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Volume 16, Number 45b
November 11, 2010
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Recent reports in regarding AOPA compensation and other issues have been strongly challenged by AOPA leadership. naturally defends its reporting and its role as the independent voice of general aviation. In an effort to have an open-ended, unrestricted dialog about all facets of AOPA's operations -- from finances to fuels to new pilot recruitment -- the association and AVweb have agreed to an unprecedentedexchange of views and information. This will take place in coming weeks in the form of detailed interviews with AOPA principals that will include a fresh look at how the organization functions and how it defines its role in promoting general aviation. Both AVweb and AOPA believe such an independent review represents an unparalleled opportunity to build confidence in GA's future.

Craig Fuller, AOPA

Tim Cole, AVweb

Paul Bertorelli, AVweb


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AOPA Summit This Weekback to top 

AOPA's annual Summit runs Thursday through Saturday this week in Long Beach, Calif., featuring a long list of events and industry updates. The main hall hosts about 500 exhibits, and the schedule includes programs and speakers for new pilots, seasoned fliers and enthusiasts. A variety of social events and fundraisers are planned, including a Friday-night block party. Among the industry updates, Cirrus Aircraft co-founder Dale Klapmeier will discuss the Vision SF50 personal jet and the new Perspective ESP flight-stability-augmentation system. The Terrafugia crew will be showing their proof-of-concept "flying car" inside the main exhibit hall. Cessna and Bye Energy will have an update on their progress toward building an electric-powered Skyhawk. Long Beach Airport will host static displays, including Fifi, the only flying B-29 Superfortress. More...

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Aircraft Safetyback to top 

A crew of 42 aboard a 787 Dreamliner on a test flight Tuesday afternoon evacuated safely via emergency slides at Laredo, Texas, after the pilots reported smoke in the cabin while on approach to the airport. "We have decided to not fly the other planes until we better understand the incident," a Boeing spokeswoman said, according to BBC News. Nine airplanes are currently in the test fleet. The 787 had launched from Yuma, Ariz., on a routine test flight and had been in the air for six hours. According to the Seattle Times, the cause of the smoke was "a serious in-flight fire in the electrical-equipment bay." The fire affected the cockpit controls, and the jet lost its primary flight displays and auto-throttle, according to the Times. Boeing, however, said on Wednesday the primary flight displays were not affected, according to a local TV station. Boeing has released few details about the incident. More...

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Where There's Smoke ... There's Not Always Fireback to top 

Images captured Monday evening near Los Angeles "could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile," speculated former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth, or, as another source argues, it could be the contrail of a civil aircraft. Multiple news sources reported Tuesday that the Pentagon and other military sources "can't explain" the images. On Tuesday that translated into rampant media repetition from CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets that no one could explain the "missile launch" that had taken place. Again, the "missile launch" reported was not supported by any official source contacted by the news outlets. For those who have been paying attention, Californians went through a similar experience in January. And in both the latest case and the January case, photographs of the contrails share similarities with photos of contrails left by aircraft flying inbound from over the horizon at sunset. Once you see the pictures, you may consider that possibility, too. More...

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Aviation Safetyback to top 

Reliance on automated systems may be eroding the flying skills of pilots, contributing to about 60 percent of the accidents reviewed by an FAA research team, the Wall Street Journal reported last week. FAA researcher Kathy Abbott presented the preliminary results of the FAA study at an aviation safety conference in Milan. Operating flight-control computers can distract pilots from "managing the flight path of the airplane," Abbott said. In addition, "pilots sometimes abdicate too much responsibility to the automated systems." She added that sometimes pilots don't get enough practice in hand-flying and will hesitate to take control away from the computer in an emergency. The results of the study are expected to be released early next year, hopefully by February, Abbott told AVweb. More...

Owners of 36,000 Cessna aircraft will be required to add more steps to their inspections of seat rails to ensure they are secure, the FAA said in a notice of proposed rulemaking released this week. The proposal applies to 18 models, including the 150, 152, 172, 182, and 210 single-engine aircraft, as well as several twins, including the T303 Crusader and the 337 Skymaster. The new directive aims to update an earlier AD issued in 1987. Since then, the FAA says, it has received several reports of accidents, some fatal, in Cessna aircraft where the primary latch pin for the pilot or co-pilot seat was not properly engaged in the seat rail or track. The new AD adds steps to the inspection procedures and clarifies some of the existing steps. The cost to comply is estimated at $85 per airplane for the inspection. If parts are found to need replacement, the estimated cost is about $775. More...

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What You Missed in AVwebBiz This Weekback to top 

A coalition of six Vancouver-area aviation businesses is suing the Canadian Ministry of Transport for lost business resulting from the flight restrictions imposed during the 2010 Olympic Games. Mike Skrobica, of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) announced the suit at ATAC's annual meeting in Vancouver on Monday. He told AVweb the companies are claiming lost revenue of almost $1 million. The Canadian government enforced flight restrictions over Vancouver and the resort area of Whistler for about a month from just before the start of the Games in February until just after the opening of the Paralympic Games, which follow the Olympics. The flight restrictions cut or curtailed most training, sight seeing and charter operations. Skrobica said Transport Canada normally compensates companies for such disruptions but didn't in the case of the Olympics. "We're hoping the ministry makes us an offer," Skrobica said, noting the case will be launched with a news conference in Vancouver this week. Collette Morin, owner of Glacier Air, one of the six companies involved in the suit, said the Olympics hurt her business significantly. More...


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AVweb Audio — Are You Listening?back to top 

The Alliance for Aviation Across America was born of the threat user fees posed to general aviation in small town America. It's found a lasting place as a voice for the industry and the people who rely upon it. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Executive Director Selena Shilad.

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There's been some confusion about the issue of volunteer pilots getting paid for the fuel they burn. Rol Murrow of the Air Care Alliance sets the record straight with AVweb's Russ Niles.

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At the AOPA Summit in Long Beach, Don Albin was kind enough to offer this tour of his rare aircraft — an amphibious twin engine pusher, the Piaggio Royal Gull seaplane.

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Wilbur Owens's SNJ-5, The Daisy Pearl, is a tribute to two men, Thomas Hudner and Jesse Brown, who flew for the United States military. Brown was the Navy's first African-American pilot. He was shot down during the Korean war. Hudner, a fellow pilot, earned the Bronze Star trying to save Brown from the elements and Chinese infantry. Read more here.

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The AVweb staff has been pulling some late nights gearing up for the AOPA Summit in Long Beach this week, so we can identify with the manager of our latest "FBO of the Week."

AVweb reader Joel Cutler told us how Dave Fernald, the manager of Northern Aroostook Regional Airport (KFVE) in Frenchville, Maine "waited for me until midnight and was there at 04:45 when I returned to depart. He didn't even go home to sleep!" writes Joel. "Pumped my fuel, put my plane in the hangar, and couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I'll go back just to visit!"

Now that's how you get to be named an AVweb "FBO of the Week"!

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AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


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