AVwebFlash - Volume 16, Number 22b

June 3, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
Aircraft Spruce Canada Super Sale & Fly-In || June 5, 2010
Aircraft Spruce Canada Super Sale & Fly-In
Aircraft Spruce Canada will be holding their Annual Super Sale & Fly-In on Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at 150 Aviation Avenue on Brantford Municipal Airport. Come and join the Aircraft Spruce team and vendors for lunch, special pricing, vendor demonstrations, educational seminars, and lots of opportunities to win raffle prizes from some of your favorite vendors. Visit the Aircraft Spruce web site for updated details. Call 1 (877) 4‑SPRUCE or visit AircraftSpruce.com.
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Memorial Day Osprey Event Injures 10 (With Video)

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At least 10 of several hundred people who gathered to watch were injured by flying debris when a Marine Corps V-22 Osprey arrived for a scheduled event at Clove Lakes Park Preserve, Staten Island, on Memorial Day. The aircraft had been dispatched for a landing on a ball field at the park for a 2010 Fleet Week and Memorial Day celebration. But as the aircraft slowed, its rotor wash began to stir up picnic blankets like "two tornadoes." Keith Carlsen told the NYDailynews.com, "Trees were bending and then branches broke." People were injured by those tree limbs that broke free and were thrown off their feet by the rotor wash as others ran, screaming. Air Force veteran John Wilson, by his own account, tumbled some 30 feet and was treated for cuts to the head. The event was approved by Naval Aviation, the FAA, and the city's parks, police and fire departments, the last of which were clearly in attendance and quickly attended to the injured. Video after the jump.

"At some point I wanted to take my son to an airshow, but after this I don't see that happening," said Sal D'Alessio. It took seven stitches to close a wound on D'Alessio's head.

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A second video (primary video is at right), shows just the approach, though the video quality isn't as high.

Summer Launches For Aviators

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, summer has officially arrived in the U.S., and the aviation world offers plenty of diversion for those ready to get out and enjoy. Local airports around the country are hosting pancake breakfasts and fly-ins; many are listed in AVweb's calendar of events. The Flying Musicians will play at aviation events from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas to the Splash-In Music Jam in Montana; click here for their full agenda. The International Council of Air Shows posts a calendar at their website, to help locate the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, or any of your favorite airshow performers. The Red Bull Air Races fly into North America June 5 and 6 in Windsor, Ontario, just across the border from Detroit, and they'll race in New York City June 19 and 20 before heading back to Europe. The biggest show of all, EAA AirVenture, is set for July 26 to August 1; if you're going, their website has all the info you need to start planning. There are even plenty of aviation options for rainy days.

The San Diego Air and Space Museum has posted its archive of 100,000 aviation-related photos online on Flickr, for hours of browsing. A new musical, "Take Flight," based on the lives of Amelia Earhart, the Wright brothers, and Charles Lindbergh, is playing at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, N.J. You can catch up on aviation movies -- Barnstorming, a great story about the connections forged when a couple of pilots land in a farmer's field, is available on DVD. One Six Right, the story of a general aviation airfield, is also on DVD and has been spotted at iTunes and Hulu. Filmmaker Brian Terwilliger also has some short features, trailers, and a preview of his upcoming aviation epic online. And finally, to start off the summer right, here's a photo of a stuntman in China who pulled a single-engine airplane about 15 feet across a hangar floor, via a rope attached to his eyelids.

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Cirrus Moving Forward With Vision Jet

Times are tough and money is tight, but the folks at Cirrus are committed to the Vision Jet project, and hope to start work on a conforming prototype by the end of this year, CEO Brent Wouters said on Wednesday. "For this year, we are working to secure additional funding so we can move faster," Wouters said in an update for position holders that was broadcast on the Web. The company has spent about $64 million so far on the project, and that's about halfway there. If the funding goals can be met, Wouters said, he hopes to spend 2011 building the conforming prototype, C-Zero. Once it flies, he estimates another 18 months to certification. The current test vehicle has flown about 270 hours, and over the winter completed extensive testing in real-world winter flying. Icing tests led to tweaks in the boot design, using a new urethane material that should shed ice better, according to Dave Rathbun, chief engineer for the project.

Rathbun also said that work is continuing to develop a full-aircraft parachute system for the jet. "This is a challenging and very high-risk portion of the project," he said. "We have to get it done right." Some scaled testing of proposed designs will take place this summer, he said, with parachute drop tests planned by the end of this year. So far the company has 431 orders for the jet, which is now priced at $1.72 million, said sales director Gary Black. Deposits taken since Jan. 1 are not refundable, though they can be used toward a new SR-22 up until June 30, he said. "That is a real deadline," he added. The current Vision Jet will fly at the Red Bull Air Races this summer in Windsor/Detroit and New York City, as well as at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.

Solar Impulse Flies On Pure Sunlight

"Finally we can say we are flying a solar plane," pilot Andre Borschberg, CEO of the Solar Impulse project, wrote in his blog last Friday. The 12,000 solar cells on the wings of the one-of-a-kind aircraft for the first time produced more energy than the aircraft was consuming, providing thrust for the engines with enough power left over to start charging the batteries. "At this precise moment," Borschberg wrote, "the fulfillment of a dream -- to fly solely on solar power, day and night -- came one step closer to reality." The flight was the first time the aircraft was powered solely by solar energy. Borschberg flew twice last Friday, on the first circuit using up the energy that had been stored in the batteries overnight; on the second flight he activated the solar cells for the first time and began to recharge the batteries.

"Never before in my 40 years as a pilot have I experienced anything like this," Borschberg wrote. The aircraft flew at Payerne Airfield in Switzerland. The project was launched seven years ago by Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard. Their ultimate goal is to fly the aircraft around the world on solar power alone in 2012. They plan to fly five hops in quick succession, weather permitting.

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Cluster Balloonist Crosses English Channel

Jonathan Trappe, of Raleigh, N.C., last Friday successfully completed the first crossing of the English Channel flying a cluster balloon system. Trappe flew in a chair suspended from 54 small helium balloons, crossing 22 miles from England to France in about two hours, at altitudes up to 7,500 feet and speeds up to 25 mph. To control his descent, he popped or released the balloons one by one. He also carried some water to use as ballast. After landing, Trappe said it had been a "tremendously beautiful experience" to float in silence with the winds. "It's not just about the balloons," he said. "It's about dreams. And inspiration. And accomplishing what you set out to do." Trappe, who holds an FAA balloon pilot certificate, plans to visit AirVenture 2010 later this summer and hopes to fly his system over Oshkosh at least once.

The Pixar movie UP, which features a house floating under a cluster of balloons, will be shown at AirVenture's Fly-In Theater on Saturday night, July 31. Trappe set a time-aloft record for cluster-ballooning last month, with a 14-hour flight over North Carolina. His cross-channel flight was tracked live online, and his route is posted with details of his speed and altitude at each point.

Test Shows Concorde Engine Is Sound

It's been seven years since the supersonic Concordes were grounded, but a successful engine test over the weekend has raised the hopes of Concorde fans that at least one of the fleet will fly again. One of the four Rolls Royce engines on Concorde Sierra Delta, which has been on display at the Le Bourget Museum of Air and Space near Paris since 2003, underwent a seven-hour engineering exam on Saturday. The boroscopic test, using remote cameras and video to inspect the insides of the engine, showed it to be in perfect condition, Ben Lord, of the UK's Save Concorde Group, told AVweb on Tuesday. Lord said he hopes the positive results will lead to further testing, then re-lighting the engines for ground taxi and eventually a return to flight. The French group Olympus593 arranged for the test, and they have set a goal of seeing Concorde fly for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London.

The test was performed by former Concorde technicians and maintenance workers who are among the founding members of Olympus593. Sierra Delta's other three engines will each undergo a similar test over the next few weeks, Lord said. He added that reaction to the news about the engine test has been extraordinary, revealing the widespread desire to see the aircraft back in the air. Save Concorde gained 1,000 new members over the weekend, along with "a great amount of Twitter coverage," he said. "It has demonstrated that the love of Concorde has far from diminished and is still out there." Photos and some short video clips of Saturday's inspection can be viewed online here.

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What Does ADS-B Out Get You? AOPA: Good Question

The FAA issued a final rule just prior to Memorial Day weekend mandating ADS-B Out for general aviation aircraft and, given the rule's content and the timing of its release, they may have been hoping you wouldn't notice. If compliance were necessary today, equipping your aircraft with ADS-B Out capability could cost you roughly $8,000 and provide you with no discernible new benefits. You'll still need Mode-C (if you have it now), but you'll also need to carry the weight and cost burden of ADS-B Out, which for the average GA pilot basically provides the exact same benefits. So, it's the ten years between now and the Jan. 1, 2020, compliance date that matter. It's in that timeframe that groups like the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will seek to wrangle some benefits of compliance to balance the regulation's cost to dues-paying members.

AVweb's Glenn Pew spoke Wednesday with Heidi Williams, senior director of airspace and modernization for AOPA government affairs. According to Williams, for AOPA, the new mandate for ADS-B Out is just a beginning. Click here to listen to that conversation as a podcast.

Question of the Week: ADS-B Rule Aftermath

The FAA's final rule on ADS-B Out has attracted criticism and disappointment from AOPA and others. We'd like to know your initial reaction.

What are your thoughts on the FAA's ADS-B rule?
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TCM Lifter AD Expanded

The FAA on Monday expanded its recall of faulty hydraulic lifters on Teledyne Continental general aviation engines to include the TCM 346 series and R-RM IO-240-A  reciprocating engines. Excessive wear on the lifters can result in loss of engine power, the FAA said, with at least one instance of damage after just one hour in service. The Airworthiness Directive is effective June 16, at which point all affected aircraft must be grounded until the work is done. No special flight permits will be approved, the FAA said. The AD went straight to final rule without any advance notice or comment period because an unsafe condition exists, the FAA said. However, comments will be accepted until Aug. 2.

Several thousand aircraft were affected by the original AD, which was effective last November. TCM said "an issue" with a vendor component was the cause of the defect. In a mandatory service bulletin (pdf) released last December, TCM said it would pay the costs of parts and labor to replace the lifters.

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AVweb Insider Blog: ADS-B Rule — Big Bucks, Paltry Benefit

Somewhere out there, someone must be thrilled the with FAA's final rule on the implementation of ADS-B in the NextGen airspace over the U.S. That someone isn't IFR magazine editor-in-chief Jeff Van West, who confesses to more than a little disappointment in the latest installment of the AVweb Insider blog.

Click here to read his opinions, then chime in with your own in our comments section.

AVweb Insider Blog: Ghosts of Merlins Past — A V-Block Engine

As the season for new engines seems to be in full flight, Paul Bertorelli's latest post to the AVweb Insider blog addresses an intriguing new engine design from Adept Airmotive, a South African startup. The initial numbers sound good but, of course, the company has a long road ahead of it.

Click here to read Paul's thoughts and add your own comments — and you'll want to hear this podcast interview with Adept principal Richard Schulz.

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Aviation Consumer Reviews the iPad — Warts and All

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Could it really be? Is the iPad the ultimate cockpit EFB (electronic flight bag) that we've all been waiting for? Find out in this review by AVweb and Aviation Consumer's Paul Bertorelli. It has potential — so much potential ... .

If you enjoy this video, be sure to look for the print review of the iPad in the July issue of our sister magazine, Aviation Consumer.

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Kim Prout Gives Kitplanes a Tour of His Europa Monowheel

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Kim Prout's homebuilt Europa Monowheel is one of the highest-time examples in the U.S. and amply shows off the superb combination of agility and utility in this exclusive video from the editors of Kitplanes magazine.

If you enjoy this video, be sure to look for other homebuilt content in our sister magazine, Kitplanes.

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FBO of the Week: Craig Air Center (KCRG, Jacksonville, Florida)

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Here at AVweb, we love a good "above and beyond" story — and this week's spotlight FBO, Craig Air Center at Craig Municipal Airport (KCRG) in Jacksonville, Florida, has made "above and beyond" their motto.

Dan Karney tells the tale:

I stayed at Craig for a week visiting family in the area. While taxiing to depart, we noticed one of our main tires was flat. The linemen came out and happily towed us back to their FBO. (Where we stopped was literally the farthest point from their FBO.) ... [S]ince it was Sunday, there were no maintenance facilities open that day. They inflated the tire for me ... [but] when it would not hold any air, they called every maintenance facility on the field ... [then started] calling flight schools on the field. Their last option came through: A mechanic was reached that worked at Criag Air Center, and it was fixed at a reasonable price, in a reasonable ammount of time. I was extremely pleased with their service and helpfulness. I will definitely be back if I am in the area.

... And given last week's top FBO, we'd say KCRG is looking good as a summer stopover!

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase

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Each week, we go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of reader-submitted photos and pick the very best to share with you on Thursday mornings. The top photos are featured on AVweb's home page, and one photo that stands above the others is awarded an AVweb baseball cap as our "Picture of the Week." Want to see your photo on AVweb.com? Click here to submit it to our weekly contest.


With Memorial Day now behind us in the U.S., it's time to pick up the pace and careen headlong into summer. EAA AirVenture is only weeks away, and the photos are starting to come in from readers' favorite air shows across the globe. (And that includes a few in places that aren't caught up in the race toward summer right now.)

medium | large

copyright © Jeffrey Thornton
Used with permission

Heating Things Up at the Titusville Air Show

Jeffrey Thornton of Woodbridge, Virginia knows how to start off summer with a bang — or a wall of fire, if you want to get technical. That's Dale Snodgrass raising the temperature in the F-86 at the Titusville Air Show in Florida a few weeks back.

medium | large

copyright © Don Parsons
Used with permission

"We Sent Waldo Out for Doughnuts ..."

"... so we could sit in the cockpit and make airplane noises," writes Don Parsons of St. Peters, Missouri.

The fellow in the foreground is Glenn Peck, who's currently restoring the Standard J1 waiting patiently outside the hangar for the clean-up to be finished. Don tells us Glenn will be ready to fly her soon, after spending 16 months doing various restoration work.

medium | large

copyright © Harold Moritz
Used with permission

Sky Soldiers

Harold Moritz of East Haddam, Connecticut has the perfect description of this heart-stopping photo:

If this weren't at the Andrews 2010 Joint Services Open House Air Show, you'd think something really bad was happening. But the precision flying of the Army's Sky Soldiers team was impressive — first time I've seen them or any helo demo team before. ... They are only doing a handful of shows, so get out there and see them.

We'll second that motion!

medium | large

Used with permission of Fred W. Scott Jr.

Caribou at Saglak DEW Line Site, Labrador

A couple of weeks back, we practically dared you to top the sight of a helicopter herding muskoxen inside the Arctic Circle.

Fred W. Scott Jr. of North Garden, Virginia takes up the gauntlet this week, delivery a shot fo Caribou looking for a little shade on the taxiway. Caribou in Labrador. Well played, Mr. Scott!

If you've got wilder photos of wildlife and aircraft, it should go without saying that we want to see it.

medium | large

Used with permission of Donald Reece

Ready to Go

Donald Reece of Palm Harbor, Florida reminds us that summer isn't all explosions, stunts, wild animals, and cleaning up. Nope, there's also those luxuriously long evenings, captured perfectly by Donald "just outside the Anchorage Airport a couple of years ago."

He writes, "This Cessna looked like it was ready to go, just waiting for a pilot. If I only had the keys."

And hey — there's more to see on AVweb's home page, in teh slideshow about 1/3 of the way down the page. Check it out.

Click here to submit your own photos to "POTW." We want 'em!

A quick note for submitters: If you've got several photos that you feel are "POTW" material, your best bet is to submit them one-a-week! That gives your photos a greater chance of seeing print on AVweb, and it makes the selection process a little easier on us, too. ;)

A Reminder About Copyrights:
Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or or send us an e-mail.

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