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Volume 16, Number 48b
December 2, 2010
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Volunteer pilots flying with Bahamas Habitat, in partnership with Servants in Faith and Technology, are actively fighting the cholera epidemic in Haiti and seeking new recruits. The group is delivering water filtration and purification systems that serve as a front-line effort to stem the tide of the disease. Cholera has already taken more than 1,700 lives in Haiti since an outbreak began there Oct. 21, according to the United Nations. Bahamas Habitat pilots have so far delivered enough purification units to clean water for more than 34,000 people. Larger, community-oriented purification systems weigh about 26 pounds each and, due to their size, multiple units can be loaded on most small aircraft. Each aircraft also usually carries multiple one-pound single-dwelling filtration units. The flights are funded by donations and the organization is seeking volunteer pilots (and aircraft) to continue the work. More...

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DCGA), India, has recommended "appropriate action" against the crew of an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 after a copilot's seat adjustment led to the rapid loss of 5,000 feet and his own panic. No one was injured in the May 26 incident that involved 113 passengers, but the DCGA report states the copilot was not trained for the situation. The situation was that the airliner was cruising at 37,000 feet in fully automated flight en route to Pune out of Dubai, when the 39-year-old captain stepped out of the cockpit for a trip to the restroom. The 25-year-old copilot then adjusted his seat forward and inadvertently pushed the control column. That initiated the descent and, according to the DCGA, the copilot's subsequent actions (which may have involved adjustments to the autopilot) did not correct the situation but instead caused the aircraft to roll from level. Meanwhile, the captain was locked outside of the cockpit trying to gain access. More...

A Cessna M337B Skymaster that crashed in Avon Park, Fla., last month while on a military training exercise lost its right wing prior to hitting the ground, the NTSB said this week. All three on board, who were civilian pilots, died in the crash. In its preliminary report, the NTSB said the crew was returning to the Avon Park airport, which serves as an auxiliary field for MacDill Air Force Base, at about 9 p.m. local time, after the weather began to deteriorate. Rain and clouds were reported near the accident site. The airplane was originally built in 1967 as an O-2A for the U.S. Air Force. In February, a 337 crashed in New Jersey after a wing separated shortly after takeoff, killing all five on board. More...

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Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH says it has returned to profitability, improved its engines and is now seeking investors to continue its revival. "It is a very good time to start seeking a new investor," said Bruno M. Kubler, the government-appointed bankruptcy administrator who took over Thielert in 2008 when the company went under due to financial mismanagement and, in part, deteriorating aircraft market conditions. But now, says Kubler, the market is improving "and the big players are starting to invest again in order to take part in this upswing." Kubler was evidently referring to world credit markets, not aircraft sales, which continue in the doldrums worldwide. Thielert, by the way, has a separate marketing arm called Centurion and this company and name has become the brand nameplate of the engines. But we're told that Thielert GmBh continues to operate under its original name. More...

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The FAA has approved the TKS ice-protection system for Quest Aircraft's Kodiak turboprop, just in time for winter flying. The TKS system, which is approved for flight into known icing (FIKI), is manufactured by CAV Aerospace. "Ice protection ... will greatly enhance the aircraft's safety and dispatch reliability," said Quest CEO Paul Schaller. "We have seen interest from all of our key market segments, including personal use, Part 135 operations, government, corporate, special operations and humanitarian organizations." The TKS system works by "weeping" glycol-based fluid through laser-drilled microscopic holes. It protects wing leading edges as well as tail surfaces, landing gear, struts, and the windshield and propeller. The system can be retrofitted to any of the Kodiak fleet. More...

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If you're looking for unique holiday gifts for the aviator on your list, or compiling a list of your own, plenty of options have been flowing into the AVweb inbox. Bonham's auction house in Oxford is selling a pair of wooden photograph cases made from one of the main spars of the tri-plane flown by Manfred Von Reichthofen, known as the "Red Baron," in World War I. The airplane was shot down in April 1918. The two cases will be auctioned on Dec. 7 and are expected to sell for about $600 to $900. Build A Plane is holding an online auction to support its efforts to help kids learn about aviation and science by building their own airplanes. Bidders can find special passes to EAA AirVenture, a Garmin GPS, a Bahamas weekend and more. The auction continues until Dec. 17, with new items listed every day. More...

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A Canadian landing-gear manufacturer may have spilled the beans that Dassault is moving forward with a new business jet design. Montreal-based Heroux-Devtek announced to the Canadian Press last week that it had won a contract to design, build and help certify gear for the as-yet unannounced bizjet. "It's a recognition by another world leader that Heroux-Devtek can design, develop and build aircraft landing gear so it's a great win for us," company CEO Gilles Labbe told CP. Dassault has not yet confirmed the project but it's likely a revival of the super midsize SMS project that was announced in 2007 and shelved in 2009. More...

Not many business jets that collide with airliners at 37,000 feet are repaired and returned to service but that appears to be the outcome for the Embraer Legacy 600 that contacted a GOL Boeing 737 over Brazil on Sept. 29, 2006. The collision resulted in the loss of the 737 and the deaths of all 154 on board but the Legacy pilots, who were on a delivery flight from the Embraer factory to New York, managed to land the damaged bizjet safely at a military airfield in the jungle. The tragedy resulted in a protracted legal and diplomatic squabble that might not be over yet. The Legacy, however, lives on. It was flown to Cleveland, Ohio, on Nov. 19, minus the winglet it lost in the collision, where it will undergo extensive repairs. More...


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That's what the F-35 has been, but it may not stay that way. The Pentagon will certainly take some cuts, and the F-35 is a $382 billion target of opportunity. But it's also something else: Very likely the last major manned fighter we'll see for a while — and maybe forever. Paul Bertorelli has more in his latest post to the AVweb Insider blog. Read more and join the conversation. More...

This environmental group is seen as the main heavy in the struggle to find a replacement for 100LL, but it is in fact just one of many players. On the plus side, the Friends' petition — and maybe a lawsuit — against the EPA may finally push the lead issue in one direction or another, ending the uncertainty over future fuels. That, says Paul Bertorelli on the AVweb Insider blog, is not a bad thing. More...

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Fantastic Pricing and Tax Incentives make 2010 an ideal time to buy or upgrade an aircraft. We've compiled special offers on new or used planes, avionics, engines and more on the resource page. The pricing, rebates or incentives are available to everyone. Consult your tax advisor regarding the potential bonus depreciation benefits, and check our resources page for stories, podcasts, and videos related to bonus depreciation.
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Some recent events have cast doubt on the veracity of a flight medical. Have you ever fudged one?

Plus: Last week, we asked AVweb readers what they did to give back to the aviation community in 2010; click through to see how they answered. More...


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AVweb reader Howard Schur discovered the value of a good FBO when he paid a visit to ProJet Aviation at Leesburg Executive Airport at Godfrey Field (KJYO) in Leesburg, Virginia recently:

I was arriving after hours (10pm), and they told me to take my time. I needed a rental car, [and] when I landed, Mike was there with flashlights to show me where to park, and the rental car was waiting on the tarmac. By the way, I have a Cessna 340, not a Gulfstream — but was treated like I had a jet.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


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Jay Tolbert of Everett, WA
Keith Langdon of Lawton, MI

Oops! We meant to mention this last week, but our "POTW" of November 18 had two very different photos transposed. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out — and hearty discouragement to everyone who suggested aerobatic pilot Jeff Boerboon swap out his Extra for a Ford trimotor.

We're still digging out from under a backlog, but our regular "POTW" feature will return on Monday. Watch for a slideshow update over the weekend.


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