Refer to sectional chart figure below. You're a VFR, non-instrument-rated, Private pilot flying a 1967 Cessna 172 equipped with two-way radio and a transponder with altitude encoding. It's nighttime and you have three hours of fuel remaining. You're located 10 nm southeast of the Des Moines VOR at 5500 feet, descending toward Ankeny Industrial airport (IKV), which is located 10 nm northeast of Des Moines International airport (KDSM). KDSM METAR reports 900 feet scattered, visibility 10 sm. You establish two-way communications with Des Moines approach control and are told, "Radar contact." Seven miles southeast of Ankeny, you learn that the Ankeny weather is 900 feet broken, visibility 10 sm. Even if you have ground contact and can see the airport, are you permitted to proceed VFR beneath the ceiling and land at Ankeny (IKV) in this scenario?


a. Yes, because you're VFR and see the airport


No, unless you request a Special VFR (SVFR) clearance


No, unless ATC offers to issue a Special VFR (SVFR) clearance


Yes, provided you remain clear of clouds with 3 miles visibility


No. Time to divert.

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