AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 17, Number 30f

July 30, 2011

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Reconstructing the Air France Crash back to top 

Report Analyzes Final Moments In AF447 Cockpit

In its latest update on the Air France 447 Rio/Paris crash of June 1, 2009, the French Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA) reports on its analysis of the flight recorders, which were recovered in May. That analysis showed that after the autopilot disengaged, the pilots were confronted with a confusing situation they had never been trained for -- an unreliable indicated airspeed, high altitude, and manual flight controls. Also, the report said there is no training for how to best manage cockpit resources when there are two co-pilots at the controls and a relief captain. "No standard callouts regarding the differences in pitch attitude and vertical speed were made," the report says. In a news release, Air France said, "The combination of multiple improbable factors led to the disaster in less than four minutes…. At this stage, there is no reason to question the crew's technical skills."

The BEA report notes that "even though they identified and announced the loss of the speed indications, neither of the two copilots called the procedure 'Unreliable IAS' …. The copilots had received no high-altitude training for the 'Unreliable IAS' procedure and manual air craft handling… No standard callouts regarding the differences in pitch attitude and vertical speed were made." The approach to stall was characterized by the triggering of the warning, then the appearance of buffet, the report says, but "the airplane's angle of attack was not directly displayed to the pilots." A short time after the triggering of the stall warning, the pilot flying applied takeoff/go-around thrust and made a nose-up input. The BEA reports are available online.

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More Crash Updates back to top 

Lithium Cells Were On Crash Plane

Lithium batteries were reportedly on board a five-year-old Asiana Airlines Boeing 747F cargo plane that crashed in the ocean off South Korea Thursday after the two-person crew reported an inflight fire. According to Air Transport World the aircraft, on a regular run from Soeul/Incheon, South Korea to Shanghai/Pudong, China. It was also carrying paints and resins. Cause of the fire and the subsequent crash hasn't been determined but lithium batteries are thought to be the cause of a fire that brought down a UPS 747 last year in Dubai.

The publication reported Asiana officials said the batteries and liquids were loaded in compliance with international standards and that was checked by the crew. The flight was diverted to Jeju after the fire was reported but crashed in the East China Sea. Debris and a fuel slick has been found by searchers. The NTSB is sending a team to help with the investigation.

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Battery-Powered C-172 Takes Flight back to top 

Electric Cessna 172 Starts Taxi Tests

Beyond Aviation, until recently known as Bye Energy, started initial taxi tests on its electric-powered Cessna 172 last Friday, the company said this week. "We will be announcing our first flight date soon," said Charlie Johnson, president of the company. The tests are taking place at Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colo. The company said its goal is to develop practical, cost-effective electric and hybrid propulsion systems that can easily work as a replacement for internal combustion engines in the 150- to 200-hp range. "The aircraft currently is configured as a proof of concept, 'battery only' aircraft," Darrel Watson, vice president of engineering, told AVweb.

Last November, company founder George Bye said the goal of the project was to create a two-place airplane that would be practical for the training market. He hoped to create an aircraft that would offer an endurance of two hours with a combination of battery power, solar panels on the wings, and power reclaimed from wingtip devices that capture energy in flight. Johnson said that Beyond Aviation will continue the former company's relationships with key sponsors such as Cessna, Jeppesen, Garmin and others.

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Bringing the Social Element to IFR Training back to top 

IMC Clubs Grow, Expand Offerings

The IMC Club, a nonprofit project that launched just about a year ago in Norwood, Mass., aims to help instrument-rated private pilots gain the confidence and skills they need to get the most out of their rating. Members meet once a month to advance their knowledge by sharing experiences or hosting a guest speaker. The project now has 28 chapters and about 1,000 members across the country, and Radek Wyrzykowski, one of the founders of the group, says they are now ready to launch "IMC Club 2.0." The main advance is a new alliance with PilotWorkshops.com to provide "IFR Mastery" training materials for each monthly meeting.

Wyrzykowski said other new aspects of IMC Club 2.0 are a partnership with Redbird flight simulators and stronger support for new chapters. He now goes to every new site to help them launch, and provides materials and guidelines. The group will have a presence at AOPA Summit in September, in Hartford, Conn. Wyrzykowski spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady in detail last week about how the clubs work and how pilots can participate. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Don't forget to stop by the Lightspeed Pavilion outside Hangar B today and cast your vote for your favorite aviation charity. The five that receive the most votes from the pilot community will each receive $10,000 from the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation. For more information, go to LightspeedAviationFoundation.org.
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Those Who Can — Teach back to top 

Teachers Day A Growing Attraction At AirVenture

Several hundred teachers from around the country -- many of them pilots -- gathered at the EAA Museum on Tuesday for Build A Plane's annual Teachers Day event. Jeff Skiles, the first officer on "Miracle on the Hudson" Flight 1549 was among the speakers, which also included guests from EAA, AOPA, the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, and more. Build A Plane founder Lyn Freeman told AVweb his group has been running the event for three years, and participation from across the country is growing. "This year we had teachers from New York, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, all over," he said. The teachers also spend some time in hands-on activities with kids, and after lunch they are free to explore AirVenture.

The project aims to help teachers use aviation to advance their students' skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Another benefit that Build A Plane offers to teachers is access to advanced 3-D CAD software donated by PTC, a software company that services companies such as Boeing and Airbus. "Any teacher who signs up for a Build A Plane project immediately gets access to this software, which enables those students to compete in the Real World Design Challenge," Freeman said. Students from around the country compete in the Challenge each year to solve an engineering problem, such as designing a more efficient wing for aircraft to save on fuel. The software is especially valued by schools that have signed up to Build A Plane, but are still on the waiting list for donations. "We are always looking for more airplanes," Freeman said. "We started a raffle here at AirVenture for a free trip to the Bahamas, for folks who donate at the show." By Friday afternoon two aircraft had been donated, a Cessna 337 Skymaster, and a helicopter, Freeman said. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Jeff Skiles at the Teachers Day event; click here for that podcast.

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Photos from the Show Grounds back to top 

EAA AirVenture 2011: Photo Gallery — Day Six

click for photos

As EAA AirVenture heads into the weekend, we asked Adam to grab some photos of some of this year's big attractions. Just like the folks on-site here at Oshkosh, you folks at home are free to look, but please don't touch. (Unless you're on an iPad.)

Click for photos.

True Flight's Flight Cheetah FL 650 || Featuring HELM X650 Technology
Introducing the FL 650 Display
True Flight's FL 650, utilizing the new HELM X650 by Helm Navigation LLC, can be used as either a panel-mount or portable device in any aircraft. Featuring an ultra-bright 1,000 NIT screen and the most comprehensive list of capabilities of any display out there.

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... Or see an FL 650 at Val Avionics' booth (#3074) in Building C at AirVenture.
Booths at EAA AirVenture: See it at Val Avionics' booth (#3074)
Opinion & Commentary back to top 

AVweb Insider Blog: Note to Tower — Talk Less, Talk Slower

And use fewer words while you're at it. That applies to both ATC and pilots in busy airspace like AirVenture. In his latest post to the AVweb Insider — a video blog post — Paul Bertorelli offers some suggestions on the tower's performance after an F-16 crumped runway 36 on Thursday morning.

Read more and join the conversation.

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AVweb Audio — Are You Listening? back to top 

Podcast: IMC Club Founder Radek Wyrzykowski

File Size 9.8 MB / Running Time 10:44

Bose® A20™ Aviation Headset WX WX Satellite Weather || Vital as Vision

Podcast Index | How to Listen | Subscribe Via RSS

Radek Wyrzykowski, founder of the IMC Club, a fast-growing nonprofit project that launched just about a year ago in Norwood, Mass., aims to help instrument-rated private pilots gain the confidence and skills they need to get the most out of their rating. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Wyrzykowski in detail about how the clubs work and how pilots can participate.

This podcast is brought to you by Bose Corporation and WxWorx XM WX Satellite Weather.

Click here to listen. (9.8 MB, 10:44)

Podcast: Jeff Skiles on Aviation Education

File Size 5.1 MB / Running Time 5:36

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Jeff Skiles gained fame thanks to his participation in the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight, but these days he devotes much of his time to promoting aviation education for youth through programs like Young Eagles and Build A Plane. He spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady at EAA AirVenture about why he's optimistic about career opportunities in aviation.

This podcast is brought to you by Lightspeed Aviation and Phillips 66 Aviation.

Click here to listen. (5.1 MB, 5:36)

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learn back to top 

Video: The Navy Takes Over Oshkosh

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Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Celebrating 100 years of naval aviation, the U.S. Navy has turned KOSH into a veritable NAS, with a wide assortment of naval aircraft on display. Paul Bertorelli walked the line and spoke with servicemen about the different aircraft.

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Video: Boeing 787 Walkaround

Phillips 66 WingPoints Rewards Cards || Use One for Fuel, Use 
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Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Boeing's latest airliner design has seen delays, pushing first delivery back by three years, but the order book is strong according to the company. This aircraft made its landing at Oshkosh on July 29 for EAA AirVenture and departed later in the day.

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This video is brought to you by Phillips 66 Aviation and Lightspeed Aviation.

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