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Blithering NOTAMS »

Decoding one can still be like searching for the lost sock. More

How Do You Make Training Stick? »

As airplanes, airspace and regulations get more complex, making training stick becomes ever more difficult. The KISS method still applies. More

Stalls For The Hell Of It »

You can learn some things just fooling around for an hour doing stalls. And you don't need to cram in a bunch of power to recover. More

Another Look At Fly By Wire »

It's on the verge of being available for light aircraft. The challenge will be manufacturing economics, not technical barriers. More

Airplanes And Oil Prices »

Do lower oil prices stifle airplane production? Maybe, but on the low end, cheap oil may not do much for flight activity. More

To Mars For $200K »

That's on Elon Musk's to-do list. He wants to get it flying in about 10 years. More

Slow Flight In The Real World »

Let's beat this dying horse one more time with a practical example of slow flight in action. More

Slow Flight: Yes, You Need To Learn It »

And that means flying with the stall horn screeching and the controls buffeting. The FAA wants to dumb this down, but that's a mistake. More