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Overused Phrase Of The Day: Game Changer »

Depending on how you define it, there actually are game changers in aviation. There are also a lot of bleached bones of ideas that were supposed to be. More

Landing Airplanes On Roads: Again »

Do we have a moral responsibility to avoid injuring drivers and bystanders? Certainly we do. But it's not absolute. More

Want Nitrogen With That? »

Somehow, plain old air got to be too low-class for car tires. Is the same thing happening to airplane tires? I hope not. More

Confessions of a Teenage Hot Rodder »

As I revert to 1968, what I really want is airplanes that leave me trailing on the static wicks and with nosebleed-inducing climbs. Is that so wrong? More

Leave Your Stupid Luggage! »

In the wake of the BA 777 fire in Las Vegas, maybe cabin crews should show just a little panic to get passengers to exit a burning airplane without dragging their baggage along. More

Drone Collisions: Fear Of The Third Dimension »

Fear of flying is coded into the human DNA, which is why 32,000 car wreck fatalities go unnoticed but an unconfirmed drone/aircraft collision gets top play. More