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Volume 17, Number 37a
September 12, 2011
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AVflash! Footing the Bill for the FAAback to top 
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Government leaders appear ready to speed through passage of a four-month funding extension for the FAA when they get back to work this week. In sharp contrast to the rancorous debate that resulted in the FAA going temporarily unfunded last July, House and Senate leaders on both sides of the aisle seem unified in efforts to pass a "clean" funding bill, stripped of all the hot-button partisan clauses that bogged the earlier one down, as early as Monday. Passage would give the legislators time to wrangle over the contentious side issues without crippling the agency. The current funding package runs out on Friday. More...

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For more than 25 years, operators have relied on the Caravan models to meet the most demanding mission parameters. To which the Caravan replies, "Bring it on." Its confidence is backed by a remarkable dispatch reliability rate of over 99 percent and exceptional payload capabilities from its 675-horsepower engine. And when you consider the versatility, configurability, and sheer ruggedness of the Caravan line, the applications are virtually limitless.

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9/11: Looking Back at That Tuesday in Septemberback to top 

Audio collected on September 11, 2001 has been compiled by the Rutgers Law Review for a presentation titled "A New Type of War." AVweb has organized a series of recorded segments from that presentation to provide insight into the day from the perspective of the pilots, crew, controllers and military personnel who lived it. The following audio describes or includes some of the final moments for 92 people aboard American Airlines Flight 11; 65 aboard United Airlines Flight 175; 64 aboard American Airlines Flight 77; and 44 aboard United Airlines Flight 93. Your discretion is advised. More...

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9/11 Today: Calmer Skiesback to top 

Three people who locked themselves in an airliner bathroom on a flight to New York on Sept. 11 will likely get to explain exactly what they were doing in there to the Secret Service and FBI. The three passengers, whose gender distribution was not immediately known, went into the lav at some point during the American Airlines flight from LAX to JFK and stayed there until after it landed. The aircraft was escorted part of the way to New York by two F-16s and landed otherwise uneventfully at 4:10 p.m. EDT. More...

The FAA posted a flurry of new TFRs in the hours before Sunday's somber anniversary, but almost none of them had anything to do with the day we'd all like to forget. Of course, anyone who might have tried to fly near Lower Manhattan, Washington, D.C., or Shanksville, Pa., could have expected, at the very least, a really bad day. By late Sunday, there were no reports that anyone had done so. There were also TFRs for several airshows and the International Council of Air Shows listed at least a dozen shows in North America on Sunday. But by far the majority of new TFRs are the work of forces much more powerful than any wingnut terrorist cell. Forest fires are closing big blocks of airspace throughout Texas and the West. More...

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo || Sebring, FL || 
January 19-22, 2012
Sebring Regional Airport Hosts U.S. Sport Aviation Expo!
The LSA show is January 19-22, 2012 and features conventional aircraft, kitplanes, powered parachutes, trikes, gyros, amphibians, and innovative designs such as electrically powered aircraft — 150+ aircraft on display. If it exists in the recreational aviation market, it will be at Expo! Over 12,500 aviation enthusiasts attended last year for demonstration flights, EAA forums, and what's new in the LSA market. Visit for details.
There's an App for That? Apparently, Yes, There Isback to top 

Reports that the location of a Chilean military transport CASA 212 Aviocar that crashed Sept. 4 at sea, killing all 21 aboard, was identified thanks to a victim's submerged iPhone may be overstated, but the phone's role is still compelling. A Google-provided translation of text from an original Argentine source states that a victim aboard the high-wing twin turboprop owned an iPhone 4 and equipped it with an app called "Find my iPhone." The translated article states that the smartphone was "still transmitting its signal" after the crash and allowed for underwater triangulation to pinpoint the crash site near Robinson Crusoe Island. While that may not be the case, one victim's relatives' use of the app did help authorities find the crash site, and the process may have made an argument for real-time telemetry. More...

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Law & Safetyback to top 

The Hindu is reporting that the government is finished implementing a program in which all airline pilots in the country must submit to a pre-board breathalyzer test. The newspaper says the Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced last week that 100 percent of crews now undergo the pre-flight check. The program was initiated last year in light of random checks conducted in 2009 and 2010 that nabbed 57 "tipsy" pilots trying to go to work. More...

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New on AVweb.comback to top 

In the fifth chapter of his memoir, Richard Taylor moves to Enid, Okla., in 1955 to begin basic flight training. Ground school includes the requisite navigation courses (albeit celestial navigation), Morse code, and even the operation of atomic bombs. More...

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Remembering Cliff Robertsonback to top 

Actor Cliff Robertson was a fixture around Oshkosh because, besides acting, he was an accomplished pilot, too. Robertson died over the weekend, a day past his 88th birthday. On the AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli reveals a couple of interesting coincidences about Robertson's intersection with history. Read more and join the conversation. More...

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Your Favorite FBOsback to top 


AVweb's latest blue ribbon goes to the FBO at Capital City Airport (KFFT) in Frankfort, Kentucky.

AVweb reader Graeme Lang has been going there for a while and sung Cap City's praises:

Having been involved with this FBO for some time now, I have always seen a complete commitment to the highest in customer service and overall standards. Their manager, Jay Vedelli, has just recently retired, but I have seen no decrease in the service provided. They stay very competitive on fuel prices, have on-site maintenance, will run you anywhere you need to go in their van, and will do all of this with a smile! I highly recommend Capital City Airport in Frankfort!

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learnback to top 

The way Rob Rollison figures it, most LSAs are overpriced, which is why he's marketing his nicely made Aerotrek airplanes at a base price under $70,000. Although most invoice for more than that, they still sell for less than $100,000. In this brief video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli flies the Aerotrek 220 taildragger version and finds that it has great visibility, excellent climb performance and features you might not expect to find in a bargain airplane. More...

Electronic ignition for certified airplanes has been somewhat of a hard sell, primarily because owners don't always see clear benefits in either fuel economy or reliability. Electroair would like to change that with its new certified system for four-cylinder Lycomings. Here's a quick video tour of how the system works. More...

The Lighter Side of Flightback to top 


"Tower, give me a rough time-check!"

"It's Tuesday, sir."

Jim Moore (and friends)
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Heard anything funny, unusual, or downright shocking on the radio lately? If you've been flying any length of time, you're sure to have eavesdropped on a few memorable exchanges. The ones that gave you a chuckle may do the same for your fellow AVweb readers. Share your radio funny with us, and, if we use it in a future "Short Final," we'll send you a sharp-looking AVweb hat to sport around your local airport. No joke. Click here to submit your original, true, and previously unpublished story. More...

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