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November 8, 2008

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AOPA Expo '08: A Different Vista from Previous Years back to top 

It's A Buyer's Market

There's no shortage of incentives to boost airplane sales these days and Diamond announced on Thursday that it was offering existing aircraft owners a $10,000 finder's fee for existing owners who steer new customers to the company. Now Cessna is offering those joining the waiting list to buy a Cessna Mustang the opportunity to lease a Cessna 400 for the time between order and delivery. "This is a great solution for Mustang customers who are waiting to take delivery, yet have an immediate need for an aircraft," said Cessna's vice president of marketing Tom Aniello. "The Cessna 400 is the fastest fixed-gear single piston on the market today and is a natural stepping stone into the Mustang.

Meanwhile, Cessna President Jack Pelton said that while the owner-pilot market is suffering, life goes on in aviation business and piston and turboprop sales are encouraging. "While the economic slowdown has created a difficult business environment, we are encouraged by brisk activity from new and existing propeller fleet operators placing almost 200 orders for 2009 production aircraft," Pelton said.

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Light Sport Weathers the Bad Economy back to top 

LSA Sales Rebounding?

After a dismal last few months, sales of light sport aircraft are showing signs of rebounding according to one of the founding entrepreneurs of the LSA movement in the U.S. Tom Peghiny, who distributes CT light sport aircraft in the U.S. told AVweb in a podcast interview that some attrition is inevitable among LSA manufacturers but the concept is still valid and sales are improving. The market, however, is not exactly what was envisioned when the category was created. It was believed that the lower cost and easier medical, training and maintenance requirements would bring new people to aviation. Instead, he said, the market continues to be people abandoning complex GA aircraft to continue "fun flying" in the smaller aircraft. Drawing new pilots will require some innovation, he said.

Peghiny said shared ownership of the aircraft, which typically cost more than $100,000, is one way to make them more affordable. He also said that the glut of used aircraft on the market is making it hard for existing pilots to commit to a new LSA until they can sell their current airplanes.

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Quotes reprinted with permission: Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/07; Aviation Consumer, 8/07.

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Glass for the Masses back to top 

DA20 With Aspen Glass

Diamond Aircraft says it's now offering the least expensive certified aircraft with a class cockpit in the DA20. The company announced at AOPA Expo that it is now offering Aspen Avionics primary flight displays as an option in the DA20 two-place aircraft. The $8,000 option (a few thousand dollars more for the pro model) puts the price of the DA20 up to $184,000 making, it the only certified aircraft with purchase price of less than $200,000. In a podcast interview with AVweb, Marketing Director Mark Lee said flight schools have been looking for a glass cockpit trainer but the cost of most flat-panel systems was prohibitive for an entry-level aircraft.

Lee said he believes Diamond is the first original equipment manufacturer to offer the Aspen PFD, which was designed as a retrofit device to fit in a standard round instrument hole. The DA20 installation is integrated into the panel.

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Oxygen on Demand — Pulse Demand back to top 

Oxygen On Demand System

The regs say you need oxygen above 12,000 feet. If you end a flight exhausted, with a headache, your body is telling you it needed oxygen regardless of the altitudes you flew. "Hypoxia is getting in there and doing its job," Robert Jamieson, of Mountain High Equipment and Supply told a news conference at AOPA Expo in San Jose. His company's answer is Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control (FADOC) through a device the size of a deck of cards that accurately meters the precise amount of oxygen aircraft occupants need in a process called "pulse demand."

Jamieson said the device actually measures the trachial pressure of aircraft occupants and delivers the precise amount of oxygen based on breathing rate and the volume of breaths. Jamieson said it cuts oxygen use by as much as 80 percent compared to constant flow systems and still maintains the saturation levels needed to keep the brain and other organs working properly. "It automatically profiles breathing and gives you the oxygen you need right up to 25,000 feet," he said.

Untie Your Dreams at 235 Knots
Leave the runway at 1,400 vertical feet per minute. Climb to 25,000 feet. Cruise at 235 confident knots. Nothing releases a pilot's passion for flight like the Cessna 400, the world's fastest fixed-gear aircraft. It's more than speed that makes the Cessna 400 such a pleasure to fly. There's the sophisticated stylish cabin, glass cockpit, side-stick control, and the head-turning gorgeous looks. Looks like Cessna is in the fast business. Go online for all the details.

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Electronic Training Solutions back to top 

Powerful Learning By Computer

There are any number of training aids available for your home computer but Powerful Learning says it's put together the whole package in a software suite that gives student pilots and those facing recurrent training all the tools they need to be successful without taking their eyes off the computer screen. A t a news conference at AOPA Expo in San Jose, company President Dave Meindl said the system offers features common in other online training devices, including an updated list of the 555 questions the FAA draws from to make its knowledge tests. But it also has a complete FAA reference library integrated into training system allowing users to instantly link to the relevant FAA documents as they prepare. "No other company offer this," he said.

There are currently two curriculum streams, one aimed at those cramming for their FAA knowledge test and the other for those facing recurrency and who just want to stay sharp on the material. The user can choose to be challenged in the FAA style with multiple choice questions or, if they really want to learn the material, there's a flash card format that enables pilots to prepare for the random questions they'll face in their biennial flight review. The material is updated continuously through downloads from the company's Web site but the content is not Web based and resides on the user's hard drive.

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AVweb's AOPA Expo 2008 Video #5: Outgoing AOPA President Phil Boyer (Part 3 of 3)

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Departing Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association president Phil Boyer talks to AVweb and Aviation Consumer's Paul Bertorelli about his 17 years working on behalf of pilots. (Part 3 of 3.) (Video by Glenn Pew.)

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AVweb's AOPA Expo 2008 Video #6: Incoming AOPA President Craig Fuller

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Over the past couple of days, we've brought your our exclusive interview with outgoing AOPA president Phil Boyer. Now, after 17 years, the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association will have a new chief. Meet Craig Fuller. (Video by Glenn Pew.)

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Get into the Cockpit!
Classic Cockpits is a series of high-quality DVDs that put you into the pilot's seat of some of the world's great airplanes. Be there for engine start, checklists, taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, landing, and more. Titles currently available are: Flying the Legendary DC-3, Flying the PBY Catalina, and Flying the de Havilland Vampire.

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AVweb's AOPA Expo 2008 Podcast #7: Light Sport Aircraft Weathers the Economic Downturn

File Size 3.9 MB / Running Time 4:16

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How are those much-touted Light Sport Aircraft faring in this tough economic climate? Flight Design CT distributor Tom Peghiny says that while there has been some scaling back, they're beginning to rebound.

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Click here to listen. (3.9 MB, 4:16)

AVweb's AOPA Expo 2008 Podcast #8: Checking In with JPI

File Size 8.1 MB / Running Time 8:49

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Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook checks in with JPI vice president Larry Elbert. As it turns out, the company has a lot going on, especially for those of you running lean of peak.

This podcast is brought to you by Bose Corporation's Aviation Headset X™.

Click here to listen. (8.1 MB, 8:49)

AVweb's AOPA Expo 2008 Podcast #9: Diamond Brings Affordable Glass to the DA20

File Size 5.1 MB / Running Time 5:29

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Diamond Aircraft is bringing affordable glass to the venerable DA20, great news for flight schools everywhere. The new avionics system is the Aspen EFD1000 (Pilot or Pro), and it makes Diamond's DA20 the least-expensive glass-cockpit certified airplane available. Director of Marketing & Sales Mark Lee explains how the company is servicing both the high and low ends of the airplane market.

This podcast is brought to you by Lightspeed Aviation, makers of the Zulu ANR headset.

Click here to listen. (5.1 MB, 5:29)

Join NAA and Help Shape the Next Century of Flight
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AOPA Expo 2008 Photo Gallery

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A handful of photos from the AOPA Expo in San Jose, California, courtesy of our on-site newsteam.

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Go Green with Diamond: $1.99 Fuel
Buy a DA40 XLS between October 1 and November 30, 2008 and take delivery of your plane by December 31, and the Diamond team will buy down your fuel cost to $1.99 per gallon for the first 200 hours or 18 months, whichever comes first. The DA40 XLS is the savvy and responsible choice in this day and age of high fuel prices. For complete details, go online.

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