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Volume 16, Number 30f
July 31, 2010
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AVflash! Impact Photos from Tuesday Crashback to top 

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California photographer Brian Flanagan captured images of the last seconds of Jack Roush's Beechcraft Premier 1 as it dipped a wing and then pancaked on an infield area of Wittman Regional Airport Tuesday evening. The sequence shows the aircraft in a relatively steep bank over the runway before it hits hard, collapsing the gear as onlookers flee to safety. Meanwhile Roush, 68, has undergone surgery at a local hospital and is now in the Mayo Clinic for more treatment and recovery. At last report his condition was listed as serious but stable. The status of his passenger, Brenda Strickland, 61, hasn't been discussed in detail but her injuries were initially thought to be less severe than Roush's. More...

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Electric Power Steals the Show at Oshkoshback to top 

Burt Rutan, in one of the seven talks he will be giving during EAA AirVenture this week, addressed the World Electric Symposium at the EAA museum on Friday, and said the "most impressive thing I have ever seen anywhere in aerospace" was a remotely controlled, dynamically soaring glider that he watched fly from the top of a mountain. He went on to talk about the electric aviation advances he would most like to see. First would be a self-launching sailplane. He also described an electric backup propulsion system that would consist of two pods that could be snapped on to the wings of an airplane and provide just enough power for an approach or a go-around, in the event the main engine fails. It could also boost power for high-density-altitude takeoffs. Such a device could save a lot of lives, Rutan said. But he added that the prospect he is most excited about is an idea inspired by remote-control model aircraft. More...

Cessna is teaming up with George Bye of Bye Energy to design a proof-of-concept electric-powered 172, Cessna said this week at EAA AirVenture. "As we look at the landscape of alternative fuels for general aviation aircraft, the electric powerplant offers significant benefits, but there are significant challenges to get there," said Cessna CEO Jack Pelton. "We believe Bye Energy has gotten off to a good start in understanding those challenges and how to overcome them." Cessna said it expects to fly the electric Skyhawk by the end of this year, but Bye told AVweb he was shooting for the first quarter of next year. More...

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The efforts of Yuneec, Sonex and Lange Aviation were recognized at EAA AirVenture on Friday as the three were awarded the first Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prizes. Yuneec took the honors for the best example of an electric aircraft, the E430; Sonex won for its efforts in developing subsystems and components; and Axel Lange took the individual achievement award for his development of the Antares 20E motorglider. The prizes totaled $25,000, but Erik Lindbergh announced shortly after the ceremony that all of the winners had agreed to donate their prizes back to the LEAP organization to help fund education programs that aim to inspire young people to participate in aviation. More...

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New Toys and Tools for 696 Usersback to top 

Garmin made several announcements at an AirVenture press conference this week. The biggest item is for GPSMap 696 owners who have complained that the approach plates don't show the position of the aircraft on the approach. Soon they can. The software upgrade for the 696 to support georeferenced charts is available now and the charts with that data will be available by the fourth quarter of this year. The upgrade is free to all 696 owners and there will be no change in the chart subscription price. Garmin's Jim Alpiser hinted that having access to this geo-referenced data may allow Garmin to "sneak in some other cool features in the future." Garmin also added approach charts to their PilotMyCast weather and flight planning software for no additional charge. Jeppesen users can also get charts on their 696 and won't have to wait. More...

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Klapmeier and Kestrelback to top 

One aircraft attracting a lot of attention at EAA AirVenture this week is the Kestrel, a single-engine turboprop design that's been under development in the UK for a number of years. The project now has been taken over by Alan Klapmeier, one of the co-founders of Cirrus Aircraft, who left Cirrus about a year ago. Klapmeier recently announced that the project will be based in Maine and start down the long road to FAA certification. Here at Oshkosh, the Kestrel display is right next door to Epic Aircraft, which is selling a similar aircraft that has some common heritage. Adrian Norris, a spokesman for Kestrel, told AVweb that the two aircraft differ in substantial ways, and will diverge even more as Klapmeier re-evaluates and tweaks the airplane as he works toward a prototype design. In any case, the Epic aircraft is a kit, and the Kestrel will be certified. More...

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Hot Car Raises Big Bucks for Young Eaglesback to top 

It may be an aviation event but a car stole the show at the Gathering of Eagles fundraiser at AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 Thursday. The Ford SR-71 Mustang, the first-ever collaboration between NASCAR owner Jack Roush and the legendary Carroll Shelby, raised $375,000 for Young Eagles at auction. The car is, of course, an instant collectible and was purchased by an unidentified buyer from Texas. The sale was made more poignant by the crash of Roush's Premier 1 in a landing accident at Wittman Field on Tuesday. More...

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AVweb Audio — Are You Listening?back to top 

Is ADS-B equipment on your shopping list for AirVenture this year? If so, you may want to stop by the Trig Avionics booth. Trig's Andy Davis shows Larry Anglisano around some of the company's offerings.

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Cessna said at EAA AirVenture that it will team up with Bye Energy to design an electric-powered 172. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with George Bye at the Cessna tent at Oshkosh for more details about the project.

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Our Video Reports Finally Get Off the Groundback to top 

When some guys retire, they buy a sports car or maybe an LSA. Art Nalls bought a Harrier, and he flew it at AirVenture this week. AVweb sent a camera along.

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Once the place finally dried out, it filled up with airplanes — and here's a look at the campgrounds, AeroShell Square, and all the neat stuff you've been hearing about shot from pattern altitude.

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Photo Galleriesback to top 

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AVweb photographer Mariano Rosales was on his own today — we think someone may have stolen intern Adam for another important assignment — and that gave him a few extra moments to spend time with some of his favorite attractions here at Oshkosh. More...

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Introducing Cobalt's Co50
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