Two-Part Bonus Question:

Part 1: FAR 91.126 dictates traffic pattern etiquette: "Each pilot of an airplane must make all turns of that airplane to the left unless the airport displays approved light signals or visual markings indicating that turns should be made to the right, in which case the pilot must make all turns to the right." Question 10 above asked for the AIM-recommended pattern entry to an airport without an operating control tower. We're all used to seeing pilots enter "our" patterns in creative ways. Share your thoughts: What makes a good traffic pattern where ATC isn't the referee? Do you always enter the pattern as recommended by the AIM? Is the AIM's view always the best method?

Part 2 (optional): In Question 8 above, the Brainteaser author expressed his tailwheel bias by declaring such airplanes to represent "real flying." Here's your chance to agree/disagree/rant/grouse or ramble on about any subject that's been irritating you, such as no one knows how to fly a proper traffic pattern or land in a crosswind, because most pilots have never flown tailwheel [again with the author's bias ...]


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