AVwebFlash - Volume 16, Number 15e

April 16, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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The Truth About FSS — Straight from the Source back to top 

Flight Services Here To Stay?

Although calls to Automated Flight Service Stations are decreasing steadily, the service they provide remains valuable says Jim Derr, the program director of Lockheed Martin Flight Services. In a podcast interview with AVweb at Sun 'n Fun 2010, Derr said that despite the huge shift in communications, weather and avionics technology over the last decade there are still times when that "personal touch" from a live briefer is invaluable. Although most, if not all information a pilot needs is available online or through the panel, sometimes pilots don't get all the data they need for a flight. Briefers often notice those gaps and fill them, he said.

When Lockmart took over the service under contract from the FAA about five years ago, there were dire predictions about the effect of the consolidation of service planned by the company. There are now just six physical facilities where flight service specialists work but Derr said service is actually improving. "We're getting fewer complaints and we're even getting a few compliments," Derr said. He said there were a lot of changes in a short time and that caused some problems initially but the system is working well and the company is hitting its performance metrics.

FSS's Role

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AVweb's Russ Niles speaks with Lockheed Martin's Jim Derr, who's in charge of the company's flight service contract.

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Red Bull Air Race Crash back to top 

Red Bull Air Race Suffers First Crash

The first crash in the Red Bull Air Race's seven-year history was suffered Thursday, April 15, 2010, in Perth, Australia, when Adilson Kindlemann, 36, lost control of his aircraft after rounding a pylon during practice. Kindlemann managed a near wings-level impact. but as the aircraft's fixed landing gear dug into the water the aircraft flipped, leaving Kindlemann and the aircraft floating upside down in Perth's Swan River. Red Bull rescue crews arrived quickly to the inverted MXS-R aerobatic race plane. They soon extracted Kindlemann from the river and local police said he appeared to be conscious with minor injuries.

Kindlemann was transported to a local hospital where, according to Red bull Air Race chief Executive Bernd Loidl, he was in good condition. Weather conditions at the time of the accident were less than ideal, with gusty winds. Kindlemann is a former airline pilot with 11,000 flight hours. He was Brazil's national aerobatic champion between 2001 and 2004, but is nonetheless a rookie in the air race series.

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Red Bull Air Race Crash, Perth, April 15, 2010 — Adilson Kindlemann

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The Red Bull Air Race experienced the first crash of its seven years on Thursday, April 15, 2010 in Perth, Australia. 36-year-old Adilson Kindlemann lost control of his aircraft after rounding a pylon during practice and managed a near-wings-level impact, but the aircraft flipped as the fixed landing grear struck the water. Rescue crews extracted Kindlemann from the river, and local police reported he was conscious and appeared to be suffering only minor injuries.

Thanks to Rob Masters for allowing us the use of his original footage.

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A Peek at AOPA's "To Do" List for SNF back to top 

AOPA Promotes Engagement At Sun 'n Fun

The future of general aviation rests in the hands of today's pilots, AOPA President Craig Fuller said at Sun 'n Fun on Thursday evening, as he kicked off the event's annual AOPA Day, which will be held all day Friday. "At AOPA we are busy doing more than ever before to keep flying strong," Fuller said. "And everywhere I go I meet people who want to help, but they don't know how." Fuller is on a campaign to get grass-roots aviators fully engaged in meeting the challenges ahead. "Being more engaged can be as simple as staying informed about the issues that affect your flying and as involved as hosting a major public event," he said. "But in between are almost infinite opportunities." AVweb spoke with Fuller about some of those opportunities, as well as the challenges facing GA; click here for the podcast.

Fuller said on Thursday he is working toward four aims: to restore the pilot population, protect community airports, improve GA safety, and upgrade GA's image. On AOPA Day, the organization invites everyone to visit their big yellow tent on the Sun 'n Fun grounds and join the discussion. Special prize giveaways will take place all day long, and the 2010 AOPA sweepstakes prize, a Remos GX LSA, will be on display.

Craig Fuller, President of AOPA

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General aviation dodged a bullet on user fees, but there are plenty of other challenges ahead. Craig Fuller talks with AVweb's Mary Grady at Sun 'n Fun about those challenges, including NextGen, avgas, and more, and also the opportunities that GA will be facing in the future.

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Sporty's Online Training, Young Eagles Partnership back to top 

Sporty's Expands Electronic Offerings

Sporty's is keeping up with the electronic age, now offering a mobile version of its pilot-training video series that will run on smartphones, an iPhone E6B app featuring 23 aviation functions, and its first downloadable e-book. The mobile video series will play either on a 3G/4G network or via wifi, said Sporty's vice president John Zimmerman at Sun 'n Fun on Thursday. It costs an extra $49.95 for buyers of the online training series. The E6B app will be available in a couple of weeks for $4.99, and the first e-book, Richard Collins' updated classic Air Crashes, will cost $9.99. "This is just the first of many e-books to come," Zimmerman said. He also offered a video sneak peak of a new product that will be introduced at Oshkosh: a hand-held unit that can probably do myriad things, but the video showed it operating as a back-up ILS after the avionics went down during a flight.

Sporty's founder Hal Shevers also offered an update on the company's partnership in EAA's Young Eagles program. To help with the Next Step project to keep kids involved after their first flight, Sporty's is offering a free logbook to each new Young Eagle. The company has also been offering free access to its online private pilot course to Young Eagles, and about 2,500 of them have participated in the first year of the program. Those who complete the course can also get an endorsement to take their FAA knowledge test. "My mission in life is to get everyone to take their first flying lesson," said Shevers, "and I'm extremely happy with what we've done in the last year."

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Build It, Fly It, Make It Part of Your Life back to top 

Build A Plane Demand Still Strong

"The down economy has been good for Build A Plane," founder Lyn Freeman said at Sun 'n Fun on Thursday. "We've had a lot of donations." The organization is now accepting airworthy aircraft as well as projects. And the demand continues to run ever higher, according to executive director Katrina Bradshaw. "We've started 200 projects since 2003," she said. "But we still have 325 groups waiting for an aircraft." Freeman said the projects have a huge impact on the kids who take part. "We had a group of kids in Hooper Bay, Alaska, who started a project in 2007, and now we're raising money so they can fly the airplane they built into AirVenture this summer," Freeman said. "Out of the 11 kids who started the airplane, three have now earned their A&Ps, and two more are taking flying lessons."

Freeman also said Build A Plane now will offer a special online learning program called Aero Scholars, which was developed by EAA and Achiever Learning. Two intensive courses in aviation, which can be taken for high-school credit, include interaction with CFIs who answer questions and monitor progress over the Internet. Originally offered at $1,000 for both courses, Build A Plane is now offering both for $350. Freeman said the group will also sponsor a Teachers Day at AirVenture at Oshkosh this summer. The event will take place Monday, July 26. It's free for teachers, who can receive continuing education credit. They also will receive a free gate pass to AirVenture for the day.

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Speaking of Starting 'Em Young back to top 

Groundbreaking For New Aviation High School

Officials from Sun 'n Fun and the Polk County (Fla.) School Board broke ground Thursday for a $7.5 million facility that will provide a new home for the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, an aviation-oriented high school/career academy already located on the Sun 'n Fun campus. The 58,000-square-foot facility will house up to 500 high school students. Current facilities for the school have a maximum capacity of 175. "Sun 'n Fun is ecstatic to have such significant and inspirational support for an educational facility of this magnitude that underscores our organization's core values and is in lock step with our educational focus and mission," said Sun 'n Fun Board Chairman Bill Eickhoff. The project is funded by a grant from the Aviation Education Foundation, a Naples-based not-for-profit organization founded by James C. Ray.

John Small, director of workforce education, said students at the current academy show improved attendance and academic performance. "Students who come to school here don't want to leave at the end of the day!" he said. Along with aviation, they learn mathematics and physics in a stimulating environment. The new building is scheduled to open in August 2011.

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Meanwhile, in the Rest of the World ... back to top 

Volcano Ash Closes British Airspace

U.K. Authorities took the unprecedented action of closing its airspace as a plume of volcanic ash from Iceland blew over the country. All flights, except certain emergency operations, were banned starting at noon and weren't expected to resume until 7 a.m. Friday. By then, the plume is expected to be over northern Europe, where similar airspace closures will be implemented. The plume contains minute particles of silicate which damage the engines and airframes of aircraft that fly through it. It's the first sweeping closure of its type since the Second World War.

The Eyajafjallajokull volcano became active about a month ago and has caused some interruption of air service in that country. Today's closures may not be the last. Professor Bill McGuire, of the Aon Benfield Hazard Research Centre at University College London told the Daily Telegraph that the last time this volcano erupted it did so for a year, from December of 1821 to January of 1823. He said there is no way of knowing how long this eruption will occur but since prevailing winds put northern Europe directly in the path of the ash plume more disruptions are possible.

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Diamond Motor Glider Flight Trial

Lightspeed Aviation || Change Your Mind WX WX Satellite Weather || Vital as Vision

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

At Sun 'n Fun, Diamond announced the reintroduction of its HK36 motor glider, and AVweb's Russ Niles took a demo flight with Great Lakes Aircraft's Andy James.

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Lock and Key Upgrade for Piper Navajo

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Piper's Navajo was one of the most successful cabin class twins, mainly because it carries a lot at a good cruise speed. But it hasn't been made since the 1980s, so Mike Jones Aircraft has developed an extensive upgrade program for the Navajo called the Lock and Key. Here's a report.

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