AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 16, Number 33b

August 19, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Safety and Scale back to top 

Biplane, RC Model Collide

The FAA has confirmed it is investigating a midair collision between a biplane and what appears to be a large-scale radio-controlled model Aug. 14. FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said the mishap occurred at an airport in Brighton, Colo., during what appeared to be a model aircraft event. The RC pilots were using an airport runway or taxiway for their activities and the model involved in the collision was hovering on prop thrust above a paved surface when the biplane (type unknown) made a low-level pass with airshow smoke on over the field, then struck the model.

Fergus said the full-scale aircraft reportedly suffered minor damage to a wing but was able to fly away. The model can be seen tumbling out of control to the ground. Fergus said FAA officials have viewed the video and the investigation is in the early stages. "It's very preliminary," he said. Another FAA spokesman, Allen Kennitzer, said the incident was not reported immediately and he actually saw the video and turned it over to investigators. They started work on the file Wednesday.

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Safety and South America back to top 

Parachute Saves Argentine Airshow Pilot

A 22-year-old Argentine aerobatic pilot is out of business for the moment but living to blog about it thanks to the BRS ballistic parachute he installed in his RANS S-9. Dino Moline's only injury was a slightly burned foot after a wing snapped off during a negative G maneuver. The published negative G limit is -4. Moline was performing at Show Aereo 2010 at El Trebol, Argentina when, as he pulled up while inverted, the left wing departed. Although we haven't spoken with Moline, he is quoted on an Argentine blog site this way. "I do not know what happened, I think it was fatigue and I felt an explosion, saw a shadow passed me and was the wing. Then I heard Cesar (Faristocco) shouted my radio to pull the parachute and I did. I do not think anything. I saw fire in the plane, and I despaired a little. Burned my foot, but I'm okay."

The incident happened in front of about 3,500 spectators at the show, which was sponsored by the local flying club in El Trebol, a small town in Sante Fe province in northeastern Argentina. BRS says that's "save" number 253 for the whole plane parachute system.

Only One Killed In Spectacular Crash

Officials on the Colombian resort island of San Andres have partially reopened the local airport's only runway to allow special purpose flights relating to the crash of an Aires Boeing 737-700 on Monday. Authorities on the Colombian resort island of San Andres say it's amazing more people weren't killed when an Aires Airlines Boeing 737 crashed on landing and split into three pieces early Monday. Police say one female passenger died on the way to hospital. Six people were seriously hurt and more than 100 were treated for various less serious injuries. There were 125 passengers and six crew on the plane. "It was a miracle and we have to give thanks to God," island Gov. Pedro Gallardo said. Weather was stormy and there have been reports the aircraft was hit by lightning before the crash. There was also a stroke of luck for the crash victims.

San Andres is a popular tourist destination and there was a group of vacationing police officers waiting for the flight to take them back to the mainland. They sprang into action when the aircraft crash and may have helped reduce the body count. Meanwhile, the wreckage is still on the runway as authorities do their investigations. There's about 5,000 feet of the 9.000-foot runway available.

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Safety and Showmanship back to top 

'Unsafe' RAF Airshow Pilot Grounded

An RAF pilot has been grounded, at least temporarily, for putting a little extra into his job. Flt. Lt. Tom Saunders is flying a desk after someone had a look at the flight data recorder in the BAE Hawk jet he flew in air shows and determined he was flying too aggressively. According to the London Daily Telegraph, the RAF was apparently worried Saunders could have blacked out during his routine because of the Gs recorded. "He was a bit of a naughty boy who did things he should not have been doing, pulling too many Gs without telling anyone on the ground about it," an unnamed RAF source told the paper. "What he was doing was not particularly safe and by not telling people about it was not a good thing to do." Our limited research suggests the aircraft is certified for +8 -4Gs and it's not known which parameter was allegedly exceeded.

The less interesting and official line from the Defense Ministry is that they're very sorry but there was nothing else that could be done. "It is with considerable regret that Flt. Lt. Tom Saunders has been withdrawn from his role as the Hawk solo display pilot for the remainder of the summer display season," the ministry said in a statement. "This follows an incident which took place recently involving the Hawk display aircraft. The RAF is aware of how popular the Hawk solo display is and apologises for any disappointment caused." The Hawk is widely used as a jet trainer. The U.S. Navy uses a version called the Goshawk.

CF-18 Crash Pilot Speaks About Incident

Click for photos & video

The pilot of a Canadian Forces CF-18 that crashed during an airshow rehearsal last month says he has "no reservations" about returning to the cockpit after his dramatic treetop ejection. Capt. Brian Bews appeared at a news conference Tuesday to talk about the accident, which happened July 23, the day before the Alberta International Airshow in Lethbridge, about 100 miles south of Calgary. Bews was practicing the high alpha pass in which the aircraft strikes a delicate balance between high angle of attack and engine power to fly as slowly as possible. Bews told reporters he felt turbulence and a downdraft and tried to abort the maneuver by adding power and climbing out, something he'd done dozens of times before. "It became immediately obvious to me that the jet was not acting like it normally acts," Bews said. "I was not in control of the aircraft anymore. I knew where the jet was going and I didn't want to be there with it."

At about 100 feet above the ground, Bews ejected as the jet rolled right and the resulting angle combined with strong winds carried him clear of the fireball that resulted when the aircraft exploded on the ground. The parachute canopy didn't have time to fully inflate and Bews landed hard, compressing three vertebrae. He's wearing a spinal brace but is expected to make a full recovery in eight to 12 weeks. There's no question he'll return to flying after getting medical clearance. "I wish I could fly today," he said. The Canadian Forces cancelled the remainder of the season for the CF-18 flight demonstration team but CF-18s continue to take part in airshows doing flypasts, taking part in tactical demonstrations and on static display.

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Procedure and the President back to top 

TFR Response Raises Sonic Boom Near Seattle

Two F-15C fighters from the Oregon Air National Guard's 142nd Fighter Wing were likely the cause of booms heard Tuesday in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington, during a Presidential visit. The Oregon National Guard confirmed Tuesday that its NORAD-directed fighters were cleared to go supersonic to intercept what was later found to be a float-equipped Cessna 180 with two aboard as it wandered near a Presidential TFR. The jets, which departed from Portland International airport, did not arrive on scene in time to meet the aircraft, but sonic booms can be heard in videos taken near Seattle at the time and by local seismographs. The noise set off a flood of calls to 9-1-1, and even took the system offline in one area as anxious residents wondered why their windows had shaken. The occupants of the Cessna, a man and woman, met Secret Service on the ground and said they had seen the jets.

The float plane had departed Lake Chelan and flew between Seattle and the mountains to a landing on Lake Washington at Kenmore, where it was met by Secret Service agents. The event began at about 1:38 in the afternoon when the fighters were scrambled. The National Guard jets were given clearance to depart from PDX with an immediate right turn (normal departure follows a different route for noise abatement) and engage afterburners for the intercept. The FAA is investigating and will decide what if any penalties are levied on the pilot of the Cessna.

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Martha's Vineyard TFR Sometime Thursday

Click for larger version

The President is going on vacation, and that means 10 days of disruption for the busy GA operations around Martha's Vineyard. Temporary flight restrictions (PDF) go into effect Thursday but, as of late Tuesday, the FAA didn't know exactly when. The agency is warning pilots to check NOTAMs before flying in the area at any time beginning Thursday. That's advice a floatplane pilot flying in the Seattle area could apparently have used Tuesday as he blundered into a TFR around Boeing Field for the president's whistlestop visit to the city. The Associated Press quoted Laura Joseph, a passenger on a Cessna 180 flown by Lee Daily, as saying the pilot was unaware of the TFR and landed at a seaplane base on Lake Washington that was within the TFR. While TFR violations go largely unnoticed these days, everyone in Greater Seattle heard about this one.

For reasons that aren't clear, it was a couple of Guard F-15s from Portland that were dispatched to deal with the potential threat and they were in a hurry. Two sonic booms rattled windows and jangled nerves about 1:38 p.m. local time. FAA and military officials were quick to explain the situation. Daily and Joseph were interviewed by the Secret Service and released.

Pro Pilot Career Fair Aug. 28

The pilot profession and aviation in general has taken some knocks in the past couple of years but industry officials say the future is bright for those who want a career in the cockpit. FltOps.com is holding its annual Global Pilot Career Conference and Job Fair Aug. 28 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway hotel, and hundreds of young people looking to break into the business and more experienced pilots looking for a change are expected to attend. There will also be at least eight air carriers who are actively recruiting in attendance and accepting resumes. A number of flight training institutions will also be on hand.

The conference will also feature an afternoon forum on the future of the profession and EAA, whose Young Eagles program may be the first step for many budding pro pilots, is taking an active role with an upbeat message. "With thousands of airline pilots facing mandatory retirement in the coming years, the future job market for professional pilots – including airline pilots – looks very strong," EAA said in a news release. EAA intends to follow up on Young Eagles participants to encourage those whose eyes might be opened to a career in aviation. "There is unlimited career potential within the aviation industry, and through the Young Eagles program and the EAA Flight Plan we are working to continue that initial curiosity into a promising future for the next generation of aviators," said Barry Elk, EAA's director of membership marketing. Those who can't attend the Atlanta meeting can join the discussion online.

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We Regret the Error back to top 

Correction: Jack Roush Audio

Click for a new photo sequence of the moment of impact at Jalopnik.com (opens in new window/tab)

We got our wires crossed in our story in Monday's AVwebFlash about the latest on the crash of Jack Roush's Beech Premier at Oshkosh. We interpreted ATC recordings as suggesting another controller second-guessed the controller in the chair concerning the handling of Roush's flight. We've been told by someone who should know (but isn't in an official capacity to be quoted) that it was Roush who was questioning the instructions, not another controller. We've received numerous e-mails about the gaffe and most agree that it was Roush and the working controller in the exchange. Interestingly, though, we received several e-mails from people who claim to know Roush's voice (that was a common theme) and who thought our original account was accurate. We also had a suggestion from a reader that we all wait for the analysis of the CVR and official ATC tapes before we engage in speculation. Seems like sound advice.

Roush Blames Crash On Landing 'Conflict' (Corrected)

Click for more moment-of-impact photos
Click for more photos of Roush's Beech

NASCAR racing legend Jack Roush appears to blame air traffic controllers working EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh for the events that led to the crash landing of his Beech Premier jet on July 27. "The reality of it -- on a trip arrival into Oshkosh, Wisc., I was put in conflict with the flight plan of another airplane close to the ground, and I was unable to address the conflict and keep the airplane flying. I ground-looped the airplane..." Roush told the car racing publication Motorsports. In tower recordings we're told it's Roush who appears to question tower instructions "Is 6JR (Roush's plane) going to be OK with this?" Roush asks. "Affirmative," says the controller working Roush's aircraft. "Don't think so," says Roush. Seconds later the controller begins ordering traffic on final to go around. The NTSB has issued its preliminary report and says, based on amateur video it has seen, Roush apparently overshot the centerline of the runway and made several course corrections.

"The airplane appeared to overshoot the runway centerline during this turn and then level its wings momentarily before entering a slight right bank simultaneously as the nose of the airplane pitched up," the report says. "The airplane then turned left toward the runway centerline and began a descent. During this descent the airplane's pitch appeared to increase until the airplane entered a right bank and struck the grass area west of the runway in a nose down, right wing low attitude." The aircraft had a cockpit voice recorder and it's being analyzed. Meanwhile, Roush is out of the hospital after two weeks of surgeries and treatments for severe facial injuries. He lost the sight in his left eye in the accident and suffered multiple broken bones, including a broken jaw. Roush, who survived a previous plane crash, told Motorsport he's counting his blessings. "I feel very lucky," Roush said. "I've had several bites at the apple."

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Biplane and RC Airplane Midair Collision

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

The FAA has confirmed it is investigating a midair collision between a biplane and what appears to be a large-scale radio-controlled model on Aug. 14. FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said the mishap occurred at an airport in Brighton, Colo. during what appeared to be a model aircraft event. The RC pilots were using an airport runway or taxiway for their activities, and the model involved in the collision was hovering on prop thrust above a paved surface when the biplane (type unknown) made a low-level pass with air show smoke on over the field, then struck the model.

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Real Aircraft Loses Wing, Lands Safely (Under Canopy)

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

A Rans S-9 Chaos piloted by 22-year-old Dino Moline lost its wing during an air show routine in Argentina Sunday. Because it was equipped with a Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) full-plane parachute system, the pilot survived uninjured.

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Sonic Boom Heard in Seattle

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Two Air National Guard F-15s out of Portland International Airport went supersonic over the continental U.S. Tuesday, and the sonic booms were caught on local videos. The jets had been dispatched by NORAD. They had been granted permission to go supersonic to intercept an aircraft that was wandering near airspace that had been temporarily restricted during a Presidential visit to the region. The first video was shot in Seattle by a local news crew; the second, apparently by a local mother.

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FBO of the Week: WaCo Aviation (KGWW, Goldsboro/Pikeville, NC)

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Maybe it's the summer heat or the relentless thunderstorms, but a lot of AVweb readers took time to nominate FBOs for recognition here on our site this week. (And yes, we continue to hear from readers who had stellar experiences at KUNU, KMTW, and KRYV on their AirVenture trips!)

Our latest "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to WaCo Aviation at Goldsboro-Wayne Municipal Airport (GWW) in Pikesville, North Carolina.

Michael Davidson discovered the charms of WaCo when thunderstorms forced him to divert from his route recently:

I was met before the deluge on the ramp by the WaCo FBO manager, Doug Lancaster, with chocks, tie-downs, and an offer of fuel. Inside, I frequently checked the weather situation online and met local pilots as they stopped in to hang out. Soon it became clear that I would compromise personal flight minima to leave before next daybreak, so I asked about local accommodations and was kindly offered instead the sofa at the FBO as they closed. When Doug came back to pull in a scheduled home-based jet arriving before midnight, he stopped by the FBO for the sole purpose of bringing to me a pillow and blanket! ... All levels of flyers and craft would be comfortable here, and Doug knows how to take care of airmen — learned from his Air Force service as a senior non-com. This is the kind of service with a touch you write someone about!

Hey, we're someone! And we're always happy to spread the word about top-notch FBOs. Kudos to Doug and the crew at WaCo.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

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medium | large

copyright © John King
Used with permission

Spatial Disorientation

We've seen some simple-but-amazing air-to-air photographs in our day — but this week's top shot from John King of Auckland, New Zealand takes the cake. 'Tain't PhotoShoppery that's turned the world upside-down here, but rather pilot (and TV weatherman) Jim Hickey "looping his Yak-52 beside 8,261-foot Mt. Egmont/Taranaki."

medium | large

copyright © Scott Biser
Used with permission

Yankin' & Bankin'

"This is what fun flying is all about!" writes Scott Biser of Cincinnati, Ohio. That's Matt Novotney in his Dominator gyroplane at the Popular Rotorcraft Association Convention in Mentone, Indiana. According to Scott, "Matt loves to fly in just about any attitude except straight and level."

medium | large

Used with permission of Paul Anderson

Summer Flying in Barrow, Alaska

As much fun as we have in the lower 48, Paul Anderson of Anchorage, Alaska took a moment to remind us that not everyone in the world is enjoying blue skies and warm temps. In case you didn't notice at first glance, that's Arctic ice creeping up on this float plane in the employ of the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Service.

medium | large

Used with permission of Ryan Hayes

Busy Day at the Nut Tree

Ryan Hayes of Denver, Colorado has called it correctly — that's an active patch of tarmac. Looks like fun, though.

medium | large

copyright © Kenny Brown
Used with permission

Better than a Tree House, Any Day

Kenny Brown of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee who built his grandson Breyer (pictured) "a backyard space shuttle." While it seemed like a good idea to Kenny (who "didn't have a tree big enough to build a tree house"), we have a feeling the regret may kick in when all the neighborhood kids start asking for their own shuttles. Unless, of course, he planned to pick up a second job ... .

You'll find more reader-submitted photos in the slideshow on AVweb's home page. Don't miss 'em!

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