Andair Announces New Throttle Quadrant

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From time to time, we'll feature posts and commentary from our sister magazine Kitplanes. If building is your thing, do yourself a favor and check out the Kitplanes blog and be sure to visit their web site.

Following on an impressive line of fuel system components manufactured from high quality materials and methods, Andy Phillips of Andair is proudly displaying his new throttle quadrant system at this year's Sun 'n Fun. Designed primarily with the RV market in mind, the Andair throttle quadrant features up and down flap buttons on the throttle handle, simplifying the pilot's workload during the approach to landing. "You don't have to take your hands off of the throttle or stick during landing anymore," says Phillips. "Of course, it doesn't work with manual flaps."

Built from the same aircraft-grade materials as the the rest of the Andair product line, I found the new throttle quadrant was a joy to operate, even while just standing in the Andair booth monkeying with the prototype. "I've got about 700 hours with it in my RV-7," says Phillips, "and it fits the hand just perfectly."

The Andair quadrant is designed to work with all conventional push/pull engine control cables, and the most expensive model controlling throttle, prop and mixture functions has a price tag of $395. More information is available and orders can be placed at Andair.

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