawa News (Wawa is about midway between Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay, Ontario, just north of Lake Superior) the plane crashed about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday 60 miles east of Wawa and there was no sign of a pilot. More