AVwebFlash - Volume 16, Number 15g

April 18, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Top News: Mooney Back in the Game back to top 

Mooney Production On The Horizon

It's been 18 months since Mooney Airplane Company built its last airplane but the iconic planemaker is considering a comeback. In a podcast interview with AVweb at Sun 'n Fun 2010, spokeswoman Susan Harrison said the company and all its dealers have sold through their backlog inventory and she hopes it won't be long before the line in Kerrville is moving with Ovations and Acclaims. "We're just waiting for the market to gain a little more momentum," she said. Harrison said they're anticipating new financing in the coming months but there is no specific target for a resumption in production. Meanwhile, the 60 employees who still work in Kerrville are making sure existing Mooney owners have the support they need.

Harrison said the workers at the plant ensure a steady supply of technical support and parts are available for owners and all of the 8,000 Mooneys still flying are fully supported. She said it's a matter of pride in the company that despite the ups and downs it's experienced over 60 years it has always maintained parts supply and technical support.

Mooney on the Rise

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After 18 months of idled production, the Mooney Airplane Company is thinking about firing up the factory again. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Mooney's Susan Harrison.

This podcast is brought to you by Bose Corporation and Conoco-Phillips.

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Aspen Avionics' "Power Your Panel" Rebate
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Looking in on Electric Airplanes back to top 

Electric Flight Update From Sun 'n Fun

Randall Fishman, who's been flying electric-powered aircraft for a few years now, brought his Electraflyer-C to Sun 'n Fun this year for daily showcase flights. He also brought along the slick two-place Electraflyer-X he's been working on, and kept it on display all week in the Lindbergh Foundation tent. He said the X model will fly for the first time in May or June this year and he plans to offer a kit version of the airplane. Fishman also brought a sample of the new electric motor he's been working on, which generates 20 hp continuous with a single rotor, which will be available for sale soon. He's also working on 40 and 60 hp models with two or three rotors, all on a single shaft. The motor can power ultralights and motorgliders. Fishman also talked about other new projects he's working on, and his assessment of the potential of electric flight, in an AVweb podcast available here.

Fishman's exhibit was part of the Greenspace area, an initiative that showcases products and services that are environmentally friendly. Besides Fishman's aircraft, the area featured an electric car, a hybrid car, and several Lindbergh Foundation education and research projects. "Sun 'n Fun is proud to partner with the Lindbergh Foundation, whose mission it is to further Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's shared vision of a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation," said Sun 'n Fun Chairman John Burton. "We hope to capture this vision in our GreenSpace exhibit and share it with Sun 'n Fun participants and guests throughout the week of this year's Fly-In & Expo."

Randall Fishman on Electric-Powered Aircraft

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Randall Fishman has been flying his Electraflyer-C every day this week at Sun 'n Fun, and on Saturday he sat down with AVweb's Mary Grady to talk about what he's working on now, including a two-seat experimental airplane and a new electric motor.

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Giving New Meaning to the Phrase "Learn as You Go" back to top 

Training Apps For Mobile Devices

MS Aviation, of San Jose, CA announced the release of a family of mobile applications designed for the student pilot and his or her CFI at Sun 'n Fun 2010. A CFI can grade a student during flight creating content for the student to study at the conclusion of the lesson. The information can also be shared anonymously with students and instructors worldwide and that data can be used to spot trends or common deficiencies in training. "For the first time in flight training we have a way to see how students are doing on a national basis...," said CEO Mike Shiflett in a podcast interview with AVweb.

The "Anywhere Learning Technology"™ from MSA can be integrated with exsisting software and lesson plans from the flight school and studied on a variety of moble devices. Shiflett hopes this near real-time gathering of information will lead to greater safety and flexibility in the flight training of students at all levels.

Flight Training on Your iPad

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A San Jose company has developed flight training apps for your mobile device. AVweb's Greg Lane talks with Mike Shiflett of MS Aviation.

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Painless Panel Upgrades back to top 

Inexpensive Instrumentation

Belite Electronics has introduced the Patch Flyer line of solid state flight instrumentation that sells for less than $1000. These easy-to-install instruments are offered individually or in full-panel configuration. Full-panel configuration includes volt meter, engine EGT and CHT, fuel quantity, an above ground level altimeter, turn rate indicator, inclinometer, G meter, and airspeed indicator with pitot input. The EGT and CHT instruments use 24 LED columns for each parameter, are color coded to warn of excessive temperatures and can be connected to common temperature probes. While designed for non-precision "low and slow" applications the company says the flight instruments can be more accurate than traditional steam gauge instruments and are easier to use. For instance, setting the local altimeter is as easy as pressing a single button that establishes ground reference.

Each instrument – which are priced between $50-160 individually - weighs half an ounce while the entire Patch Flyer line weighs less than one pound with mounting hardware. Each instrument displays information using daylight-readable LEDs that are dimmable in darker cockpits. Some individual instruments offer enough portability to remove from the aircraft and stow in a flight bag. Power consumption is roughly three watts and the instruments accept 8-28 volts of DC power input.

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Quote reprinted with permission:
Professional Pilot, 2009 Headset Preference Survey, 12/09.
Volcanic Ash Cause of UK Crash? back to top 

Ash Connection Probed In U.K. Crash

Authorities in England are investigating whether volcanic ash had anything to do with the crash of a light plane in Hampshire. Two people died when the aircraft crashed and burned in a field, well away from buildings or other people. Although thousands of airline flights have been cancelled by the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland, stranding millions of passengers, there are apparently no restrictions on uncontrolled airspace, although the Civil Aviation Authority has warned pilots and owners of light aircraft not to fly. A Hampshire police spokesman said ash will be considered as a possible cause. "It is too early to say whether ash was a factor but it will form part of the investigation," the unnamed spokesman told news services in the U.K.

Meanwhile, authorities are worried the ash plume will linger over northern Europe for days and that health problems may result from ash settling as dust or being carried by rain to the ground. The stranding of millions of passengers has had a global impact and it's also changed the travel plans of the world's most powerful people. Leaders from all over the world, including President Barack Obama, have canceled plans attend the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who died in a plane crash last week.

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Step into History at Sun 'n Fun back to top 

Berlin Airlift Foundation's C-54 Spirit of Freedom

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Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

In 1948, the newly minted U.S. Air Force did a remarkable thing. When the Soviets blockaded land links to Berlin, the Air Force sustained the city by air for nearly a year. At Sun 'n Fun, the Berlin Airlift Foundation displayed a C-54 used in the operation. (It's actually a Navy R-5D, but the airplanes are identical.)

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Cessna Tents
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... Or Maybe the Next Big Thing Is More Your Speed back to top 

UL Power's Unique Lightweight Engine

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Aircraft engine development isn't exactly a major growth industry, but we do see new products from time to time. At Sun 'n Fun, Kitplanes editor Marc Cook talked to Gus Warren about the unique, lightweight UL Power engine for LSAs and kit airplanes.

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