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MH370 Sim Experiments »

Although Boeing has discouraged it, simulator instructors around the world are conducting interesting experiments. The results are eye opening. More

The Dress Code Bites »

And here I thought that guy was a real simulator instructor. More

A Visit to Pipistrel »

The place runs on pure imagination and creativity. The Panthera is but one example. More

Aero Notes: The Skyhawk as Target »

Everybody wants a piece of Cessna's pie in the dwindling Skyhawk market. And it sure looks like Cessna is giving it up. More

Sun 'n Fun's Average Year »

If there were standouts, we would say diesel engines and down-scale avionics qualify. At least the trends are in the right direction. More

Redbird: Filling the Vacuum »

In just a couple of years, Redbird has seized the high ground ceded by Cessna and others in the training segment. The vacuum turned out to be larger than any of us might have imagined. More

MH 370: Fire as a Black Swan »

This theory is gaining notice, if not credibility. But it would be a tidy little fire indeed that wouldn't destroy an airplane in 30 minutes, much less seven hours. More

ATC Fees: EAA Cuts Its Losses »

We get that this was the aviation-equivalent of a five-day cruise on the Titanic. Still, for once, wouldn't it have been nice to actually win? More