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ADS-B In Gets Cheap(er) »

But it hasn't been than expensive to begin with. Why do so few pilots have it? Evidently, they don't see the value. More

Guest Blog: The Neutering Of O'Hare »

O'Hare used to be to top of the ziggurat for controllers and pilots. Now, it's a parallel-runway marvel that moves fewer airplanes than the old layout did. More

China's C919: Big Hat, No Cattle »

The rollout of this new airliner was impressive enough, but it's got a long way to go to compete with the likes of Boeing and Airbus. More

More Women in the Cockpit? Why? »

The CEO of a UK discount airline pledged to double the number of women holding airline jobs without saying exactly why. It might be intuitively obvious, but ought to be said anyway. More

Used/Refurbed is Always a Better Value Than New »

But that doesn't mean that buyers who consider both automatically go with the older airplane. It's more complicated than that and Nextant Aerospace has a compelling approach to making the sale. More