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Volume 14, Number 38a
September 15, 2008
When Is the Last Time You Reviewed Your Life Insurance?
Annual reviews of life insurance needs can help determine if you lack important coverages — or if you can save on existing policies. As a pilot, you are likely paying more for life insurance than you should be. Pilot Insurance Center specializes in providing pilots — from student to ATP — with insurance planning at the most affordable rates available. A+ Rated Carriers – No Aviation Exclusions – Quick and Easy Application Process. Call PIC at 1 (800) 380-8376 or visit online.
Top News: Disaster and Its Aftermathback to top 
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Hurricane Ike inundated parts of Texas and Louisiana on Saturday and general aviation pilots were ready for a call that likely will not come. In a podcast interview with AVweb on Sunday, Texas Aviation Association Secretary Jay Carpenter said there has not only been no request for GA assistance, it's actually against the law. TFRs have been established in the area of most significant damage and, to add insult to injury, a cold front moved through within hours of Ike's passage and spawned thunderstorms and more rain throughout the area. Carpenter said federal and state authorities appear "much better prepared" to handle the situation but he's had dozens of inquiries from Texas pilots ready and willing to help out, if needed. Meanwhile, Ike wasn't finished when it came ashore in Texas and disrupted flights on its northward trek, according to National Air Traffic Controllers Association spokesman Doug Church. More...

"General aviation is more secure" following 9/11, according to AOPA president Phil Boyer, "in large part, because the pilot community has a vested interest in protecting their aircraft and airports." Perhaps just as important, it's possible that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has noticed, too. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff recently said, "the fact is that government, the federal government or the state government, does not need to order people to protect assets when the people themselves place great value on the assets." In those areas where the government has stepped in, AOPA points out that it worked with the TSA -- specifically on developing a process for student pilot background checks that would not adversely affect new pilot starts. More...

JA Air Center Announces First Installation of a Garmin G600 PFD/MFD LCD Display
JA Air Center has installed the first Garmin G600 PFD/MFD LCD display in a certified aircraft, a 2001 PA32R Arrow. The aircraft is also equipped with dual GNS430Ws, GDL90 ADS-B Uplink and GTX327 Transponder. The G600 combination PFD/MFD, designed to take the space of the basic six-pack, fully integrates all primary flight, navigation, terrain, traffic and weather. For more information, go online.

Call JA Air Center at (800) 323-5966 to speak with a Garmin expert about the G600.
Eclipse 500 Certification Standsback to top 

The FAA has upheld the certification process for the Eclipse 500 very light jet but says problems with the trim and fire-extinguishing systems need to be addressed and issues with certification process itself should be tweaked. The agency ordered a review of the certification last month amid allegations by the FAA inspectors involved with the certification that it wasn't done properly. A committee of senior FAA certification experts headed by former Boeing executive Jerry Mack found the certification valid but noted problems with communication and coordination of the process. "This review tells us that while we made the right call in certifying this aircraft, the process we used could and should have been better coordinated," said Acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell. "These recommendations will be invaluable as we continue certifying these new types of aircraft." More...

Discover the Thrill of a Family Getaway
Discover that the best family vacation photos aren't taken through the window of a minivan. In a brand-new Cessna Stationair, every single weekend becomes your chance for a family getaway. Without ever hearing the dreaded words "Are we there yet?" Call 1 (800) 4-CESSNA. Or visit CessnaYouAreHere.com.
Taking "Weekend Flying" to New Heightsback to top 

P-51s were 1-2 in the Breitling Gold Unlimited final a the National Championship Air Races at Reno Stead Airport on Sunday. Bill Destefani's Strega was more than nine seconds ahead of Dan Martin's Dago Red to claim the top prize at Reno. Destefani and Strega averaged a brisk 483.062 mph in a time of 8:19.249. Martin averaged 474.305 mph and September Fury, a Hawker Sea Fury flown by Michael Brown. Meanwhile Jon Sharp's Nemesis NXT set a record in the Super Sport Gold race with a speed of 392.252 mph. More...

Its engine problems obviously licked, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum's reproduction of the pioneer aircraft manufacturer's massive flying boat America lifted off Keuka Lake in upstate New York on Saturday. It was the culmination of more than 16 years of effort by a volunteer group of builders who faithfully recreated an aircraft which was generations ahead of its time when Curtiss first created it in 1914. As depicted in Don Kaake's video, the aircraft had a flawless flight before a big crowd gathered for the annual Sea Plane Homecoming in Hammondsport, NY. More...

Fly With Bose Aviation Headset X®
Enjoy an unmatched combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, clearer audio, and comfortable fit. Voted the #1 headset for the seventh consecutive year in Professional Pilot's 2007 Headset Preference Survey. Also rated "Best ANR Headset: The Aviation Consumer Product of the Year" by Aviation Consumer. Learn more and order.

Quotes reprinted with permission: Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/07; Aviation Consumer, 8/07.
Comfort & Safetyback to top 

Passenger groups fighting airlines for the right to spend delays in relative comfort (as opposed to confined to stuffy aluminum tubes) have won ... something ... in Canada. Canada has launched a Flight Rights Canada program that offers passengers using Canadian-based airlines a degree of protection from ground-bound suffering with new guidelines that direct airlines to offer drinks and snacks to passengers who have been boarded onto then-delayed aircraft. The rules are not legislation or regulation, but because Canadian airlines say they're on board with the plan, Canadian officials feel the guidelines will suffice. In the case that a delay exceeds 90 minutes, the airline will offer passengers the option of de-planing until that aircraft can depart. In the case that a flight is delayed by more than four hours, passengers will get vouchers for a free meal. Due to caveats written into the rules, like "if it's safe, practical and timely to do so," it's not clear exactly how the guidelines will play out in practice and consumer groups have dismissed the measure as pre-election rhetoric with no stick to back it up. More...

The popularity of the FAA-funded, National Air Transportation Association (NATA) produced proactive Safety 1st program launched as a free online training tool for pilots and flight crew flying into Teterboro could lead to more, similar programs. Tracking statistics show that the free online safety training records an average of more than 60 visitors per day and has won more than 80,000 hits since first launched. Providing key insights into the nuances of traffic flows, common pilot mistakes, specific trouble spots on the airport and more, the free training tool is available to anyone at no charge by visiting AirportFlightCrewBriefing.com/teterboro. NATA says that both the FAA and other airport operators have expressed interest in production of similar programs for other airports and that the association is currently selecting those airports it feels would benefit most. NATA's Safety 1st hopes to begin development of those programs as soon as possible. More...

Smart Safety ... Leave Anxiety Out of Your Flight Plan
As a Cirrus owner, you join a lifestyle that takes safety very seriously. Whether flying for pleasure or business, you always fly smart and safe. Cirrus Perspective by Garmin is designed to help by giving you more time and information to make better decisions, reduce workload, and improve your overall flying experience. Cirrus Perspective adds more ability to experience the Cirrus lifestyle fully and leave anxiety out of your flight plan. For complete features, go online.
News Briefsback to top 

More than 25 astronauts and "space icons" will be on hand to greet guests, pose for photos and (for a fee) sign memorabilia Nov. 7-9 at the Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Complex in conjunction with the Center's Space & Air Show. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is hosting the Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show and the Blue Angels will headline the flight display on Nov. 8. Visitors can involve themselves in auctions for astronaut memorabilia, behind-the-scenes tours hosted by veteran astronauts, and even dinner with the astronauts by purchasing special ticket packages to benefit the ASF. The Foundation funds nineteen $10,000 scholarships each year and pricing for this event ranges from $100 to $350. Expected among the 25 astronauts are well-recognized names including Buzz Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, Gene Cernan, Charlie Duke, Hoot Gibson, Jim Lovell, Edgar Mitchell, Dave Scott and Al Worden to name a few. For more information, see AstronautScholarship.org. More...

Aeroflot crash in central Russia kills all 88 on board ...
Edmonton couple ties knot in 737 ...
Explorers fail to find Fossett. More...

Sensenich: Right on the Nose ... Again!
For more than 75 years, Sensenich has been the industry's fixed-pitch prop leader. No surprise Sensenich leads the way again with new composite propellers for light sport and homebuilt aircraft. Proven on 5,000 airboats over the last eight years, plus Rotax- and Jabiru-powered planes, the new lightweight, precision composite props are now available for Continental- and Lycoming-powered planes. Call (717) 569-0435, or click here to learn more.
Reader Voicesback to top 

AVMAIL: SEP. 15, 2008
Reader mail this week about security seven years after 9/11, fly-by-wire helicopters, noise issues and much more. More...

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 200,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to newstips@avweb.com. What have you heard? More...

Is Your Certificate at Risk?
Legal claims for airspace incursions have increased over 150%. The AOPA Legal Services Plan provides protection in a variety of situations where you might need legal support. Plus, the Plan gives you unlimited consultation on most aviation matters covered by the Plan and an annual review of key aviation documents. Call (800) USA-AOPA, or go online to enroll.
New on AVwebback to top 

Although you might not tell the FAA about it, are you absolutely certain you're healthy enough for this flight? More...

The ongoing FAA review of the airplane's certification may be the least of the company's problems. Emerging competition and the need for yet more cash transfusions cloud the future. In his latest AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli analyzes the state of play. More...

Between Wheels Up and Wheels Down, There Is One Important Word: How
As the team managing the FAA AFSS system, Lockheed Martin serves nearly 90,000 general aviation pilots every week. Providing timely, accurate information and helpful service 24/7. From weather forecasts to en route information, from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, ensuring flight safety in the National Airspace System is all a question of how. And it is the how that makes all the difference. Click here for more.
AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learnback to top 

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Ike, general aviation is standing ready to help in the relief effort, but there are a few things standing in their way. Jay Carpenter, secretary of the Texas Aviation Association, updated AVweb's Russ Niles on Sunday. More...

We periodically check YouTube for new videos from the folks at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, hoping to see what's going on with their "Project America," an ongoing effort by the museum to construct a fully-functional and authentic replica of the twin-engine OX-6 Curtiss seaplane. We've shared videos of the construction and water debut of America 2.0 in the past, but this weekend she actually took a real-world flight — and thanks to Dan Kaake, you can see how things went on New York's Keuka Lake. (Click through to watch.) More...

Avidyne Delivers Worldwide Datalink Graphical Weather and Two-Way Messaging
Avidyne's new MLX770 Iridium®-based two-way datalink transceiver brings strategic datalink weather services to Entegra- and EX500-equipped aircraft operating worldwide. The MLX770 allows pilots to more easily make go/no-go decisions on the ground and fly more strategically while en route. Additionally, the MLX770 provides convenient two-way SMS text messaging from an airborne MFD to any ground-based SMS-capable mobile phone or e-mail address, allowing pilots to communicate in-flight. Click here for more information.
Your Favorite FBOsback to top 


AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to Galaxy Aviation at KSUA in Stuart, Florida.

AVweb reader Adam Green recommended the FBO:

Enroute VFR and had to divert to Stuart due to weather. Galaxy's line guys were ready to greet us, and promptly helped us out of our Cessna and refueled. Inside, Vanessa and team were as friendly as can be and offered my girlfriend and Milo (the dog) coffee, popcorn, and dog treats. ... They even loaned us a car with a GPS, and gave us a list of local restaurants with directions so we could run out and grab a bite to eat. When we returned, we had a few hours to kill and their HD Satellite televisions in every corner were great entertainment. We even moved into the pilot's lounge where they offered us pillows and blankets, and gave us fresh popcorn to munch on. Thanks, Galaxy; this was a great FBO experience. Can't wait to come back!

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


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The Lighter Side of Flightback to top 

Overheard in IFR 
Magazine's 'On the Air' Section
Overheard in IFR Magazine's "On the Air"

Corporate Jet Captain:
"San Jose Clearance Delivery, clearance on request for [airport name deleted to protect the guilty]."

San Jose Clearance:
"Didn't I just give you that clearance?"


Corporate Jet Captain:
"My first officer is nodding yes. Sorry about that, but otherwise our airborne cockpit resource management is outstanding."

Michael R. Gallagher
Sacramento, California


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