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Solar Impulse: Why It Reminds Me of Voyager »

Its lasting technical import is less impressive than the indelible inspiration of doing something this challenging and putting it out there for the world to see. In real time. More

SpaceX Loses One »

It's gonna happen sooner or later. But inevitable is not the same as unforeseeable. More

How MEMS Get Educated »

Without these clever little motion sensors, the modern AHRS-driven EFIS might not exist, much less at an affordable price. But right out of the box, these chips aren't so smart. More

Flying the Carbon Cub on Floats »

Sometimes there's no point to just fooling around on lakes in airplanes that float. And that is the point. More

Lance, Call Your Office »

A modest proposal to get the FAA off stuck-in-neutral on controller hiring. Surely we can do better, because we can't do much worse. More