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Greek authorities have concluded that human error caused the crash of a Helios Airlines flight near Athens last year. According to a report leaked to the Greek media, technicians forgot to switch the pressurization system on the Boeing 737 back to automatic after a system check and the pilots failed to notice. Everyone on board, except a steward who tried vainly to control the plane, fell unconscious hours before the plane ran out of fuel and crashedů

Neither a student pilot nor a police officer was injured when the wing of the airplane the student was taxiing smashed the windshield of the police car occupied by the officer. The student apparently swung wide on a taxiway at the airport at Lansing, Ill. The police were there for some police dog training...

Extra Aircraft and air show performer Mike Goulian collaborated on an updated version of the Extra 300S. The new plane is 100 lbs. lighter, has a 350-hp Lycoming Thunderbolt engine and is less aerodynamically stable (a good thing for aerobatics) than the earlier model. It will debut in the U.S. at EAA AirVenture...

More than 3,500 school children got close to aviation last week at Potomac Airfield, near Washington, D.C. The kids were part of the celebration of National Transportation Week.