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Tales From The Crypt »

Or how I really did spend half my pay to get a private pilot certificate. So quit whining about how much things cost. More

Pilot Population Growth: Mixed News »

Priviate pilot numbers continue to decline in a slide that began 36 years ago. But sport pilot certs are up and maybe students are, too. More

Have We Hit The Trifecta? »

The Part 23 revision, Third Class Medical reform and non-certified avionics approvals are coming together all at once. (Sort of.) It may not signal happy days, but I'll take it. More

Cub Crafters' Winning Formula »

It hasn't been based on building cheap airplanes. But the company still has strong sales in the LSA market. It's about to show off a new model. More

Electric Airplanes As Concept Cars »

That's pretty much where we are with the vehicles that will offer autonomous transportation systems. They're not off-the-shelf technology just yet. More