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That Brand Identity Thing »

Do airplane companies need to build brand awareness like Apple and Starbucks? Maybe, but I think if they just build good airplanes, they'll be fine. More

Aero Perspectives »

As in years past, Europe shows more creative and innovative energy than we see in the U.S. More

Aero: Diesels Finally Get Higher TBRs »

And thank the baby Jesus, it's about time. Will it be enough to spark some market expansion in a world where basic airplanes are still 400 kilobucks? More

The Lure Of The Pre-production Deposit »

I always thought this was limited to the airplane business. But Tesla just raised nearly half a billion doing the same thing. More

A Few Words About This Picture »

Why isn't this man smiling? He actually is, as would anyone else be when flying Diamond's DA62. More

Sun 'n Fun Wrap »

Vendors say the booths were slow, but for many, this is still a must-do show. EAA's STCs and Icon's struggles were surprises. More

Avgas Replacement: Bumbling Along »

Moving at the speed of a charging glacier, we're getting there. But the end game won't be pretty. More

EAA's STC Initiative »

You probably hear as much empty lip flapping about reducing the cost of aircraft ownership as I do. This week, EAA actually did something about it. It deserves kudos. More