AVwebFlash - Volume 14, Number 17b

April 24, 2008

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
Aircraft Spruce East Coast Annual Super Sale
Aircraft Spruce East will be holding their Annual Super Sale and Fly-In on Saturday, May 17, 2008 from 8am-4pm in Peachtree City, Georgia. Come and join the Aircraft Spruce Team and vendors for lunch, special pricing, vendor demonstrations, and educational seminars. Lots of opportunities to win raffle prizes from some of your favorite vendors, and a complimentary shuttle will be offered to and from Falcon Field Airport. Call Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-4-SPRUCE, or visit online.
Top News: Eclipse Seeks to Identify Leaks back to top 

Eclipse Seeks To Reveal Critics' Names

A subpoena issued by a California court last week in response to a request by Eclipse Aviation seeks to obtain the names of about 28 people who have posted anonymous comments on the Eclipse Aviation Critic NG blog. The blog, hosted by Shane Price of Dublin, Ireland, is the "next generation" of the original Eclipse critic blog, which was started by Stan Blankenship in 2006 but stopped publishing earlier this year. The subpoena commands Google, which hosts the NG blog, to supply IP addresses of the commenters. "We're not trying to suppress dissension or criticism," Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn told the Albuquerque Journal. "We're just trying to find out where it's coming from." Raburn said he wants to know if any of the posters are Eclipse employees or others who are legally bound by non-disclosure agreements. In a letter posted on the NG blog, Google says it will release the identifying information to Eclipse unless the posters object in court; several of the blog contributors have said on the blog site they will pursue such an action. Price wrote online that several of the blog aliases listed in the subpoena had never posted on his blog. "It seems to be very out of date," he wrote, "and I'm actually feeling left out, as they didn't include me."

The subpoena allows the bloggers until May 9 to respond.

Do You Zulu? ... From Lightspeed

"The Zulu is the company's best headset ever ... . Lightspeed has knocked the competition out of the park." — Ian J. Twombly, AOPA Pilot Associate Editor

Zulu sets a new standard in ANR performance, comfort, and audio quality. Includes built-in BlueTooth for your cell phone, not available on any other headset. See why more pilots are Zuluing. Click here for more information and to order!
Good News for Current Kitbuilders (Among Others) back to top 

Existing Aircraft Kits Grandfathered By FAA

The FAA has made it official, in a written notice published Friday, that existing aircraft kits already approved by the FAA will not be re-evaluated. The clarification is certainly a relief to many kit manufacturers, as well as homebuilders with unfinished kit projects. The agency has temporarily suspended kit evaluations while it develops new procedures, and speculation as to whether existing kits might be re-evaluated has been widespread. "Previous FAA-conducted amateur-built aircraft kit evaluations remain valid," the agency now declares. "As is current practice, a re-evaluation of any kit on the current eligibility list would only occur if a potentially unsafe condition is identified." Kim Smith, manager of the FAA's Small Airplane Directorate, first announced the "grandfathering" policy at a forum at Sun 'n Fun.

Kit evaluations have never been required, says the FAA, but are conducted as a courtesy to manufacturers to determine if an amateur-built aircraft kit would be eligible for certification as an amateur-built aircraft. Upon determination that the percentage of a kit presented for evaluation by a manufacturer permits the major portion (51 percent) of the aircraft's fabrication and assembly to be completed by an amateur builder, the aircraft kit is added to a list of eligible kits that is maintained by the FAA. However, existing policy and guidance used to evaluate these kits has resulted in "inconsistent determinations regarding regulatory compliance," the FAA says, prompting the moratorium on such approvals until new evaluation guidelines are established.

Avoiding Thunderstorms — Your life Can Depend On It!
Few pilots are willing to fly through convective activity. Those who do soon discover why they're in the minority. Learn about effective ATC communications and the weather-radar equipment that can help you avoid convective activity — in a no-cost online safety course from the Air Safety Foundation. This knowledge will help you make sound decisions as a pilot-in-command. Take the no-cost Thunderstorms and ATC online course now.
Defense Industry Daily Reports on Thielert back to top 

Thielert Troubles Dissected

The diesel engines produced by Thielert in Germany have made inroads in general aviation aircraft, with installations in both Cessna and Diamond airplanes. But the company has run into multiple financial problems -- as AVweb recently reported, CEO Frank Thielert has resigned as CEO, though he will remain with the company as chief operating officer. An extensive report published this week in Defense Industry Daily details the timeline of recent events at Thielert, as well as various interpretations of those events put forth by the company and investigators. The company has faced multiple challenges in recent months as stock values plummeted and cash reserves were depleted.

The company said recently it is working to address its "liquidity crisis" and expects to restore "positive cash flows" by early 2009. AVweb's sister publication, Aviation Consumer, features a report on GA diesels in this month's issue.

Precise/Cirrus Fixed Oxygen Is Now Available as an SR22 Retrofit
Because every SR22 deserves the best, we have acquired STCs for the G2 and G3 Models. The Precise Flight Certified Fixed Oxygen System, unique in its clean and simple integration into the aircraft, is making its way "standard" on the industry's leading airframes. Click here to find out more about the Precise Fixed Oxygen System.
Celebrating Earth Day from Above back to top 

Aviation Industry Vows To Cooperate For The Planet

With Earth Day celebrated around the world on Tuesday, executives from Boeing and Airbus joined together at the third Aviation & Environment Summit, in Geneva, to announce they will work together to create a more efficient air traffic system that will save energy. "I am convinced technology and innovation hold the key to reducing aviation's environmental impact and increasing eco-efficiency," said Airbus CEO Tom Enders. Other aviation leaders at the event joined in signing a declaration on climate change, vowing to work toward carbon-neutral growth and a totally sustainable industry. The declaration is not "just fine words," according to summit organizer Philippe Rochat. "For the first time, the industry can agree on a set of common goals and a pathway to achieve those goals ...[we are devoting] energy, investment and sheer determination to ensure the industry has a sustainable future." Keith Johnson, blogging at The Wall Street Journal, suggests the industry's green agenda may be driven more by economic concerns than environmental ones.

"Airlines got the green bug a few years ago when fuel prices started rising," says Johnson. The summit's four-step plan includes new technologies, including cleaner fuels; better fuel efficiency; more efficient air-traffic management; and "positive economic instruments" to cut greenhouse gasses wherever it's "cost-effective." The summit's declaration calls on governments to help finance these changes -- all of which will also help the airlines' bottom line.

Piper Matrix — Piper Compelling
Click here for more information on the new Matrix, Piper's next generation of cabin-class sophistication. Compellingly priced at $757,000.
Aircraft Ownership back to top 

Web Site Launches Online "Matchmaking" For Aircraft Partners

Plenty of people have turned to the Internet to find dates for social occasions; now the Aircraft Partnership Association aims to use the Web to find matches for pilots who want to share airplane ownership. "Trying to find suitable aircraft partners by posting a flyer at your local airport ... is tremendously ineffective," says David Kruger, president of the APA. The difficulty in finding the right match discourages potential partnerships, Kruger says. The APA will help users search its database for potential partners based on member profiles that include the type of aircraft desired, location, flying experience, and more. The entire matching/selection process occurs online before potential partners ever meet.

"Take Tulsa, Oklahoma, for example," says Kruger, in a news release. "There may not be a professionally managed fractional ownership opportunity for piston aircraft in that market, yet there may be many pilots based at a variety of local airports who all share a common interest -- a new light sport aircraft, a Mooney Acclaim, or a pre-owned Cherokee Six. Through APA, members can find each other and review each other's flying experience and aircraft desires online, before making contact." The company also offers management services to support new partnerships.

Maine Hangs On To Aircraft Use Tax

Despite lobbying from AOPA and aircraft owners who have been slapped with hefty tax bills after flying their airplanes into Maine, the state has refused to change its ways, AOPA said this week. "We've told the legislature that they won't be able to get much revenue from the use tax, because new aircraft owners won't fly into the state," says Greg Pecoraro, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. The state has billed aircraft owners for up to 6 percent of the value of their aircraft. The use tax kicks in during the first year of ownership if the owner hasn't paid a 6-percent sales tax elsewhere, and the airplane is in Maine for at least 20 days. Those 20 days can sneak up on you, Pecoraro warns. "Let's say your aircraft gets weathered in during your weekend trip, but because of work obligations, you have to leave your airplane and drive or catch a train home. The clock is ticking the whole time the aircraft is stuck in the state," he says. A bill that AOPA had lobbied for to make the law less egregious has been "gutted" by the legislature. Details of the Maine tax are posted online.

Maine tax lawyer Jon Block is defending eight aircraft owners against the tax in that state, and he spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles recently about the issue. Click here for the podcast. Meanwhile, nine Maine airports will get $5.5 million in FAA grants this year, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

Aircraft Financing to Fit Your Needs
AirFleet Capital offers a competitive and experienced approach to each and every loan program by focusing exclusively on aircraft financing. AirFleet Capital provides exceptional terms coupled with personal service and a long-term commitment to support the business and shared passion of aviation. From Light Sport Aircraft to VLJs and Business Jets, AirFleet Capital has a loan program to fit your needs. Call an AirFleet Capital financing specialist at (800) 390-4324, or request a quote online.
Aviation Heroes: Real-Life and Silver-Screen back to top 

New Foundation Honors Scott Crossfield

A new nonprofit called the Scott Crossfield Foundation has launched this week. The foundation's mission is to continue and expand upon the lifelong work of the legendary test pilot, the first to fly Mach 2, who died in 2006. The group will work to promote the Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award, which was created and funded by Crossfield in 1986. To help support the Foundation, limited-edition reproductions of William J. Reynolds' painting "On The Way To The Stars" are available for purchase through the Foundation Web site. These 27-year-old, mint-condition prints are each numbered and signed by the artist, with a limited number also signed by Crossfield. The Web site also features archives of historical material about Crossfield and his life and work, including photographs, slideshows, videos, stories, and comments from friends and colleagues.

All of the Reynolds prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Hollywood Discovers Aviation

Suddenly, airplanes are the big thing for the big screen. We caught up with producer Karl Koeppen at Sun 'n Fun, who is ready to start work on "Northern Lights," about airshow pilots, later this summer. (Click here for the podcast interview with AVweb editor-in-chief Russ Niles.) This week, a film crew visited EAA in Oshkosh, Wis., to shoot aviation scenes for "Public Enemies," a gangster movie starring Johnny Depp. Also this week, Variety reported that Hilary Swank and Richard Gere will star in a movie about Amelia Earhart. Shooting will start later this month in Toronto, Nova Scotia, and South Africa.

Of course, airplanes are nothing new in the movies. The Reel Stuff Film Festival opens this week in Dayton, Ohio, with eight classic movies on screen, Thursday through Saturday. The lineup includes "633 Squadron" with Cliff Robertson, "Top Gun," the Imax film "Fighter Pilot," and more.

Diamond DA40 XL Demonstrator Sale
For a limited time only, while quantities last, Diamond DA40 XL Demonstrator models are available at a special price of $299,950. The aircraft also qualify for special 2008 tax incentives. You can enjoy owning a Diamond DA40 and write off up to 93% of the purchase price. Visit Diamond Aircraft now for more information.
News Briefs back to top 

On the Fly ...

Wing panel fasteners that failed on a B-757 in March were new fasteners that had been redesigned after earlier problems with the wing panel fastening system, the NTSB said this week...

The Senate is expected to move forward on FAA reauthorization and user fees soon, the National Business Aviation Association said this week...

Alaska's annual Aviation Trade Show will be held May 3 and 4 in Anchorage...

The FAA on Monday named Air Force Reserve Brigadier General Robert Tarter as vice president of safety services for the Air Traffic Organization.

AVweb's Newstips Address ...

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 200,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to newstips@avweb.com. You're a part of our team ... often, the best part.

Make Plans Now to Attend a 2008 Savvy Aviator Seminar
Mike will be conducting Savvy Aviator Seminars in Chicago, Las Vegas, Norfolk, and Santa Maria. Sign up for one of these classes and learn how to save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs, year after year. Do it before your next annual inspection! For complete details and to reserve your space, click here.

AVweb founder Mike Busch has been selected by the FAA and supporting aviation organizations as the National Maintenance Technician of the Year. Busch will be presented his award at a ceremony during EAA AirVenture.
New on AVweb back to top 

Across the Pond #16: Report from Europe

The demise of the JAA, new aircraft on the horizon and heroic women feature in this month's report from AVweb's Liz Moscrop.

Click here for the full story.


Europe's Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) umbrella is no more. As of April 8 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) officially took over the operations and licensing responsibilities formerly conducted by the authorities. For the time being, EASA will regulate using the Joint Aviation Requirements (JARs), but these will be absorbed into EU law by around 2012. The only role JAA will retain at its Hoofddorp base near Amsterdam with be to provide training for national aviation authorities' staff of non-EASA states that have been voluntary JAA members.

Complex Rulings

I'm a firm advocate of supporting GA groups that stick up for the sector and actually manage to protect grandfather rights, or to be a force for positive change. IAOPA is one such organization and this month IAOPA Europe reports on one of the new changes creeping into EU law. Of huge interest to non-commercial operators of "complex" aircraft such as light jets and twin turboprops is a new regulation that requires tons of extra paperwork. These operators are likely to fall foul of the ruling, which requires operators to implement a management system with internal reporting procedures, a safety program, an operations manual, and a fatigue management system. Although non-commercial operators do not need an air operator's certificate (AOC), they still have to provide written declarations of how they comply with the regulation.

Trial lessons and flight training may now fall into the commercial category, adding onerous administrative tasks to companies offering such services. The good news is that IAOPA is on side and represented in the EASA working groups for operations and flight-crew licensing rules, and is committed to making sure that the small, non-commercial operator is not drowned in bureaucracy. The new implementing rules are expected to go into consultation shortly.

EASA is also currently issuing a number of Notices of Proposed Amendment (NPAs) that will impact GA. Go here for more information on the first one about Air Traffic Management and Air Navigation Services (ATM/ANS).

New Lease on Life for British Flight Instructors

Whilst the implementation of a new rulemaking body for aviation in Europe is throwing up problems, it is not all doom and gloom. The severe shortage of flight instructors has long been a concern to schools in Europe, as the airlines have nabbed commercial pilots (CPL) virtually as soon as they come onto the market. This has cut deep into flight-training organizations in the UK because, in order to be paid for teaching students to fly, instructors must hold a professional license, which costs around £20,000 (U.S.$40,000) to obtain -- including the flight training and medical certificates required. Flying jets full of holidaymakers to Benidorm pays far more than teaching newcomers how to stall safely, so it is a no-brainer to see why most instructors head to the airlines pretty rapidly, leaving schools understaffed and unable to serve as many potential new pilots as they would like. However, EASA has offered a ray of hope. The agency has filed a "differences" claim with ICAO, which exempts private pilot license (PPL) instructors from the requirement to hold a professional license before teaching PPL students. Under the new laws, all that is needed to teach PPLs will be a CPL equivalent or a PPL with 200 hours of flying. The best outcome this could achieve is that it could attract many experienced PPL holders into the teaching industry.

Etihad Recruitment

And on the training note, Abu Dhabi flag carrier Etihad has launched a global cadet scheme that will take ab-intio recruits to first officers. The new scheme will launch in June for 12 students with two further intakes later in the year. The minimum age required is 18, up to a maximum age of 26. Successful applicants will be invited to Abu Dhabi to join Horizon flight training academy in Al Ain.

William Gets His Wings

It is always good when high-profile people put flying in positive light. I reported two months ago that second in line to the British throne, Prince William, had started his flying course. He earned his RAF wings this month, giving a much-needed boost to the image of flight training in the UK.

Flying the Future

Prince William is not only one striking a positive note for the future of aviation. As reported on AVweb recently (AVwebFlash, Apr. 4) and in my column a year ago (Columns, April 2007), Boeing has flown a light, two-seat, Diamond Dimona motor-glider with a 16.3-meter (53.5-foot) wingspan powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The three flights took place in Ocaña, south of Madrid, during February and March and are the fruits of years of research and development in conjunction with British company Intelligent Energy.

Boeing said that the pilot climbed to 1000 meters (3300 feet) above sea level using a combination of battery power and power generated by hydrogen fuel cells. Then the pilot disconnected the batteries and flew straight and level at 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) for around 20 minutes on power solely generated by the fuel cells. A fuel cell converts hydrogen directly into electricity and heat, with none of the byproducts of combustion, such as carbon dioxide. Other than heat, water is its only exhaust. Boeing says that fuel cell technology potentially could power small manned and unmanned air vehicles and could eventually be applied to secondary power-generating systems, such as auxiliary power units for large commercial airplanes. (Video of the flight here.)

Birds of a Feather

Another green machine, the RoboSwift micro-aircraft, also took flight this month. With a wingspan of approximately 50 cm and weighing in at 80 g, the RoboSwift is a good deal smaller than standard model airplanes. The microlight has variable-shaped "morphing" wings, which are modeled on the swift. Each wing has four feathers that can fold and sweep over each other, changing the shape of the wing and flight characteristics, while an electric motor can be turned on and off in flight. Aerospace engineering students at Delft University of Technology in Holland have developed the aircraft in cooperation with the Experimental Zoology Group of Wageningen University, Netherlands. The tiny aircraft is equipped with observation cameras that can be used in the future to study birds or to conduct surveillance of groups of people or vehicles. It would be wonderful to report that a wealthy ornithologist had poured cash into the project, but unsurprisingly it is the second potential application that has attracted the necessary financial clout needed to make the concept fly: Holland's National Police Services Agency (KLPD) has announced that it will back the development of the UAV. Watch it fly here.

Tempelhof Closure Reminder

It is always good to get feedback, and thanks to Tom Horne for the reminder that the German "Save Tempelhof" campaign collected more than 204,000 signatures earlier this year, showing the strength of feeling against the historic airport's closure. The organization is confident that it can convince the mayor of Berlin and the city's council to reverse the decision to close the famous central airport in October. Earlier this year, Germany's top Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig rejected claims by a number of airlines and upheld a decision by the Berlin-Brandenburg court that acceptable alternatives were available. A number of companies have declared their interest in investing in the airport, including the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), which has said that it is keen to develop a multi-modal operation on the site, combining road, rail and air links. It would be a shame to demolish this beautiful site. We'll keep you posted.

AeroExpo Prague Debut

There are a couple of significant trade shows taking place over the next few weeks that have a big impact on the GA market here. April 25-27 sees the inaugural AeroExpo show in Prague. The show covers the entire spectrum of aircraft from ultralights through to business jets ... Hawker Beechcraft will be showing a Premier 1, for example. The show is the only dedicated general aviation exhibition in Central Europe in 2008 and is aimed firmly at the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as traditional Western European sectors. The daily show schedule promises flight demonstrations of all aircraft on display, and free seminars focusing on flying in Eastern Europe and EASA. Visiting pilots to the show can camp by their aircraft at the AeroExpo site within Letiště Příbram Airport, near at the visiting aircraft park. There will be access to toilets and showers near to the visiting Aircraft Park. However, while the show organizers will provide the camping space, pilots who choose to camp must provide their own anchors and tie-downs. The organizers ask campers to email them in advance. There will be no entry charge to the AeroExpo exhibition for pilots and passengers flying in, but slot times need to be booked in advance.

The other show is, of course, EBACE, of which we'll have more next month.

Top Female Aviators

Finally, who are the greatest women pilots? My book is going full steam and I'm collecting some great names. Thanks to the reader who suggested I include the late Joan Hughes, who flew just about every aircraft in the RAF inventory as an ATA pilot during WW II. That reader also recommended Lettice Curtis, who was both an ATA pilot and now enjoys a second career as an aviation author. I'd also definitely wish to include the world-record breaker, Polly Vacher, who has performed heroic, solo, 'round the world flights in a single-engined Piper Dakota. Her driving force is to raise awareness for the Flying Scholarships for the Disabled (FSD) charity, which has now spread to the U.S. in the form of Able Flight. Coincidentally, Polly has the paperback version of her book Wings Around the World out this month. She sent me a copy for review. It is a fantastic read about her voyage, which took in 60,000 miles and 30 countries. She writes in a warm and human style and, of course, offers a great aeronautical adventure. All author proceeds and a percentage of the publisher's profits go to FSD.

I welcome your suggestions for other great female aviators. How about Bessie Coleman, the first licensed black pilot? Or Eileen Collins, the first American woman to pilot a spacecraft? And there's Marina Raskova, dubbed the "Russian Amelia Earhart." So far I have 180 on my list, so deciding who stays and who goes is the hardest part. Let me know your thoughts.

For more aviation news and information from Europe, read the rest of Liz Moscrop's columns.

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Question of the Week: Earth Day, As Seen from the Skies

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Last week, we asked AVweb readers what they make of the new wave of synthetic vision technologies.

Fully half of those who responded to our survey called SVT a nice-to-have addition to the panel and said they plan (or hope) to integrate it into their cockpit eventually. Another 27% of you said you'd buy it in a minute. And only 5% of those who answered our poll called SVT just a gimmick.

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If you're able to read AVweb, we can safely assume you've heard about Earth Day and all the new ways to conserve, recycle, and take a little better care of our environment that came out of this year's celebration — and if you've heard about it, there's even a chance you actually did something about it. This week we'd like to know if (aviation-wise) you did anything to mark Earth Day.

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FBOs of the Week: Barrett Aviation/Air Charter Express (ACE) (KORK, North Little Rock, AR)

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Maybe it's all the travel related to Sun 'n Fun, but we received quite a few (really compelling) nominations for "FBO of the Week" over the last few days. The standout among these was a rather unusual recommendation (and plea) from AVweb reader Doug McDowall of EAA Chapter 165. Doug raved about two airports he frequents in North Little Rock, Arkansas — Barrett Aviation and Air Charter Express (ACE) — both located at North Little Rock Municipal Airport, KORK (formerly 1M1). On April 3, the airport was hit by a tornado, causing massive damage to both FBOs' rental and charter airplanes. The two have still managed to keep up with Doug's demands, and he hopes the exposure as AVweb's "FBOs of the Week" might encourage more people to stop by and support the FBOs during their reconstruction.

Doug writes:

[Fuel sales] may be the only source of income for both Barrett Aviation and Air Charter Express for months to come. If you are coming through this area and need to make a fuel stop, it would really help these two FBOs to get through some tough times. Barrett Aviation is a Phillips 66 dealer, and Air Charter Express handles Shell products (also has a 24-hour self-fueling faciltiy on the SW corner of the field). Both Barrett Aviation (Harry Barrett) & Air Charter Express (Tommy Murcheson) ... have taken a major hit from Mother Nature and deserve a helping hand.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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Oh, yeah — summertime has arrived in style, as evidenced by the bevy of incredible photos we found waiting in the submission box this week! It's been a long, cold winter, but if the quality and quantity of submissions we received this week for our "POTW" contest are any indication, we've got a great summer ahead. As you look through this week's top photos, remember that you too can be part of the fun; just submit your own airplane (or aviation-themed photos) right here on AVweb.

medium | large

Used with permission of Suzy Kryzanowicz

It's Not All Sun 'n Fun

With only 60 photo submissions this week, our initial stack of contenders for the top spot consisted of eight photos, and we can't recall a week where it's been tougher to pick out a single winner. At the end of the tooth-gnashing, coin-flipping, and wishy-washing, however, we were left staring down this pic from Suzy Kryzanowicz of Bay City, Michigan.

(That's Suzy's rather vulnerable-looking Taylorcraft at Sun 'n Fun, hunkered down in advance of some weather that's neither sunny nor much fun.)


medium | large

copyright © Christopher A. Ebdon
Used with permission

CAF's Tora Gang Practice for the 2008 Season

Christopher Ebdon of Pasadena, Texas brings the thrill, with a little help from the Commemorative Air Force: "Since 1972, the Tora! gang has been recreating the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, 'a date which will live in infamy.' Jim Ryan, Tora Lead, had a vision for the new publicity art for his Tora! Tora! Tora! Gang. As usual, it included aircraft and a wall of fire. Jim came to Fellow CAF 'Colonel' Christopher Ebdon to get his shots. Shown here are the results of the last pass of the evening, utilizing a Zeke, Kate and Val. Taken at KLBX."

Oh, how we fretted over whether this photo or the one above should be our "Picture of the Week"! Since Suzy's photo edged Christopher's out by the narrowest of possible margins, we'll break with tradition and send both shutterbugs official AVweb baseball caps. (And we'll do our best to straighten this out with the hat-accounting department so that next week's winner doesn't get a Polaroid of a hat instead of the real thing!)


medium | large

copyright © Yinjie Zhang
Used with permission

KHPN at Dawn

Ever since "widescreen" computer monitors became all the rage, we've had a harder time finding good images to use as desktop wallpaper. If you're having the same trouble, go ahead and click through to the large version of this image. And when you're done gawking, say thanks to Yinjie Zhang of White Plains, New York.


medium | large

Used with permission of Josh Gates

Apache in Iraqi Sandstorm

Yes, there really is a helicopter in there, and the photo hasn't been modified in any way. Thanks for Josh Gates for the ultimate "You Are There" image. Makes you a little more appreciative of flying VFR, doesn't it?


medium | large

Used with permission
of Kevin B. Torman

On Final for Paradise City

We started this edition with a pic from Sun 'n Fun, and that's how we're going out. Kevin B. Torman of Altoona, Florida captured Mike Theeke on final "after a full day at Sun 'n Fun ...resting in our chairs in the parking lot, not quite ready to leave."

We know what you mean, Kevin. (See you at Oshkosh, eh?)


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