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Apollo 8 Redux »

That's what NASA broached this week for the first manned Orion mission, reportedly at the behest of the Trump White House. More

Did The Skycatcher Kill LSA? »

I've heard that said. But that's a lot to lay on one chubby airplane with a door problem. More

Should The FAA Be Run By A Pilot? »

It's a persistent belief among people who fly. I have a hard time seeing that it makes much difference. More

Dear President Trump »

In today's AVweb VLOG, Paul Bertorelli asks President Trump to make good on his promise to reduce government regulation. More

Teaching In Taildraggers »

It's less teaching than it is staying out of a new pilot's way as he gets the feel of plopping a tailwheel on the runway with grace and confidence. More

BasicMed: I'm Leaning Toward Self Help »

Our readers are split on whether they'll be able to find doctors to sign the BasicMed checklist. Why wouldn't a waiver help? More