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Volume 9, Number 35bAugust 28, 2003

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The malfunction of an emergency recovery system led to the loss yesterday morning of the prototype Lancair Columbia 400. At about 10:30 a.m. local time, after a series of spin tests and successful recoveries, test pilot Len Fox activated a small tailcone-mounted "spin chute" when his control inputs failed to induce recovery form a (final) well-developed spin. Deployment of the chute caused nose-down pitch, slowed spin rotation and allowed Fox to recover. However, an equipment malfunction of unknown nature prevented release of the chute and precluded a safe landing. Fox departed the aircraft and used a parachute of his own to choreograph his safe return. The abandoned aircraft crashed in a field near Millican, Ore., and burned. More...

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Trees have a lot to offer -- shade, beauty, they even help to clean polluted air -- but as more and more small GA airports struggle to survive the encroachments of neighborhoods and development, some pilots find even the trees can become their enemy. In San Jose, Calif., pilots at Reid-Hillview Airport are fighting a local regulation that requires developers at a mall to plant 100 trees, which will reach 60 to 80 feet high when fully grown, in a parking lot directly across the street from the airport. "[We] will not allow this project to proceed without a fight," John Blair, an official with the pilots' coalition, told the San Jose Business Journal. More...

Meanwhile, in Stuart, Fla., a disgruntled airport neighbor has enlisted the local trees in his own campaign against low-flying aircraft. Homeowner Michael Carter attached flagpoles to the tops of two 40-foot pine trees on the final approach path to Witham Field. Carter told The Stuart News that he put up the flags to remind pilots that people live in the area, but pilots have complained that they interfere with aircraft on final approach. Witham Field faces other threats as well: a recent report by the county that operates the airport found only three options for its future: downsizing, relocation, or outright closure. This week, AOPA sent a stern letter to the county warning that it will fight any attempt to move or downsize the airport. More...

In Sun Valley, Idaho, Friedman Memorial Airport is embroiled in a controversy over the size of aircraft that can land there. The area attracts lots of wealthy tourists, and the small airport's 95,000-pound weight limit is rankling some who want to fly in with bigger and heavier jets. Ronald Tutor, a California construction mogul, has filed suit in federal court in an effort to force the airport to lift the ban so he can land his 170,000-pound Boeing Business Jet, a modified 737, on the 6,600-foot runway, USA Today reported on Monday. Other GA airports across the country, especially in tourist regions and other high-growth areas, are facing similar pressures from corporate flyers. The BBJs have been turned away from GA airports in Florida, New Jersey, and Colorado, but not without a fight. Again, federal funds are central to the argument. More...

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FAA Administrator Marion Blakey on Tuesday released an update on the agency's year-old program aimed at updating training practices for general aviation aircraft. Blakey said the FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) program, which aims to address technological advances in both flight systems and training techniques, already has produced a transition-training syllabus for the Cirrus SR22 and a generic master transition-training syllabus for similar technically advanced aircraft. "The core strategy of FITS is to improve safety by training pilots to fly as they would in the real world, rather than to merely pass a test," said Blakey. More...

Eclipse Aviation is among the GA manufacturers working with the FAA in the program. "The FITS concept reflects our longstanding belief that scenario-based training is critical, and is a perfect fit for Eclipse 500 training requirements," Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn said in a news release late last month. "We are committed to creating an innovative syllabus that will serve as a next-generation model for other aviation training institutions." Avemco, an aviation insurance company, has announced that satisfactory completion of certain FITS training may qualify pilots for premium credits of up to 10 percent under their Safety Rewards Program. More...

While the FAA says that incentives such as insurance benefits should encourage GA to quickly adopt FITS, those incentives have caused some concern over at AOPA. As AVweb reported last week, AOPA is worried that the program might become a financial drain on pilots, while generating cash flow for manufacturers and insurance companies. No regulatory mandates will be used, says the FAA, and pilots may continue to comply with current regulatory standards such as the flight review and pilot proficiency or "Wings" program. But AOPA argues that if insurance companies and manufacturers make the FITS training mandatory, it becomes a "de facto" requirement, and costly to pilots. More...

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You might not live in Rhode Island, or even keep your airplane in Rhode Island, but if you're not careful you could end up paying taxes for flying in Rhode Island. A recent "emergency regulation" states that if a "non-commercial" (business or private) aircraft flies between two points in the state, stays overnight, or lands there more than three times in one month, the aircraft is subject to a 7-percent "use tax." The regulation is now temporary, but according to the National Business Aviation Association, a hearing will be held next month to determine if it should be made permanent. By the way, Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. state, and not a part of New York (that's Long Island). More...

Two Cuban fighter pilots and a Cuban general were indicted for murder last Thursday by federal prosecutors in Miami, Fla., for shooting down two Brothers to the Rescue airplanes in 1996. The two civilian airplanes were shot down over international waters by Cuban MiGs, killing all four men on board. However, the indicted men cannot be tried in absentia, and there is no practical way to extradite or arrest them. Gen. Ruben Martinez Puente, who was head of the Cuban air force at the time, and pilots Lorenzo Alberto Perez-Perez and Francisco Perez-Perez are named in the indictment. More...

The airspace above Iraq is now open to civil aviation, for the first time since U.N. sanctions were imposed in 1990 -- go on and get in line to use it. "The first response (from a European airline) came within a couple of hours," a Coalition Provisional Authority official told Dow Jones Newswires. Airlines that for years have had to bypass the airspace, now can save money by flying more direct routes -- but not without incurring a new cost. The coalition authority will collect about $750 from each airliner that transits the airspace. So far, no commercial flights are being invited to land within the country's borders, though Gulf Air said it would start weekly flights into Basra starting in September. More...

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Proposals to protect commercial aircraft from shoulder-fired missiles have been submitted to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by eight defense contractors, The Washington Post reported last Friday. However, officials at the DHS seemed skeptical that any system would be effective and affordable. "We are in the process of determining if in fact there is a viable technology that could be deployed on commercial aircrafts," said Brian Roehrkasse, a DHS spokesman, according to the Post. The proposals will be studied this year, and prototypes could be developed starting next year. More...

Last week, two Olympic Airways jets had to return for emergency landings after seagulls were sucked into their engines on departure from Thessaloniki's Macedonia Airport. Both aircraft landed safely. In Japan, a runway at Tokyo International Airport was closed for two and a half hours last Friday after two departing flights reported seagull strikes, and more than 200 gulls gathered on the runway and wouldn't leave. In July, a student and instructor were killed in Texas after their Cessna 172 struck a bird and crashed. In 2002, more than 6,100 bird strikes were reported by U.S. civil aircraft, and according to a recent FAA report, the problem is getting worse. More...

As supersonic passenger travel comes to a close -- at least for the time being -- British Airways is planning a North American farewell lap for the Concorde. Special "celebration" flights to Boston, Toronto, and Washington, D.C., are scheduled in the weeks prior to the aircraft's retirement date on October 24. First stop on the tour is Toronto, on October 1, followed by a stop in Boston on October 8 and to Dulles International Airport, near Washington, D.C., on October 14. Want to book a seat? Fares start at $7,999, to fly subsonic to London and return on the Concorde. More...

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Report on loss of shuttle criticizes NASA's culture...
Two pilots died Tuesday in Beech 1900 crash off Hyannis, Mass....
Pilot groups asked Tuesday for more weapons training, more quickly...
NAA named six winners of new humanitarian awards for volunteers...
AEA offers workbook to help repair stations revise their manual...
U.S. airlines this summer were most crowded in 30 years. More...

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Although not as well-known as the Blue Angels or the Snowbirds, there are other military demonstration aircraft that fly in air shows throughout North America. The Canadian Air Force's F-18 Hornet is one of them, and this one has a feline paint job.

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