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October 19, 2012

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Navigating the Nasties

Saying pilots will deviate around thunderstorms is like stating a heavy metal concert is going to get loud. It's inevitable. As a radar controller working aircraft during thunderstorm season, it can feel like being in that concert's mosh pit when the lights go down and the guitars crank up. There's slightly less noise and grunge, but it still takes awareness and flexibility to work through the chaos. When you're asking ATC for deviations around weather, it's useful to know where they can easily bend and where it'll take some negotiation and planning. Click here to read the full article.

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Podcast: Pilots on Antidepressants Back Flying

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Bose® A20™ Aviation Headset

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For decades, taking any of a number of brain-active antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) has meant automatic medical disqualification for pilots. For the past two years, pilots on SSRIs have been allowed back in the cockpit and have been doing well. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Dr. Ian Blair Fries, a senior AME, about the program.

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U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, FL || January 17-20, 
U.S. Sport Aviation Expo
January 17-20, 2013

Sunny Sebring, Florida will hold its 9th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo this January 17-20, 2013 — the largest sport aircraft-dedicated event in the world. Additions for 2013 range from a twilight air show opened by Patty Wagstaff demonstrating LSA aerobatic aircraft to The Year of the Cub to star-studded Manufacturers Showcases and a contest that will crown sport aviation's most efficient aircraft/pilot duo. Four days in Sebring, Florida to "See, Try, Fly and Buy" ... everything in the world of sport aviation. Visit Sport-Aviation-Expo.com for details.
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Cobalt Announces SmartDeck for the Valkyrie Co50

Cobalt has announced that its new Co50 will feature the SmartDeck system, which was bought from L-3 by the Canadian company CMC Electronics, a subsidiary of Esterline. The Co50 was unveiled at EAA AirVenture as a concept aircraft in 2010 and now, two years later, it has come out of the ground with an announced test program, pricing and more performance details. Cobalt's David Loury told AVweb that the Co50 will be a four-place composite design with a canard, the first we've seen on a small production aircraft. The Valkyrie will be powered by a Continental TSIOF-550, the company's latest powerplant equipped with its PowerLink FADEC for single-lever operation. Predicted performance is about 225 knots with typical IFR range of at least 1400 miles.

Rather than a conventional cabin with doors, the Co50 has a large bubble canopy covering the two forward seats and expansive windows for the rear seats. Loury told us that the airplane made its first test hop five weeks ago and that schedules are being developed for the certification effort, which is expected to be completed no later than 2014. "We're at the point of almost freezing the design," Loury said. Price for the Co50 with be about $970,000 and the airplane will have a ballistic parachute option. One reason Cobalt picked the SmartDeck system, according to CMC's Greg Plantz, is that it offers the same capability as other glass systems but is much simpler to operate, with a well-conceived MMU or man-machine interface.

"Once we get people in front of the system, they find it's very easy to use it," Plantz said. CMC acquired the SmartDeck from L-3 two years ago and although the system was fully certified by the FAA, Transport Canada is requiring additional approvals, which CMC is working on now, including a specific application for Cobalt's Co50. You can find out more about the Co50 and SmartDeck by visiting CMC's Summit booth number 527 or at Cobalt-Aircraft.com and Esterline.com.

ProActive Safety Systems
Operational Safety Management Seminar
Denver, Colorado, November 13-14
This real-world, two-day operational safety management seminar focuses on the four pillars of SMS: Safety Policy, Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion. 18,000-hour pilot J.R. Russell and guest speaker David Soucie (former FAA official and author) show you SMS applications and case studies from the inside out. "Operationally relevant," says corporate pilot-safety officer Gary Tucker. Stay at Denver's great Inverness Conference Center, where rooms and meals are included — networking, too. Click here for details.
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Podcast: Women Get Organized

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Two and a half years ago, a loose-knit group of female pilot advocates organized a remarkably successful effort to celebrate 100 years of women in aviation. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Mireille Goyer, the driving force behind Women of Aviation Week Worldwide, about the natural evolution of those efforts at AOPA Summit in Palm Springs.

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