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SpaceX Loses One »

It's gonna happen sooner or later. But inevitable is not the same as unforeseeable. More

How MEMS Get Educated »

Without these clever little motion sensors, the modern AHRS-driven EFIS might not exist, much less at an affordable price. But right out of the box, these chips aren't so smart. More

Flying the Carbon Cub on Floats »

Sometimes there's no point to just fooling around on lakes in airplanes that float. And that is the point. More

Lance, Call Your Office »

A modest proposal to get the FAA off stuck-in-neutral on controller hiring. Surely we can do better, because we can't do much worse. More

Maybe It's Time For Privatized ATC »

I'm just excruciatingly skeptical that Congress can pull off a version of it that's not worse than what we've got now. More

Guest Blog: Fixing the Pilot Shortage »

If there really is not a shortage, why are some airlines sweetening the hiring and training offers? More solutions are in the works. More