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Volume 16, Number 4b
January 28, 2010
Remos GX
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Top News: NATA Leadership Conferenceback to top 
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The leaders of several of general aviation's main advocacy groups came together this week to discuss the challenges expected in the year ahead, set priorities, and commit to cooperation. At a leadership conference hosted by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, NATA President James Coyne joined AOPA President Craig Fuller, NBAA President Ed Bolen and GAMA President Pete Bunce in an effort to find ways to coordinate lobbying efforts on behalf of GA. "We cannot forget what we did in 2009 when it comes to standing up for GA," Fuller said. The groups have been working together this year more than they used to. "By working together a lot has been accomplished, and we got more people to the table to discuss our issues," Fuller said. AOPA listed several priorities that the groups plan to work on this year: securing long-term funding for the FAA, fighting the prospect of user fees, facilitating air transportation modernization, recovering from a recession, and correcting public misconceptions about the value of GA. More...

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Top Priority at Cirrus? The Vision Jetback to top 
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The Vision jet is the highest priority at Cirrus Aircraft, CEO Brent Wouters said in a webcast on Wednesday, but as of now, there is no timeline for its completion. "When will it be done? We don't know," Wouters said. "It's a function of cash flow ... We will get the program done as soon as humanly possible." The company will accelerate its efforts this year to raise external capital for the project, he said, but in the interim, progress will continue, funded by internal cash flow. For now, that means a focus on nailing down the design elements, with higher-cost parts of the project pushed forward in the timeline. The price, effective this month, is $1.72 million, Wouters said. So far the company has 428 position holders, and orders continue to come in at a pace of one or two per week. Buyers who fly a SR22 while waiting for the jet can benefit from learning the avionics package, sales director Gary Black said, and then Cirrus will take the SR22 as a trade-in when their jet is ready.

Various company officials reported on recent milestones in the jet development program. The jet will be certified to FL280, said engineer Dave Rathbun. A new hybrid ice-protection system, with pneumatic boots made of long-lasting urethane, is in development. A single-piece carbon shell has been designed for the cabin pressure vessel. Also, the user interface of the panel has been evolving, with an emphasis on fewer controls that are simple, logical, and intuitive. About two-thirds of the supply chain has been finalized. Baggage areas are being designed with ergonomics in mind, and the cabin will be roomy and easy to move around in. The jet itself is expected to fit in a standard 40-foot hangar. There will be an optional onboard lavatory. The test program has accumulated about 236 flight hours, with positive results from stability and control checks and a full stall matrix. A series of flight demonstrations are set for airports in the Western U.S. over the next few weeks, click here for the schedule. The full text of Wednesday's update will be posted on the Cirrus jet Web site after February 15. Black said training programs for the jet will be the focus of the second-quarter update, and he added that he expects the Vision will be "the jet trainer of the future." More...

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After the Headlines, Help Will Still Be Neededback to top 

Disasters tend to ebb from the headlines after a few weeks, but in Haiti, where the devastation is widespread and the desperate need for help persists, general aviation continues to play a major role in the response to the Jan. 12 earthquake. In the immediate aftermath, private pilots were widely advised that the best way they could help was to send money, but in the ensuing days, pilots have found ways to pitch in with their skills and aircraft to make a difference. "The best thing is if a pilot can connect directly with a grass-roots group that has experience working in the region," Rol Morrow, president of the Air Care Alliance, told AVweb on Wednesday. However, many of those small groups are too overwhelmed to deal with the logistics of getting aircraft where they are needed, he said. Also, smaller single-engine airplanes might not be best suited to the current needs, especially since long over-water legs are needed to get to Haiti. But larger airplanes that can move groups of people, or high-performance large-cabin aircraft, such as Pilatus PC-12s or Cessna Caravans, that can carry a lot of supplies into smaller, outlying runways, are needed. Also, Morrow added, some groups may have needs to transport volunteers or supplies between sites in the U.S., and that's another opportunity for GA pilots to help. More...

Piper Engineering Job Fairs || Wichita, KS 
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News Briefsback to top 

Since 1960, nobody has beat USAF Col. Joe Kittinger's record for jumping from 102,000 feet and landing safely with a parachute. Now Col. Kittinger is helping a Red Bull team to break that record, with skydiver Felix Baumgartner hoping to set four world records in a single jump. The team plans to send Baumgartner aloft in a spacesuit inside a pressurized capsule carried by a helium balloon. It will take about two and a half hours to reach at least 120,000 feet. Baumgartner then will jump, and he expects to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1 within about 30 seconds, making him the first person ever to break the speed of sound with his own body. The team plans to launch from a site in North America sometime this year, and will broadcast the attempt live over the Internet. "This is truly a step into the unknown," Baumgartner said. "No one can accurately predict how the human body will react in the transition to supersonic speeds. But we've got to find out. Future aerospace programs need a way for pilots and astronauts to bail out at high altitude in case of emergency." More...

A rare 1929 Hamilton Metalplane, which was expected to sell for about $1 million, went to the highest bidder for just $710,000 at an auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., last week. The aluminum airplane is No. 22 of only 29 that were built, and it's the only one in flying condition. The collector who made the winning bid was not identified. After a long useful life in Canada, Alaska, and Washington State, the Metalplane was fully restored in Minnesota in the 1970s. It was flown to airshows and won several awards, including Grand Champion trophy at the Antique Airplane Association National Convention in 1975 and the Silver Age Champion award at Oshkosh in 1976. No. 22 was mainly used a floatplane, and accumulated just over 5,000 hours before its restoration. Since then, it has logged less than 50 hours in the air. It last flew in June 1978. More...

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We Ask, You Answer, We Respondback to top 

In the Jan. 18 edition of AVwebFlash, we ran a story headlined "Flight 1549-Inspired Tow Plane Crash Lands Near Hudson." Based on reader input and our own reflection, we've decided the headline is misleading and doesn't reflect the events of that day, which included a successful off-airport landing with no damage to the aircraft. The headline has been changed. AVweb regrets the error. More...

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Opinion & Commentaryback to top 

The leaders of the major aviation groups got together this week to discuss priorities for the coming year and came up with a list. Which is the most pressing in your opinion?

Plus: Last week, we asked AVweb readers whether they'd train in an LSA if they suddenly found themselves back at the beginning of their pilot training. Click through to see how they answered. More...

AVweb's Paul Bertorelli believes that's a distinct possibility — but since he's a little too busy to start writing apps for a device he hasn't seen yet, he's cooling his heels and waiting for the iPad to change the way he uses plates and charts. In the meantime, you can read his thoughts and post your own at the AVweb Insider blog. More...

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Wrap-Up: The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebringback to top 

Click for videos
The air show season opened on a high note for 2010 with a healthy turnout of both exhibitors and patrons at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla. The four-day show wrapped up Sunday and AVweb's Paul Bertorelli and Jeb Burnside were there to capture the highlights on video. The first five videos are now ready for viewing and there will be more in coming days as we continue to review what has become an integral part of the air show calendar in its few years of existence. More...

Every market needs a good trade show, and AVweb's Paul Bertorelli is here to tell you the light sport segment of aviation has a solid one in Sebring, Florida. Just back from the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2010, Paul shares his thoughts on the AVweb Insider blog. Read about his trip and share your own thoughts here. More...

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Your Favorite FBOsback to top 


Conoco-Phillips WingPoints || Best Rewards 
in the Business

AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to Aero Premier Jet Center at Lakefront Airport (KNEW) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

AVweb readers Bill and Linda Coltharp arrived at Lakefront under less-than-ideal conditions:

... [A]t night, in the rain and clouds, after the tower was closed, [we found] the Aero Premier angels waiting for us. They hangared our plane (not a jet), helped unload our luggage, called a taxi and had it drive into the hangar so we wouldn't get wet, [then they] helped load the taxi — all with genuine friendliness. When we returned two mornings later, as planned, the airplane was on the flight line all ready. Our special thanks to Bethany on the desk, and the extremely helpful Clay, Admond, and Rolando. What a great experience!

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


Reader-Submitted Photosback to top 

We were a little reluctant to run a second air show opener photo hot on the heels of last week's winner, but after seeing this entry from Don Thun of Topeka, Kansas, we could resist. Besides, we don't get to see the Skyhawks in action nearly enough around here. (That's your cue to flood us with Skyhawks pics.) More...

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