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Value In High-Performance LSAs »

If Cirrus can find 300-plus million-dollar buyers, why can't some of the more capable LSA manufacturers find more buyers at a fifth the price? More

Is ADS-B Over? »

For the sake of the FAA's NextGen program, it better not be. But only a fraction of aircraft have been equipped and the rebate program has been a slow starter. More

Why Drone Operators Shouldn’t Be Jailed »

Absent criminal intent or gross negligence, civil penalties are the way to go. Unless you think running out of gas deserves 30 days in the slammer. More

Are Rules Meant To Be Broken? »

You won't catch me saying that. But the real moral test is if you can comply without bursting into laughter. More

Godspeed, Elon Musk »

You can't hardly open a car door without bumping into another ambitious lunar mission. More

Apollo 8 Redux »

That's what NASA broached this week for the first manned Orion mission, reportedly at the behest of the Trump White House. More

Did The Skycatcher Kill LSA? »

I've heard that said. But that's a lot to lay on one chubby airplane with a door problem. More