AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 18, Number 49b

December 6, 2012

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVflash! Phenom 300 Airborne back to top 

First Flight: Made-In-USA Phenom 300

Embraer Executive Jets took another step forward in its expansion into U.S. production this week with the first flight of the first Phenom 300 built at the company's Melbourne, Fla., assembly plant. Embraer announced just a couple of months ago that it would be adding the 300 to its Florida production line, which has been turning out Phenom 100s since last year. The company also said it has been refining its production processes and has cut in half the time required to assemble an airplane. "We are now on schedule to produce eight [airplanes] per month in the coming months," said Phil Krull, managing director of the facility.

Embraer opened the Melbourne production facility in February 2011 and added a customer service center last December. Last month, the company started construction of a new engineering and technology facility, expected to be completed in mid-2014. Next year, the company plans to produce 12 Phenom 300 jets in Florida, with the first delivery in March.

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Bell, Textron Expand UAS Facilities

Textron Systems and Bell Helicopter have jointly launched a new laboratory in Huntsville, Ala., to develop unmanned aircraft systems. The companies said on Tuesday the facility will make it easier to quickly integrate and troubleshoot new components for both manned and unmanned systems, and will provide high-fidelity simulated environments to help with testing and system integration. A Kiowa Warrior helicopter simulator at the site will be used for training. The lab will help researchers to explore "next-generation concepts for situational awareness," said John Garrison, Bell CEO.

The lab will also make it easier for defense customers to develop tactics, techniques, and procedures for use in the field, the company said, and should shorten the time from the development phase to deployment. Bell Helicopter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron.

FX1 Brings Aviation Jobs To Florida

The Italico Aviation company announced this week it hopes in early 2013 to begin hiring for its new Kissimmee, Fla., facility, forming a base of employees the company says may eventually grow to 55, to produce the company's two-seat amphibious LSA, the FX1. State and local officials wooed the company with an incentive package, including a property-tax exemption, that is worth nearly $850,000. The local government hopes the company will introduce to the area jobs that are expected to pay an average of $60,000 each. The company hopes the high-wing pontoon aircraft will find roles in surveillance and agricultural work and also hopes to broaden the small-aircraft market with the FX1's sub-$100,000 price tag. The company's production targets may be ... optimistic.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that company CEO Eros Spinozzi has said his company plans to produce about 500 planes a year in Kissimmee. That pace would represent a major chunk of piston engine deliveries, considering that for the first half of 2012 the General Aviation Manufacturers Association listed a total of 381 piston deliveries. "We want to sell to anybody who has not thought to buy a plane before," Spinozzi said. The company is investing more than $3 million into its facility at Kissimmee Gateway Airport. The company has said that its plans are to launch with the FX1, but that it will also pursue creation of a four-seat design and, separately, an electric aircraft. Local government officials are hoping that the company brings an economic boost to the city of Kissimmee.

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Red Bull Skydiver, Extra 300 In Formation

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In what Red Bull referred to as "an incredible synchronized moment," a pilot in an aerobatic Extra 300SR flew "in formation" with a skydiver recently in the skies above the Czech Republic -- and of course, the moment is captured in video. Pilot Martin Sonka, a former pilot with the Czech Air Force who has competed in the Red Bull Air Races, flew "within arm's reach" of skydiver Peter Mestak, according to Red Bull. This isn't the first time Red Bull has experimented with various types of aircraft and divers flying together.

In May, the company released a video showing five wingsuit skydivers joining up with and maintaining formation with two sailplanes, over Austria. In 2010, a Red Bull skydiver climbed out of a glider, hung from under the wing, and then hitched a ride on the wing of a second glider passing underneath. The lead pilot later explained to AVweb's Paul Bertorelli how he did it.

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787 In-Cockpit Interactive Ride-Along

Boeing has taken online interactive technology into the 787 Dreamliner with its "Dream Pass" that allows you to actively control through 360 degrees the view from an in-cockpit virtual jump seat as a crew takes off flies and lands the jet. The technology allows you to scroll 360 degrees around the cockpit, looking where you like, including up and down, while the video plays with narration. In other words, the technology effectively offers real-time control of the viewing angle over a 360-degree panoramic pre-recorded video. As the jet lands at Boeing Field Seattle, the "pilot commentary" advises you to look left at the city's skyline, which comes into view, clearly, if you pan left. Another audio option provides "in-flight audio" through the flight. The tour offers exterior fuselage, wing and engine views as well.

Click here for access. If you're not taken directly to the in-cockpit footage, look for the "Dream Pass" link and icon near the bottom of the page.

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Season Inspires Pilots To Volunteer

Every year around this time, people feel compelled to give, and that's also true in the aviation world. Over the weekend, 30 pilots volunteered to help deliver holiday gifts to foster children across the state of Michigan. Bob Rivard flew about 350 miles in his Piper Saratoga to support the cause. "It's just a way for my hobby to give back, and it's an excuse to fly," he told the Detroit Free Press. All together, Operation Good Cheer delivered 13,521 gifts to 4,507 kids. About 100 pilots had offered to participate, but many flights were grounded by thick morning fog. In Massachusetts, pilots also pitched in recently to help out some stranded sea turtles.

Lighthawk volunteers Tom Haas and Janice Newman flew their Pilatus PC-12 from Portsmouth, N.H., to Cape Cod to pick up four endangered Kemps-Ridley turtles, and gave them a ride to an aquarium in Virginia, where they can rest up and then return to the wild. "Every year, these turtles migrate from the North Atlantic to their breeding grounds in Mexico, and some of them run into currents that strand them on the Cape," Lighthawk spokesperson Bev Gabe told AVweb on Tuesday. The nearby New England Aquarium ran out of room for them this year. "We're standing by, ready to help out if they need us again," Gabe said. Any pilots interested in volunteering can contact Lighthawk or the Air Care Alliance.

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FAA NextGen Technology Expands In Colorado

New technology now available will help pilots better cope with bad weather in the mountains near Montrose, in the western part of Colorado, the FAA said this week. The Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system makes it possible for air traffic controllers to track aircraft in mountainous areas that lack radar coverage, the FAA said. "This system will allow pilots to fly search and rescue missions in weather conditions that would have previously kept them grounded," said Michael Huerta, acting FAA administrator. The system also will enable pilots to land in conditions that previously caused diversions or flight delays, Huerta said.

WAM is a NextGen technology that tracks aircraft using a network of small sensors deployed in remote areas, the FAA said. Aircraft transponders receive and send back signals to these sensors. System computers immediately analyze those signals and determine the aircraft's precise location. The system has also been deployed in Alaska and in Canada. WAM is being used in the near-term until ADS-B is fully deployed, according to the FAA. WAM will then serve as a backup to ADS-B in case of a GPS outage, and also will provide an additional surveillance source for ADS-B traffic broadcasts.

Solar Impulse To Visit U.S.

Solar Impulse, the record-setting solar-electric aircraft built by Bertrand Piccard and his team in Switzerland, will visit the U.S. next year, according to a 60 Minutes report that aired on Sunday. The aircraft will launch from California and fly across the country to Virginia. No details have been released about the planned itinerary or public displays. Piccard's team is on track to attempt an around-the-world solar-powered flight in 2015, according to the report. That flight will take 20 days and 20 nights, in a new second-generation aircraft now under construction.

Solar Impulse flew about 1,500 miles from Switzerland to Morocco in June, and in 2011 the aircraft visited the Paris Air Show. Sunday's 60 Minutes report, hosted by correspondent Bob Simon, stumbled over aviation minutiae in the opening remarks. As all AVweb readers surely know, Charles Lindbergh was not "the first to fly over the Atlantic." Many also would dispute the statement that "the Wright brothers [were] the first men to fly," since that overlooks more than 100 years of lighter-than-air flights.

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AVweb Insider Blog: Contract Towers vs. FAA -- Cheaper and Fewer Safety Issues?

The Department of Transportation's OIG says contract towers are cheaper and have fewer safety-related complaints than do FAA towers. But it admits the FAA lacks the oversight to review billed hours and FAA towers have voluntary safety reporting systems while contact towers don't. In other words, OIG's survey is less than confidence-inspiring. Further, it speaks little about customer satisfaction and complaint resolution. On the AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli says we ought to be skeptical of DOT's claims.

Read more and join the conversation.

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Video: Flying the B-17 Flying Fortress

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The Collings Foundation's Derek "Otter" Ward sometimes serves as co-pilot aboard the organization's WWII B-17 Boeing Flying Fortress bomber Nine-O-Nine. He describes some of the aircraft's ground and flight characteristics.

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FBO of the Week: Guntersville Municipal Airport (8A1, Alabama)

Nominate an FBO | Rules | Tips | Questions | Winning FBOs

AVweb's latest "FBO of the Week" can be found at Guntersville Municipal Airport (8A1) in Guntersville, Alabama. Reader Alberto Silva shared all the details of his unscheduled stop in this compelling testimonial:

I was flying a Grumman Yankee with all of its 22 gallons of gas from Indiana to Florida. As I was going south, Hurricane Sandy was heading north, so I knew that I wanted to head south ASAP. I started going southwest to miss the low ceilings in the mountains. About 120 miles west of my most direct route, I decided that the mountains were low enough that I could cross them with enough clearance. However, as these things go, I was running out of daylight, and ceilings started to come down. In the interest of self-preservation, I decided to turn around to the last airport that I had seen.

This airport turned out to be 8A1 in Guntersville, Alabama. Although the airport looked like your typical sleepy county airport, I soon learned that Guntersville is a very popular fishing spot and a good all-around place to have fun. As soon as I landed, and before I talked to the line person, he called the manager to let him know that someone had landed and probably needed a room for the night. A few minutes after I made it to the FBO, the airport manager and his wife appeared. He was already off duty but came back because he knew I would need help. He told me that there was a room for me at the Best Western and that the crew car was not available because four other guys had arrived about an hour earlier and they had it. However, they were staying at the same hotel and I could probably talk to them for a ride in the morning. He gave me a name and a phone number to call and took me to the hotel.

As the hotel was already waiting for me, I promptly checked in and called the other guys. You see, there was some kind of fishing tournament in town and getting a room was not a trivial matter. The airport manager obviously knew the hotel employees and "reserved" me a room — at least until I got there. I had dinner with the other four guys and took a ride to the airport the next day, fueled up, and took off again.

This story is not about a well-recognized FBO with excess resources. It is a story of a small county airport with modest FBO facilities and people who really care. The airport manager did not have to arrange for accommodations for me, but he did. He did not have to leave whatever he was doing with his family to pick me up, but he did. He obviously cares about his customers, even if they are just there for one night, and his actions showed it. I doubt that this customer service is part of his job description with the county. This was, by far, the best treatment I have received at any FBO in my travels.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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