AVwebFlash - Volume 17, Number 38d

September 24, 2011

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Safety, Training in the Spotlight at AOPA Summit back to top 

Babbitt: FAA To Review Flight-Training Rules

At AOPA Summit on Friday, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt announced that he signed off this week on creating a new Aviation Rulemaking Committee that will review the current flight-training rules. "The ARC will make recommendations as to how to improve testing and instruction," he said. "This effort is part of a five-year plan for transforming GA safety." After his presentation, Babbitt spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady in more detail about the FAA plan. "We're going to look at the curriculum, the materials, and what are we testing," he said. "Everything is on the table." Training at all levels will be included in the review. Click here for the full podcast.

The committee is expected to review what is important for pilots to know, as well as how to work more closely with the industry to develop FAA handbooks and test materials and keep them up to date. The ARC aims to ensure that the requirements for aeronautical knowledge are sharply defined and current, and to remove outdated questions from the test banks. Recommendations from the ARC are expected sometime next year.

AOPA Unveils New Flight Training Program

The day before AOPA Aviation Summit opened this week in Hartford, Conn., the association hosted its second Flight Training Summit, for about 100 participants. During that event, AOPA introduced a demo of MyFlightTraining, an online personalized support system that aims to help student pilots achieve their goal of earning a pilot certificate. The program, which has not yet launched online, breaks the training process into six milestones -- introductory flight, first solo, student pilot certificate, solo cross-country, FAA knowledge test, and FAA practical test. Participants also will be entered into a sweepstakes that awards $1,000 for flight training every month.

"We want to help students over any hurdles they may encounter by providing timely, relevant information based on their training progress," said Jennifer Storm, AOPA's director of flight training initiatives. "And the sweepstakes is a nice added bonus to help defray some flight training expenses." Participants also can win $100 gift certificates for training products from vendors. At the flight-training event, participants also discussed strategies to help flight schools succeed as small businesses. "Flight schools know how to train; they're asking for support on the business side," said Storm. Other GA groups such as EAA, GAMA, and instructor associations also took part in the event.

Podcast: Flight Training Review

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FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt told AOPA on Friday that a review of flight training is part of a five-year plan to improve GA safety. He fleshed out the details with AVweb's Mary Grady.

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Video: Jeppesen's New Focus on GA

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For years, Jeppesen has owned the market in commercial charting services, but now it has formed a new division specifically to serve light aircraft GA charting needs, with a strong focus on digital subscriptions and apps.

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Video: Avidyne's New Multi-Touch at AOPA Summit

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With smartphones and iPads setting the standard for user interface, Avidyne this week announced that its new IFD540 multi-function navigator will have touchscreen control, including pinch-scaling and finger scrolling.

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Podcast: Advice for Owners of Aging Aircraft

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At AOPA Summit this week, a seminar about strategies for coping with aging aircraft drew an overflow crowd. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Marv Nuss, continued operational safety program manager for the FAA, for a quick overview of the issues.

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Beyond the Summit: Aviation Safety Reports back to top 

Twin Otter Crashes On Yellowknife Street

Authorities in Canada's Northwest Territories are saying it's a miracle more people were not killed and injured when an Arctic Sunwest Airlines Twin Otter floatplane crashed on a busy downtown street in the Territories' capital city of Yellowknife just after the noon hour on Thursday. The two pilots aboard the big turboprop twin died in the crash and all seven passengers were hurt, some seriously. An unknown number of bystanders were hit by debris but none was believed to be seriously hurt. The aircraft was making its second attempt to land at a seaplane base on Great Slave lake when the crash occurred about 1:15 p.m. local time.

Witnesses told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the aircraft came down between two buildings, clipping one of them and spinning 360 degrees before ending up in a parking lot, destroying at least one car. People rushed from adjacent homes and businesses to help the injured.

NTSB Preliminary On Reno Crash

Friday, the NTSB released its preliminary report on the September 16 crash of Jimmy Leeward and his Unlimited Reno Racer, Galloping Ghost. The crash has so far been responsible for the death of Leeward and 10 of the spectators in attendance at the Reno Air Races where Leeward was flying in an Unlimited heat, that Friday. Aside from the deaths, the incident left 74 injured. According to the NTSB "some" of the eight people still hospitalized remained in critical condition at the time of their report. The report is factual in nature and does not attempt to identify causal factors. The NTSB does note that witness and photographic evidence "indicates that a piece of the airframe separated" from the aircraft after it turned away from the race course and before its final descent.

The agency is working with numerous spectator still and video captures of the event, and has acquired telemetry data recorded by Leeward's crew. It has also working with "multiple detached memory cards from the airplane's onboard camera" that were found in the debris field. Telemetry data retained by the ground crew includes engine parameters and GPS data. The preliminary report says the modified P-51 Mustang had flown a steep left turn toward the home pylon when it suddenly banked left and then turned right, away from the course. It then pitched into "a steep nose-high attitude." The NTSB says evidence indicates that the airframe's separated piece was lost during those maneuvers. The airplane then descended "in an extremely nose-low attitude" and impacted the ground "in the box seat area."

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Beyond the Summit: The High Cost of Business back to top 

Canadian Air Museum Evicted

An arm of Canada's federal government has served a six-month eviction notice on a major aviation museum in the country's largest city. Workers at the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Toronto got to work last Tuesday to find the locks changed and an eviction notice on the door. The museum is on former Canadian Forces Base Downsview, which was closed decades ago. The airfield remains active as a private facility for Bombardier. The company builds Q400 airliners and business jets there but several hundred acres were designated as a park by the government and the museum occupies a sliver of those lands. The government-owned corporation that runs the park has struck a deal for the site with a developer who will put up a hockey and skating arena with four sheets of ice. The announcement stunned the local aviation community and prompted owners of some of the museum's artifacts to collect them.

The museum, which is run by a non-profit foundation, was behind in its rent and suffering financial difficulties but had recently made rent payments and was attempting to get back in the black, said a statement from the museum board Thursday. Among the artifacts in the museum is a full-scale model of the CF-105 Arrow, a sophisticated fighter/interceptor developed by the Avro company in the 1950s. The program was cancelled before the fighter went into production, a decision that remains controversial in Canadian aviation circles. The building that houses the museum is a museum piece itself. It's the original de Havilland Canada factory that saw development of famous designs like the Chipmunk, Beaver, and Otter.

Corvalis Wing Prompts $2.4 Million Proposed Fine

The FAA Thursday proposed a $2.4 million fine for Cessna due to the company's failure to follow quality control measures in production of specific Corvalis parts built in Mexico. According to the FAA, on December 6, 2010, a high-performance four-seat composite fixed-gear Corvalis flown by an FAA test pilot experienced separation of a seven foot section of wing skin from the forward spar. That separation damaged the wing tank but the pilot was able to land safely. The flight led the FAA to ground 13 Corvalis aircraft and led to the discovery of other problems with production that all had one thing in common.

All affected Corvalis aircraft had wings produced at Cessna's plant in Chihuahua, Mexico. The FAA also found problems with scores (82) of other parts manufactured at that factory. FAA investigators determined that excessive humidity at the Chihuahua facility had prevented bonds from curing properly. Cessna says it has since addressed the issues at the plant and the problems remain isolated to the 13 aircraft already addressed by the FAA's emergency AD. The FAA's Randy Babbitt said in a statement, that "quality control is a critical part of the aircraft manufacturing process and has to detect problems before planes leave the factory."

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