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April 18, 2004
By The AVweb Editorial Staff

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Sun 'n Fun Wrap: Plenty Of Both

Sun 'n Fun finished up with a spectacular weekend in Lakeland, Fla., as the perfect weather combined with pack-em-in crowds to end the event on a high note. The weekend schedule was filled with crowd-pleasers, from a pyrotechnic air show on Saturday night to a stately balloon launch on Sunday morning. Fly-bys and demo flights filled the sky nonstop, with sounds from roaring jets to blatting radials to punchy opposed pistons, plus the occasional silent sailplane. Officially, the show ends today, but already many of the vendors and exhibitors are packed up and headed home. Reports on attendance numbers and sales -- as the industry keeps hoping for signs of an upswing -- should be available later in the week.

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EAA Petition Pushes For Sport Pilot

New Rule Could Be Months Away...

With the Sport Pilot/Light-Sport rule stalled again in the federal bureaucracy, EAA took advantage of the eager crowds at Sun 'n Fun to collect signatures on a petition demanding action. The petition says that "Numerous U.S. small businesses ... are significantly financially stressed due to delays in the release of the final regulations … [and] the sale of new products and services for the recreational market has declined as consumers are waiting until these regulations are made final." Directed to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the petition asks the agency to "approve the proposed regulations as written ... as expeditiously as possible." You too can read and sign the petition online. EAA's Ron Wagner, answering questions as show-goers queued up to sign at the busy Sport Pilot tent, told AVweb that as of Saturday morning, about 3,000 signatures had been collected, with another 600 submitted via the Web thus far supporting the petition's credo that "The public of this country desire to have these new regulations." The delay now in progress, as the FAA tries to satisfy the OMB's concerns and resubmit the rule, could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, Wagner said.

...Companies Anxious But Not Worried

A quick survey of companies directly affected by the rule at Sun 'n Fun revealed reaction ranging from resigned acceptance to mild irritation. Zenith Aircraft Company spokesman Nicholas Heintz said the delay hasn't really caused much direct financial hardship but has stalled the potential upsurge in business the industry is hoping for when it becomes law. "We haven't really lost any customers because of the delay," he said. "It hasn't completely dampened our sales." The major pent-up demand will come from pilots who can't qualify for a regular medical but will be able to fly under the relaxed Sport Pilot rules. But until they know exactly what those rules are and they're etched in stone, they're kicking the tires and keeping their wallets closed. RANS Aircraft owner Randy Schlitter said he's confident the rule will be passed and the best anyone can do is be as ready as possible for it when it does. He said he believes the FAA will try to announce the rule at EAA AirVenture in late July, guaranteeing the maximum exposure for the announcement. But a Canadian company that sells a lot of its kits in the U.S. isn't so sure. Murphy Aircraft spokesman Stephane Marois said the hangar talk on the rule is that noise and the question of medical fitness are the hang-ups and neither is easily addressed. In the meantime, he said, the delays give the traditional aircraft industry more time and more ability to influence politicians against the rule.

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Gadgets Galore

Walking The Grounds...

Some attend shows like Sun 'n Fun for the airplanes, others the air show, but plenty are there to find the latest hardware to attach, install or otherwise hang from their airplane (or themselves). AVweb scoured four hangars and about four acres of exhibitors' booths to see what's available and we found a few things that have just hit the market. Note that some of this stuff is for experimental aircraft only but some are STC'd for certified planes. Drop by AVweb's NewsWire to get a quick glimpse of 10 products that caught our eye -- pop-out air-driven emergency alternators, fuel computers, bronzing your certificate, collision-avoidance gizmos and more. Plus, if you've ever wanted to build your own prop, it just got a lot easier.

...A Small Sample

The 9900B TCAD (Traffic Collision Alerting Device) bridges the gap between TIS (Traffic Information System) and TAS (Traffic Advisory System). It provides real-time information that operates in any type of radar environment and is unaffected by the limitations of TIS, which operates only in select approach radar sites. The 9900B will interface with many manufacturers' Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and offers a cost-effective upgrade path to the 9900BX (TAS) system. For more details, go by Ryan's Sun 'n Fun Booth (#D-071-072) or go online at

Bruce And Flyin' Tiger Break Record No. 25

Bruce Bohannon and his Flyin' Tiger launched from Lakeland Linder at noon on Saturday and returned to Earth about a half-hour later. "We were aiming at 10 minutes, but we didn't quite hit that," he said. "We got 9 minutes and 51 seconds." That's time-to-climb to 9,000 meters, or almost 30,000 feet, a new record for piston-powered aircraft, the 25th record set by Flyin' Tiger. Over the winter, the team added about 30 hp to the Tiger's Mattituck engine, for a total of 380 hp. The airplane is now ready for its Oshkosh flight, Bohannon said, when he hopes to reach 50,000 feet -- breaking the absolute altitude record for piston aircraft, now held by the B-29. The airplane, a highly customized RV-4 homebuilt, now five years old, is approaching a 1-to-1 thrust-to-weight ratio, Bohannon said. Once he's reached the 50K level, he plans to start stripping it down to reduce weight, and go for sustained vertical climb.

Diabetic Pilot's Record Flight Abandoned, Will Try Again

Insulin-dependent pilot Michael Hunter and two other pilots launched from Sun 'n Fun in a Cirrus SR22 last week in an effort to set a record for the fastest time to land in each of the 48 contiguous states. To beat the record, the team needed to complete the flight in less than five and a half days -- but they ran into mechanical problems in Kansas when the alternator acted up, and delays in getting it replaced put them behind schedule. With other commitments looming, they decided to cut short the attempt and return to Florida, to try again another time. Hunter is the first person with diabetes granted FAA approval to fly as an air show performer (he flies a Laser 230) and is believed to be the only insulin-dependent diabetic air show pilot in the world.

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This Airplane's For The Birds

As flying jobs go, Steve Earsom must have one of the best around -- as a pilot-biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, he flies out of Puerto Rico in a twin VulcanAir with a big glass nose built for wildlife-watching. "We monitor endangered species like whales, pelicans, and manatees, work airborne ATC to help in aerial firefighting, assess the condition of coral reefs, help with aerial mapping and oil-spill detection, enforce the Clean Water Act ..." The list goes on and on, ensuring a slim chance of pilot boredom. Fish and Wildlife operates a fleet of about 60 aircraft, Earsom said, including five of the VulcanAirs. About two-thirds of the fleet is based in Alaska. Earsom said he flew about 400 hours last year, and also works on the ground as a biologist at a wildlife refuge.

Flying (Almost) Straight Up

At the far end of the field, near the woods, the little village of Choppertown hosts an assortment of ultralight and experimental rotorcraft. Attracting attention this year was the Monarch-Butterfly kit gyrocopter, with new "g-force" landing gear. The hydraulic gear offers a wide stance for more stable landings, and high energy-absorption that is "friendly to low-time pilots," according to the company brochure. Also popular was the ultralight Mosquito one-place helicopter. The little Mosquito, which sells for about $20,000 per kit, is a true helicopter, not a gyro, with a two-cycle, two-cylinder engine, an aluminum main mast, and a carbon-fiber tail boom and support struts. The company says construction of the Mosquito can be completed in 200 hours or less.

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Fuel Fight Goes To FAA

In what can only be described as a last-ditch effort, a Naples, Fla., FBO is appealing to the FAA to grant it the right to sell fuel at the airport (and restore competition on the field). Whether the FAA feels like trying to overrule a court decision that stopped the fuel from flowing at Jet 1 Center Inc. could be another matter. Last December, a circuit court ruled that the Naples Airport Authority had the sole right to sell jet fuel and granted an injunction to lock up the pumps at Jet 1. It was the culmination of a years-long battle between Jet 1 owner J. Scott Phillips and the airport authority. Now, admitting his legal options don't look good, Phillips is asking the FAA to intervene, according to the Naples Daily News. Phillips claims that FAA rules prohibit the airport authority from having a monopoly on fuel sales. But lawyers for the airport authority say there's a specific FAA regulation that gives the authority exclusivity rights on the field. The rest of Phillips's business hinges on the FAA decision. The airport authority is trying to have Jet 1 evicted for breaching its lease agreement by selling fuel illegally. They also want an estimated $5 million in compensation for the business they claim was drained away from the airport. The airport relies on fuel sales for about 66 percent of its operating expenses.

727 Gets A New Life (Or Lingering Death)

There might be a use (besides fire practice) for all those old Boeing 727-100s out there. A Guadalajara, Mexico, company has stripped the wings from one and turned it into a 50-seat luxury limousine. For about $300 an hour, Limousines de Guadalajar Vaca Meters will whisk you and your closest 49 friends around Mexico (a big diesel replaces the turbojets). Truck-style wheels and suspension replace the landing gear. Inside, passengers are treated to neon strobes, a dance floor, a bar and a "'romantic space in the back," according to

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Our story about Superior Aircraft Parts' new engine in the April 16 edition needs some qualification. The Vantage may be the first U.S.-built GA engine to be certified for unleaded automotive fuel but it's certainly not the first overall. We believe Rotax claimed that title years ago.

On The Fly...

The Red Knight, a T-33 that flew for many years for the Canadian Forces, rejoins the air show circuit after an 11-year hiatus, flown by Chris Rounds...

The U.S. Ultralight Association has teamed with First Flight Insurance Group to offer liability coverage to its members...

About 200 law-enforcement officers searched a hangar at Oakland International Airport on Friday in search of rocket launchers, but found nothing. Air traffic was routed away from the complex during the search. The hangar's tenant blamed a "prankster" for the anonymous tip that prompted the search...

Investigators have found that mechanics skipped a maintenance step and installed a piece of equipment backward before clearing a Colgan Air Beechcraft 1900D that later crashed in Nantucket Sound, killing the two pilots, the Cape Cod Times reported Friday.

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Short Final...

Submitted to you without further comment ... the pilots of Cessna ABC weren't as lucky.

Cessna XYZ: Cessna ABC, Cessna XYZ return to base due to turbulence. Student unwell.

Cessna ABC: Cessna XYZ, my student suggests it will be better for the both of you if you climb on top.

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