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Rhapsody In Yellow (Not) »

The magic of doing something really stupid around airplanes is to simply step back, relax and embrace the sheer wonder of it all. Let me tell you how I do it. More

Forget ELTs, Got Seatbelts? »

NASA's deliberate crash of a Cessna 172 dramatically showed how ineffective single shoulder harnesses can be. More

GA's Accident Rate Refuses to Shrink »

The numbers are small and maybe meaningless. But how great would it be if the GA fatal accident rate actually declined significantly. More

The Wrights Revisited »

David McCullough's new look at the Wright brothers is an engaging read, but doesn't plow much new ground. More

What If There's a Glass Tax? »

Another harebrained theory from our resident blogger. Did the advent of glass panels tank aircraft sales? The data sure looks curious. More