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Slow Flight In The Real World »

Let's beat this dying horse one more time with a practical example of slow flight in action. More

Slow Flight: Yes, You Need To Learn It »

And that means flying with the stall horn screeching and the controls buffeting. The FAA wants to dumb this down, but that's a mistake. More

What If Elon Musk Made Airplanes? »

A delusional concept for sure, but if he did for airplanes what he's done for rockets, they'd cost a third as much as they do now. More

Sully The Movie »

You know how it ends, but the storytelling is taut and engaging with one irritating flaw. More

Rocket Blows Up, Smug Smile Fades »

It's cheap and tawdry to gloat about billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's satellite being blown to bits. So I won't. (It wasn't really his, anyway.) Wonder if that rocket will be reusable? More

What To Tell Kids About Future Aviation »

How about what passes for truth, namely that for military and commercial operations, computer programming and engineering will be more in demand than flight skills. The kids already know this; perhaps the parents don't. More

Guest Blog: AirVenture 2026 »

Want to get more kids into aviation? The way to do that is to meet them at least halfway to where they live: simulators, drones and the intersection of these devices with what actually leaves the ground. More