AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 15, Number 16c

April 22, 2009

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
AV8OR™ Handheld
The AV8OR Handheld is the portable and affordable MFD built specifically for pilots, by a company that knows pilots. With navigation routing, planning, and weather information for the aircraft and the automobile, the AV8OR Handheld uses aviation software and symbology you understand. Its 4.3-inch touch screen is larger and easier to read than competing GPS systems, with an intuitive interface derived from the pilot-friendly, panel-mounted Bendix/King multi-function display systems. For more information, visit BendixKing.com/AV8OR.
Top News: No News on 51% Rule Revisions back to top 

News On The 51-Percent Rule -- No News Yet

Nothing to see here, move along. At noon on Tuesday at Sun 'n Fun, FAA's Don Lausman provided an update on the agency's progress overhauling the so-called "51% Rule." However, Lausman said, "The talk I intended to give and the one I'm about to give are two different things." Since the FAA is about to get a new administrator soon, presuming Randy Babbitt is confirmed as expected, progress has been delayed. "It wouldn't be fair to the new administrator to introduce new rules without him having any input," Lausman said. It was expected that the update on Tuesday would address changes to the Advisory Circulars that provide guidance for Designated Airworthiness Representatives to interpret the FAA rules regarding homebuilt aircraft. But instead, Lausman said the draft of the new Advisory Circulars should be out by July 31, in time for discussion during EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. Tuesday's forum focused instead on the great number of public comments received by the agency. There were some 2,273 individual comments filed, including 1,300 pro-forma entries, and of the total, some 900 opposed, specifically, the proposed requirement for a specific percentage of builder fabrication. (This is the so-called 20/20/11 provision, where 20 percent of the project must consist of "fabrication" by the builder, with 20 percent being assembly; the remaining 11 percent can be either.) In addition, the vast majority (98 percent) specifically opposed changing the FAA policy at all.

In early 2008, the FAA reported on the findings of the Aviation Rulemaking Committee, which includes representatives from industry and the FAA. Proposed changes to the ACs were published just ahead of AirVenture 2008 and greeted with near-universal disdain. The FAA and the ARC went back to the drawing board, meeting again in late January 2009. Lausman also said that a reconvening of the Advisory Rulemaking Committee in late January was so successful that all the areas of discussion were covered in a single meeting. While Lausman declined to predict what the final ACs will say, he did say that the original definition of fabrication -- to create from raw materials -- was inadequate to the task and has been revised. Moreover, he said that certain aspects of the multi-point checklist to be used by Designated Airworthiness Representatives for the purpose of licensing homebuilts will also be revised. "We have tried to keep the pain level low," said Lausman, referring to the process of updating the rules for builders.

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Day 2, and Everyone Seems to Know That Zulu Was Named the ANR Headset of the Year
Now they just want to try one and see why for themselves. And that's when the wow happens. So, if you've yet to try a Zulu, come by the Lightspeed booth today. But ... be prepared to change your mind about what you've thought was the best headset you could buy. And if you couldn't make it to the show this year, go to ZuluChangeYourMind.com and see what all the buzz is about.
FAA Reaches Benchmark in LSA Audits back to top 

FAA Says Second Phase Of S-LSA Manufacturer Audits Is Complete

Brian Cable, from the FAA's AIR-240 office, reported on Tuesday at Sun 'n Fun that the agency has completed initial interviews of 30 Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers and importers for the audit program that began last September. While the agency is still crunching the numbers, Cable reported that it found "good" levels of compliance with key criteria and that it had very good assistance from manufacturers, who allowed complete access to the FAA team. Among the aspects checked in this fact-finding mission -- ensuring that the manufacturers were in compliance with the design standards; quality-assurance systems integrity; assembly procedures and documentation; maintenance procedures and documentation; and continued airworthiness programs. This round of in-person inspections of the manufacturers and importers was the second of three phases in the program, according to Cable. (The first, of course, was planning the whole thing.) Next comes analysis of the data and reporting, which is planned for the end of July.

The agency will consider the data and decide later if "continuous surveillance" will be required. In addition, Cable said that the FAA will be determining the best ways to inspect the facilities of foreign manufacturers.

Cessna Display
You Won't Need SVT to See Where No-Cost Fuel Can Take You, But We're Throwing It in Anyway
If you buy one of a limited number of 2008 Cessna 350 or Cessna 400 aircraft from existing inventory, Cessna will supply you with $25,000 in fuel at no cost to you and upgrade your state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 integrated flight deck with new Synthetic Vision Technology. Supply of eligible aircraft is limited, so act fast and contact your Cessna representative today.
The Latest Updates from Cirrus ... back to top 

Cirrus Announces FAA OK For FIKI System, Update on Jet

It was known to be imminent, and we already have heard all the details about the new Cirrus TKS system for flight into known icing (FIKI), but on Tuesday at Sun 'n Fun the Cirrus folks made it official -- the FAA has issued final approval for the design, which is available on the SR22 and Turbo models. The FAA also approved the Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement validating the company's Known Ice Protection training materials. The company also detailed its new upgrades and additions to the Cirrus Perspective avionics system, including the addition of enhanced vision, 10-inch screens, S-TEC autopilots, and MFD engine data, as well as new navigation options. The system is now available on all Cirrus piston airplanes. The company also offered an update on the Vision program. Staff that was occupied with the FIKI project is now moving over to the jet, and the overall program schedule is going forward. The rate of development is capital-dependent, the company said. All major suppliers for the production line will be under contract by the end of this year.

Gulf Coast Avionics — Your One-Stop Shop for Avionics, Instruments and Pilot Supplies
See us at Sun 'n Fun booths #D28-33! Take advantage of show-special rebates and pricing from major manufacturers like JPI, ICOM, and others. Stop by our booth daily for great deals on great products, and be sure to ask about instant savings on specially marked products. See our interactive showroom conveniently located on Lakeland Linder Airport or shop our comprehensive e-commerce site at GCA.aero.
... And From Piper back to top 

Piper Offers G1000 For Meridian, Update On Jet Progress

Piper on Tuesday introduced its new Garmin G1000 avionics option for the six-seat Meridian turboprop to the Sun 'n Fun crowd, saying that the system is certified and ready to go as a $50,000 upgrade on the $2.1 million airplane. The three-screen system features a 15-inch multi-function display in the center with two 10-inch primary flight displays on either side. The option also includes Garmin's synthetic vision technology. "The G1000 gives the Meridian a new brain, taking the airplane to a whole new level of performance," said Bob Kromer, VP of sales and marketing. The new panel gives the Meridian the "look and feel of a larger, business-class aircraft," he said.

Piper CEO Jim Bass said the Piper Jet project is making significant progress and the company remains committed to seeing it through to certification. A new pressurization system has been tested and verified for high-altitude performance up to 35,000 feet, he said. Over the next few months, the test pilots will be working through the flight envelope and then will start stall testing. Bass also spent some time talking about the current challenges faced by the aviation industry, both economic and political. The economic pressures right now are like none he has seen in his 30 years' experience, he said, and "gut-wrenching" decisions have had to be made, including layoffs. Last year Piper was selling about six or seven airplanes a week, and this year it's closer to two or three. He said that recently he is seeing more traffic in the showroom and on the Web site and while he's hopeful for the future and confident that Piper remains a sound company, he is concerned about other issues. "The government assault on GA is more of a threat to our industry than the economy," he said. "Everyone in GA is demonized. It's a culture war, us against them, where everyone who owns aircraft is considered the enemy." Besides the recent problems with GA's tarnished image, he said, change is needed in laws affecting litigation, regulation and taxation that make it harder than it should be for aviation manufacturers to succeed.

Bose Pavilion
Fly with Bose® Aviation Headset X®
Enjoy an unmatched combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, clearer audio, and comfortable fit. Voted the #1 headset for the eighth consecutive year in Professional Pilot's 2008 Headset Preference Survey. Purchase by May 2, 2009 and also receive a complimentary Bose premium flight bag ($80 value). Learn more and order.

Quote reprinted with permission:
Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/08.
Live and In-Person, the Phenom 100 back to top 

Embraer Brings Production Phenom 100 To Sun 'n Fun

Embraer has so far delivered 12 Phenom 100 business jets in the U.S. and both customer acceptance and service records are good according to Clint Clouatre, the company's senior marketing manager for executive jets. Embraer is displaying a customer-delivered aircraft at this year's Sun 'n Fun. In a video interview with AVweb, Clouatre said the aircraft is performing beyond original expectations and early-delivery glitches have been resolved. Embraer isn't immune to the current economic issues but he said order cancellations are rare. "There have been some requests for deferrals," he said. The order book for the Phenom 100 and its bigger cousin, the 300, still tops 800 aircraft, Clouatre said.

Embraer continues to tweak the 100, recently adding an option package to improve takeoff performance. Its customer service network is up and running and production continues at the Brazilian plant in advance of the construction of an assembly plant in Melbourne, Fla. Clouatre said Sun 'n Fun is a good launching pad for the debut of the actual airplane. He said many Sun 'n Fun attendees are looking to move up from their piston aircraft to a jet and that's the market the Phenom series aims to serve.

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Avidyne Introduces Release 9 of the Entegra Integrated Flight Deck
Avidyne's Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck System represents the next generation of integrated flight deck systems for light general aviation. The Entegra Release 9 retrofit for Cirrus SR20 & SR22 includes dual XGA high-resolution IFD5000 displays, dual-redundant FMS900w systems with a QWERTY-style control/display unit, next-generation fully-digital VHF radios, and dual WAAS/RNP-capable GPS receivers. Find out more about The Best Flight Deck in Aviation at Release9.com.
Certification for Avidyne's Entegra 9 back to top 

FAA Certifies Entegra Release 9

Avidyne has been busy promoting Release 9 of its Entegra flat panel in advance of FAA certification and held a detailed press briefing Tuesday at Sun 'n Fun. About 10 minutes after the news conference ended, the FAA called company officials to tell them the certification had been approved for both the integrated flight deck system and the FMS900w flight management system. The upgrade received a Technical Standard Order for retrofit into existing Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft. "Entegra Release 9 sets a new standard in performance and safety by providing the highest level of integration, and the easiest-to-use pilot interface available," said CEO Patrick Herguth.

The $72,000 upgrade portrays information on large-screen displays and includes a keypad, digital radios and dual WAAS/RNP-capable GPS receivers. Each screen is capable of displaying all the information available from the system, giving it dual redundancy in that respect. A higher level of communication between the FMS/NAV system and the existing STEC 55X autopilot allows it to automatically switch modes without pilot input, reducing pilot workload and getting rid of the confusion that sometimes arises when the autopilot is in the wrong mode for the phase of flight.

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3 Airplanes ... 3 Levels ... 1 Edition ... Ice
New for 2009, Cirrus Aircraft shakes the lineup with a new way to spec out your new Cirrus. SR20, SR22, and Turbo models are now available in three well-equipped trim levels - "S," "GS," and "GTS"; Known Ice Protection is ready to go on SR22 and Turbo models; or choose an all-new premium interior and exterior upgrade package dubbed "X-Edition." Visit CirrusAircraft.com for details.
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AVweb's Sun 'n Fun 2009 Podcast #3: Update on the 51% Rule

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Last year, a proposed new interpretation by the FAA regarding how it would enforce its rule for homebuilt aircraft raised considerable controversy. This week at Sun 'n Fun, AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Joe Norris, EAA's homebuilt community manager, for an update on the situation.

This podcast is brought to you by WxWorx XM WX Satellite Weather and Bose Corporation.

Click here to listen. (4.9 MB, 7:06)

AVweb's Sun 'n Fun 2009 Podcast #4: Learn to Be an LSA Repairman

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Lightspeed Zulu - Change Your Mind GulfCoastAvionics

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Tired of your current job? Feeling employment-challenged in the current economy? Rainbow Aviation Services in Corning, California has a 120-hour course that will let you hang out your shingle as an LSA repairman and can be a stepping stone to getting a full-fledged A&P certificate for working on larger aircraft.

This podcast is brought to you by Lightspeed Aviation's Zulu Headset and Gulf Coast Avionics.

Click here to listen. (4.2 MB, 6:02)

Like a 696 on Steroids
The new Flight Cheetah FL 210-S is the most advanced GPS Moving Map system available today. The Flight Cheetah incorporates the most powerful and comprehensive list of features that you will find anywhere. For more information and live video demonstrations, click here.
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AVweb's Sun 'n Fun 2009 Video #3: Aspen Avionics Update

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Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Aspen Avionics has improved the show-stopping retrofit avionics it introduced last year. We had a look at what makes the new systems tick.

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AVweb's Sun 'n Fun 2009 Video #4: Embraer Phenom 100 Tour

Gulf Coast Avionics
Lightspeed Zulu - Change Your Mind

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Embraer brought a production model Phenom 100 entry-level jet to Sun 'n Fun and told us it's performing well in service. We looked at the new jet, inside and out.

This video is brought to you by Gulf Coast Avionics and Lightspeed Aviation's Zulu Headset.

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Having XM WX Satellite Weather On-Board Is Not a Luxury — it is a necessity, and when it comes to getting the most accurate and reliable weather information onboard, more pilots trust XM WX Satellite Weather than any other satellite-delivered weather service. Come see the latest from XM WX Satellite Weather at booth #C-024 during Sun 'n Fun 2009, or visit us online at XMWXweather.com/aviation.
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Sensenich Expands Its Revolutionary Line of Propellers for Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft
Lighter in weight, easier to navigate and less expensive to fly, Sensenich's composite props are also stronger than similar props. Their carbon construction allows the propeller's weight to aerodynamically optimize flight and minimize its susceptibility to harmonic vibration damage. Pitch-adjustable, their built-in stops ensure selection of the most efficient pitch. See them at Sun 'n Fun (booths A-030, A-031) or click here.
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