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Volume 14, Number 15b
April 8, 2008
Fly With Bose® Aviation Headset X™
Enjoy an unmatched combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, clearer audio, and comfortable fit. Voted the #1 headset for the seventh consecutive year in Professional Pilot's 2007 Headset Preference Survey. Also rated "Best ANR Headset: The Aviation Consumer Product of the Year" by Aviation Consumer. Purchase by May 3, 2008, and receive a complimentary pair of Bose in-ear headphones ($99.95 value).

Learn more and order.

Quotes reprinted with permission: Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/07; Aviation Consumer, 8/07.

» Try out the Headset X™ and other Bose Corporation products at booth SNF-009 at Sun 'n Fun
Synthetic Vision on Everyone's Lips at Sun 'n Funback to top 

Diamond Aircraft has already installed Garmin's G1000-based Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), and it will be unveiled at Sun 'n Fun today at 3 p.m. at the Diamond display. Garmin announced the system had been certified on Monday, and Diamond CEO Peter Maurer said his company wanted to waste no time in showing its capabilities. A Diamond DA40 with the system installed will be on display at the announcement. "With Diamond having been the launch platform for the Industry Standard G1000, it is only appropriate that we continue to lead by introducing this most modern of safety enhancements to general aviation," said Maurer. The system is being offered as an option for less than $10,000, which Maurer noted is a small fraction of the price of synthetic vision on some business jets. More...

Cessna announced Monday that it will offer Garmin's synthetic vision technology on its full line of products and will start with the Mustang. In doing so, the Mustang will become the first business jet with Garmin's new box. It'll be available on the Mustang later this year and for the other aircraft by this time next year. The synthetic vision option will also eventually be available for retrofit in every G1000-equipped Cessna already in service. More...

Inflight. Every Flight.
XM WX Satellite Weather has quickly become the leading way to fly for pilots across the country. With flexible display solutions from aviation's biggest names and the accuracy-assured data of WxWorx onboard, datalink weather from XM WX has been embraced by pilots and the industry alike. It's simply the best way to soar with confidence — inflight and every flight. Click here to learn more about XM WX Satellite Weather.
Sight of the Day: Lancair Evolution Arrivesback to top 

Perhaps the most technologically advanced kit aircraft created to date is on display at the "Lancair Village" in the Sun 'n Fun exhibit area. Lancair General Manager Tim Ong flew the prototype of the Evolution to Lakeland from the company headquarters in Redmond, Ore. "This thing's a rocket," he told about a dozen staff members who'd anxiously awaited the arrival of the PT-6-powered aircraft. Ong said he cruised at 240 knots with the engine throttled back. High power testing is still to come on the aircraft, which had its first flight in early March. And while the aircraft was built around speed, there are a variety of comforts that high-end builders will enjoy. More...

Lancair's Evolution -- a turbine-powered kit aircraft -- made its public debut at the Sun 'n Fun air show in Lakeland, Florida April 7. AVweb's Glenn Pew was there and posted this same-day video coverage of the aircraft's arrival. (Click through to watch.) More...

Discover the Thrill
You are here when you discover that the thrill of hanging 10 has nothing on hanging around Cloud 9. In a brand-new Cessna Skyhawk, you too will discover life in a brand-new way, whether you're learning to fly or fulfilling the lifelong dream of owning a new Cessna. Call 1 (316) 517-6056, or visit CessnaYouAreHere.com.

» Be there with Cessna Single-Engine at booths SNF-001-005 at Sun 'n Fun
The Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together ... ?back to top 

Liberty Aerospace will be Aspen Avionics' first original equipment manufacturer customer for its innovative Evolution primary flight display. In a news release earlier today, Aspen said the display will be standard equipment in the IFR model of the two-place touring and training aircraft. It will also be available as an upgrade. "The Evolution Flight Display in the XL-2 will help train the next generation of pilots on advanced glass cockpit techniques and attract more people to become pilots," said Aspen CEO John Uczekaj. Upgrades will be available for existing Liberty XL-2 aircraft. Meanwhile, Liberty is undergoing some changes, and layoffs will result at its Melbourne, Fla. facility. More...

Avidyne Introduces FMS900w Flight Management System
Avidyne's new Entegra FMS900w WAAS-enabled GPS/NAV/COM Flight Management System (FMS) is designed to reduce single-pilot IFR workload. The FMS900w provides fully-redundant, state-of-the-VHF and TSO C146b Gamma 3-compliant turbine-class FMS capability for all general aviation aircraft. Utilizing a fully-modular architecture, the FMS900w is an enhancement to Avidyne's Entegra Integrated Flight Deck platform and designed specifically to take advantage of Entegra's large-format displays and Byteflight peer-to-peer databus architecture. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.

Sign up to be an Avidyne Insider.

» See Avidyne technologies in action at booths D-069-070 and N-028 at Sun 'n Fun
Sleek, Manueverable Fury Could Soon Be Yoursback to top 

Movie pilot Corkey Fornof is used to making others look good, so he doesn't mind a bit that his latest ride, the Lopresti Fury, is hogging the spotlight. You may not know Corkey by name, but it's likely you've seen his work, including the scene in the James Bond movie Licensed to Kill, in which a BD5J drops out of the back of a moving truck and takes off on a road, eventually flying knife-edge through closing hangar doors. Fornof says the Fury is as much fun as any airplane he's flown, and all those associated with the project are looking forward to getting it on the market. With a 240 hp engine, the Fury will top out at 278 mph and stall at 54 mph and is fully aerobatic. More...

Precise/Cirrus Fixed Oxygen Is Now Available as an SR22 Retrofit
Because every SR22 deserves the best, we have acquired STCs for the G2 and G3 Models. The Precise Flight Certified Fixed Oxygen System, unique in its clean and simple integration into the aircraft, is making its way "standard" on the industry's leading airframes. Click here to find out more about the Precise Fixed Oxygen System.

» Learn more about the Precise Flight Fixed Oxygen System at booth C-057 at Sun 'n Fun
TCM's 100th FADEC Engineback to top 

Continental Motors is celebrating Sun 'n Fun with the announcement that it's sold 100 engines equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC). The 100th engine will go in a Liberty XL-2. The 100 engines have accumulated 13,000 hours so far. "Delivering the 100th engine and surpassing the 13,000-hour in-service mark in the high-use flight training environment demonstrates that our engine is robust and reliable enough to handle any rigorous flight environment," said Teledyne President Rhett Ross. Liberty is pleased with them, too. More...

Over 16,000 Happy GAMIjectors® Customers Can't Be Wrong!
GAMIjectors® have given these aircraft owners reduced peak cylinder head temperatures, reduced fuel consumption, and smoother engine operation. GAMIjectors® alter the fuel/air ratio in each cylinder so that each cylinder operates with a much more uniform fuel/air ratio than occurs with any other factory set of injectors. To speak to a GAMI engineer, call (888) FLY-GAMI, or go online for complete engineering details.

» See aviation technology at its best when you visit GAMI at booth A-065 at Sun 'n Fun
Commemorative Air Force Easy to Spot at the Showback to top 

The Commemorative Air Force has increased its presence at Sun 'n Fun with a mass arrival of priceless aircraft that represent a storied period in aviation history. Among the CAF aircraft confirmed for the event are P-51D Mustang Red Nose, LT-6 Mosquito, Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless, PT-26 Cornell, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver and the B-25J Mitchell Yellow Rose. Red Nose will be available for public flights. There will also be privately owned warbirds taking part. More...

Find Your Next Aircraft on ASO!
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The Top Reporter on Our Crack Staff ... Is You!back to top 

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 200,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to newstips@avweb.com. What have you heard? More...

Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, is conducting a survey on aircraft engine cylinder products. If you've done an overhaul during the past several years, the magazine's editors would like to hear from you on how the cylinders have performed. Just click on this link to take the survey.

The results will appear in a future issue of Aviation Consumer. For subscription information, click here. More...

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