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Volume 14, Number 23b
June 5, 2008
Zulu Time ... From Lightspeed
The new Zulu headset looks different because it is different. Made with magnesium, stainless steel, and four types of composite plastics, it's extremely durable and yet weighs just over 13 ounces. Rather than concentrating purely on cutting decibels, Lightspeed engineers looked at how pilots perceive noise at different frequencies. You get broader noise attenuation over the entire audible range. Zulu has more total noise cancellation than any headset on the market. Click here for a dealer near you.
Let the Speculation Begin!back to top 

HalogenGuides Jets, which calls itself the "Insider's Guide to Private Aviation," is reporting that Cessna is working on development of a supersonic business jet. Cessna spokesman Doug Oliver declined comment. "We generally don’t discuss what we may or may not be doing in the world of advanced design," he said. However, the Web site, which also offers insight on real estate and travel, seems pretty sure that a Cessna SSBJ is on the horizon. In an analysis of the current SSBJ market, the Web site says, "An intriguing third player has emerged with the news that business jet stalwart Cessna has entered the ring with a design of its own. Little is known about Cessna's plans at the moment, but the fact that such a reputable private aviation brand is developing a supersonic jet ought to lend some credence to the movement." More...

Tulsa TowBots Available at Aircraft Spruce
The iTowBot's patented technology eliminates lifting, positioning, electrical cords, fueling or hard starting of traditional towing machinery. The iTowBot rotates the aircraft inside of its own wingspan. With its hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating, self-locking carriage, turn limits of the aircraft nose wheel cannot be exceeded. The powerful 24V DC motors start and stop smoothly, delivering power needed to put your aircraft asset on the ramp or back in the hangar. Call Aircraft Spruce at 1 (877) 4-SPRUCE or visit online.
Living (and Doing Business) in Interesting Timesback to top 

AERO Friedrichshafen, a general aviation show in Germany, has been growing in recent years -- as shown by its recent decision to switch from an every-other-year schedule to an annual event -- and this week, AERO organizers announced a new strategic relationship with EAA. "We're convinced that this will lead to more aviation enthusiasm and additional value for our common customers on both sides of the pond," said AERO Friedrichshafen project manager Thomas Grunewald. Both organizations aim to expand their global reach, he said. "We've seen that their show and our AirVenture show attract the same kindred spirits," EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski told AVweb on Wednesday. "This is a way for us to reach out to the general aviation community in Europe, and also for AERO Friedrichshafen to add more visibility at our events." More...

Used jets are selling for higher prices than new jets in today's hot marketplace, says a report this week in The Wall Street Journal. For example, a Gulfstream G450 from the factory sells for about $40 million, but used ones are selling for $44 million and up. "That's because you can fly it next month, instead of the first quarter of 2013," Matthew Hartnett, a Gulfstream sales executive, told the Journal. The topsy-turvy market is also attracting speculators who will buy up delivery slots then sell them at a profit a year or two later. "If you need a plane in six months you have to go and buy a position from someone," Paolo Carmassi, president for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India for Honeywell Aerospace, told the Journal. "And there are people who are making a business out of selling their positions." More...

Piper Matrix — Piper Compelling
Click here for more information on the new Matrix, Piper's next generation of cabin-class sophistication. Compellingly priced at $757,000.
Watching Those Fuel Gaugesback to top 

Recognizing global concerns about the immediate and long-term availability of aviation-grade 100LL fuel, Lycoming Engines announced this week that it is working to get approval for the use of unleaded automotive gasoline for its standard-compression-ratio O-360 and IO-360 product lines. Ian Walsh, general manager for Lycoming Engines, told AVweb the approval will not require any modification to the engines, the fuel will not need any additives or special treatment, and there will be no degradation in engine performance. "It's essentially a paperwork drill, to make this happen," he said. He expects to have approval from the FAA by this fall, but owners cannot implement the change until the airplane also gets certified. That is up to the manufacturers, Walsh said, and he could not estimate how long that would take, but said it is also essentially a paperwork issue. The engines will require a specific type of unleaded 93 AKI automotive gas, designated as Euro Norm EN228 (in Europe) or ASTM D4814 (in the U.S.). This fuel is not difficult to find, Walsh said, but users must verify that they are getting that particular type -- not just any unleaded auto gas will do. More...

Economic jitters and rising fuel costs have had an impact on piston aircraft sales, and this week Diamond Aircraft came up with a way to try to fight back -- the company is offering a year's worth of free fuel, plus free maintenance, insurance, and training for buyers of a new DA40 XLS. "We are very excited about this offer," said Fred Ahles, president of Premier Aircraft Sales, the Diamond distributor in Florida. "The DA40 XLS has always been a very economical plane to operate -- typically costing less than $1,000 per month -- and with this special offer, there are few costs beyond the monthly payments for the entire first year of ownership." The company says it hopes the offer will appeal to "the fiscally responsible left-brain pilot." More...

NEW Real Pilot Story:
Toddler Overboard ... Power Loss on Takeoff ... Mountain Crash ... Vacuum Failure in IMC

Each Real Pilot Story on the AOPA Air Safety Foundation web site is a true account of a good flight gone bad. These multimedia presentations allow you to watch, listen, and learn as pilots tell their harrowing tales of survival. The quick thinking and skillful techniques shown in the ASF Real Pilot Stories can help make better pilots of us all. Listen now.
Flying for Othersback to top 

Angel Flight Central, based in Kansas City, Mo., has flown over 10,000 charitable missions to help people in need of medical care. But on Tuesday, one of those missions ended tragically when a two-year-old girl was killed. The child had traveled with her mother from their home in Georgia to Iowa City for treatment of the child's clubfoot. About 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the TBM 850 charity flight took off from Iowa City Airport to return home. Witnesses said the airplane "turned sideways" shortly after takeoff and quickly descended, skimmed across a highway, hit a ditch, skidded about 100 yards, hit a light post that sheared off a wing, and came to rest in a parking lot. The weather was reportedly overcast and raining, with winds gusting up to 36 mph. The mother and the pilot were injured in the crash. More...

It would seem reasonable that with some pilots parking their airplanes due to high fuel costs, Build A Plane would see an influx of donations for their program, which collects unwanted aircraft and gives them to schools (and gives the donor a tax deduction). But in fact, the nonprofit group is facing a critical shortage of aircraft donations, according to Lyn Freeman, founder of the organization -- almost 200 schools are on a waiting list. "When schools have to wait that long to receive an airplane, sometimes they move on to a different area of interest, away from aviation," Freeman said this week. "We can't afford to have that happen, so we really, really need more aircraft donations." Build A Plane has helped kids at over 70 schools learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics by building real airplanes. More...

Precise/Cirrus Fixed Oxygen Is Now Available as an SR22 Retrofit
Because every SR22 deserves the best, we have acquired STCs for the G2 and G3 Models. The Precise Flight Certified Fixed Oxygen System, unique in its clean and simple integration into the aircraft, is making its way "standard" on the industry's leading airframes. Click here to find out more about the Precise Fixed Oxygen System.
Space Exploration, Past and Presentback to top 

Scaled Composites, based in Mojave, Calif., announced on Wednesday that Douglas Shane has been appointed president and will assume responsibility for day-to-day operations of the company. Company founder Burt Rutan is named chief technology officer and chairman emeritus. "I suggested this change to our organizational structure because I want to focus on developing our talented, innovative team and ensuring we continue to provide our customers the creative technical approaches that only Scaled offers," said Rutan. "I am successfully recovering from about eight months of significant heart health challenges, and with this move look forward to many more years of fun here at Scaled." Doug Shane was previously vice president. More...

The Evergreen Aviation Museum, known as the home of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose flying boat and a rare SR-71 Blackbird, will open a new space facility this Friday. The new museum will feature Titan missiles, a replica Lunar Module and Lunar Rover, and the Russian Photon Space Capsule. The new 120,000-square-foot building is a twin to the original museum. Interactive exhibits and simulators will be used to tell the story of spaceflight. The museum also plans to host a series of educational programs and space camps, and will offer programs for local high schoolers. The museum is located about 20 miles southwest of Portland, Ore., at the McMinnville Airport. More...

CAV Aerospace Offers Summer Savings for TKS Ice Protection
Schedule summer installation of CAV Aerospace TKS ice protection today for $1,000 or more in savings for: Cessna 182, Piper Saratoga, Mooney 252, Encore, TLS/Bravo, Ovation, Eagle, and Acclaim aircraft. For peace of mind, call (888) 865-5511, contact TKS sales by e-mail, or go to WeepingWings.com.
News Briefsback to top 

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Pilots planning to attend AOPA's Fly-In and Open House in Frederick, Md., this Saturday should be aware that the FAA plans to expand a nearby P-40 prohibited area during the fly-in time frame. The area will grow from a 3-nm radius to 5 nm. Pilots flying in the ring from 5 nm to 10 nm must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, maintain positive radio contact with ATC, and use an ATC-assigned discrete transponder code. Pilots who violate the airspace can expect to be intercepted by the U.S. Air Force and questioned by the U.S. Secret Service, and can expect enforcement action by the FAA, AOPA says. "By all means, come to Fly-In," said AOPA President Phil Boyer, "but be very thorough in your pre-flight planning. Our goal is zero airspace incursions in spite of the challenges thrown our way." More...

The FAA is developing new trans-Atlantic routes that would reduce fuel burn...
Forbes examines the aviation world in a special report online...
Cessna's Citation XLS+ bizjet now FAA-certified...
The NTSB wants the FAA to do a better job of keeping airport diagrams accurate. More...

A to Z — Aeromedix.com Has It All — One Stop Shopping!
Safety, survival, travel, medical gear — it's all at Aeromedix.com. Don't wait till you have an emergency to have the right gear onboard. Oxygen systems, medical kits, ReliefBands for motion sickness, CO detectors, fire extinguishers, smoke hoods, all types of survival gear, PLBs, portable urinals, hearing protection, leather jackets — whew! The list goes on. Click here for a complete catalog, and don't leave home without the essentials from Aeromedix.com.
New on AVwebback to top 

"To err is human ..." and when aircraft mechanics make mistakes, bad things can happen. More...

The RTW pilots left Paris behind them and took off for Marrakech, in Morrocco, on the northwestern coast of Africa. The distance of about 1,100 nm meant only the PC-12 and the Cessna Conquest could fly nonstop. The TBM 700 and Cessna Mustang crews planned a stop in Gibraltar, near the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. More...

Diamond DA40 XL Demonstrator Sale
For a limited time only, while quantities last, Diamond DA40 XL Demonstrator models are available at a special price of $299,950. The aircraft also qualify for special 2008 tax incentives. You can enjoy owning a Diamond DA40 and write off up to 93% of the purchase price. Visit Diamond Aircraft now for more information.
Opinions & Interactionback to top 

This week's Question comes from AVweb reader Steve Allen, who wonders which has you more concerned — the rock or the hard place. Plus: Find out what AVweb readers are planning to do with their flying time this summer. (Hint: It's pretty low-key.) More...

As the editor of Aviation Consumer, Paul Bertorelli gets to handle a lot of top-notch kit — some of it so good that he has a hard time imagining why the rest of the world hasn't embraced it. Case in point: With avgas more than $5 a gallon for most, why aren't more people running lean of peak? "If you could run your car the same way you run your airplane lean, you could increase fuel economy by about 20 percent. Who wouldn't do that?" wonders Paul on our AVweb Insider blog. More...

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 200,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to newstips@avweb.com. What have you heard? More...

Make Plans Now to Attend a 2008 Savvy Aviator Seminar
Mike Busch will be conducting Savvy Aviator Seminars in Rapid City, SD and Santa Maria, CA. Sign up for one of these classes and learn how to save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs, year after year. Do it before your next annual inspection! For complete details and to reserve your space, click here.

AVweb founder Mike Busch has been selected by the FAA and supporting aviation organizations as the National Maintenance Technician of the Year. Busch will be presented his award at a ceremony during EAA AirVenture.
Your Favorite FBOsback to top 


AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to the Lakeland Florida location of Landmark Aviation (KLAL).

AVweb reader Alec Thigpen recommended the FBO, telling us how manager Stephen Leidigh helped him (and others) during the very busy week of Sun 'n Fun:

[O]n a busy Saturday of Sun 'n Fun, [Stephen made time] to personally take us to our plane on a somewhat distant parking area when we were unable to get a SNF shuttle to come get us. He also took another group to their airplane as well. The facilities were perfect for all of our needs, and there was a fuel discount during the week of the show as well. Their friendliness was quite nice and not all that common at many FBOs when things get hectic.

Kudos to the folks at Landmark!

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


AVweb Bookstore Features Downloadable Jeppesen Training Manuals
AVweb Bookstore offers Jeppesen (and other) maintenance and pilot training manuals in e-book and book format, letting customers choose how to receive content. E-book advantages including complete search ability, no-cost and instant delivery, and storing hundreds of volumes on a laptop or mobile device. Attention, international customers — no import taxes or fees! For a complete list, call (800) 780-4115 or go online.

Reader-Submitted Photosback to top 

Last week's coffers were filled to overflowing with great photos, the coin of the realm in the "POTW" kingdom — but that doesn't mean you folks can take a week off. The number of submissions to our contest are just now starting to creep back into familiar summertime territory, so don't give up on us now. Keep those photos coming, O.K.? And in the meantime, we'll treat you to the best of this week's submissions, starting with a night-time fireworks display from Daniel Valovich of Hot Springs, Arkansas. More...

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